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    Chapter 1

    Saturday evening, Los Angeles, Tina is driving and answers her cell.

    (Alice) Tee, where the fuck are you?

    Tina raises her eyebrows.

    (Tina) Hi to you too Al

    (Alice) Sorry, hi, now where the fuck are you?

    Tina smiles and shakes her head.

    (Tina) I just dropped Angie at her friend’s house, so I’m on my way over now. I’ll be there in 20 minutes

    (Alice sighs) Well OK, as long as you’re not any later than that

    (Tina frowns) How is that late? Didn’t you say from 7?

    (Alice) Yes, and best friends arrive early so I don’t have to awkwardly entertain the first actual guest that arrives in an empty apartment

    Tina pulls up at a set of traffic lights and looks out the window for a moment.

    (Tina) Is that why you’re always arriving early to my parties and getting in my way while I get ready?

    (Alice) Ah yes, that’s me being a good friend Tina

    (Tina smiles) Right. Are the others there now?

    (Alice) Shane and Dana are here. Helena’s on her way, and I’m calling Bette now to check on her too

    Tina nods.

    (Tina) OK, well I’ll see you soon

    (Alice) In 20 minutes

    (Tina smiles) Yes Al, in 20 minutes


    Later that evening, a large crowd is gathered in Alice’s apartment and people mingle throughout the living areas and on the spacious terrace. Tina, Alice and Helena stand together against the railing outside all sipping on their drinks.

    (Helena) I didn’t know you knew this many people Alice

    (Alice shrugs) Neither did I actually. I think it looks bigger than what it is because of the small space

    Bette walks out onto the terrace and makes her way over to a table set up as a makeshift bar. Tina looks over at her and then turns to Alice and Helena.

    (Tina) Back in a second, I’m going to speak to Bette

    Alice raises her eyebrows.

    (Alice) Really? Hasn’t she already said hello to you? That’s all you usually get at these things, right?

    Tina shrugs as she makes her way over to Bette, who is examining the wine bottles lined up on the table.

    (Tina) Hi

    Bette turns to her with raised eyebrows and then gives her a tight smile.

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    1. Njoying your stories for sure and wondering if The WebMaster can help with the activation of the “story TITLE” along with the Chapter number,

      For example, above I see “Chapter 1” but NO title and since Ur’e to the collection of wrk, its hard to figure out WHICh story

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