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    Chapter 2

    Later that morning, Tina and Alice are sitting waiting in the hallway outside Bette’s room and both stand when the doctor comes through the doorway and walks over to them. They all step towards each other and the doctor turns to Tina.

    (Doctor) I can’t talk in too much detail to you, but yes, she is experiencing a form of retrograde amnesia from the head injury she sustained in the impact

    Tina frowns as she takes this in.

    (Tina) She thinks it’s 2002?

    The doctor looks between Tina and Alice.

    (Doctor) In short, yes

    Alice looks to Tina with raised eyebrows and Tina remains focused on the doctor.

    (Doctor) We’ll be running more tests, and ruling out her having sustained any more serious injury. But most likely this is temporary, and a symptom of the concussion. I’d expect her memory to return as she recovers

    (Tina) How long will that take?

    (Doctor) It’s hard to say. Days, maybe. Possibly weeks

    Tina sighs as she looks towards Bette’s room.

    (Tina) Have you told her? That it’s not the year she thinks it is?

    The doctor shakes their head.

    (Doctor) Not yet. I wondered if there might be someone who could break the initial news to her, and then we can follow that up immediately with the medical information. I want to minimise the shock for her, and it would help coming from someone close to her

    Tina and Alice look to each other for a moment, and Tina then focuses back on the doctor.

    (Tina) It should be me. I would like to be the one to tell her. We were very happily married in 2002 and I think it would be best if she heard this from me

    The doctor nods.

    (Doctor) OK. I’ll give you some time now and then I’ll come back to give her all the information she needs

    (Tina nods) OK, thank you


    Tina returns to Bette’s room and finds her standing by the window, looking at the view. Bette turns to her when she hears her enter.

    (Tina) Bette come and sit down with me

    (Bette) Where’s Alice? Is she still here?

    (Tina) No, I told her to go. She had stepped away from something important at work

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    1. Interesting story… seems I have read a similar one in the past year or so, Only in that story it was Tina who had retro-amnesia instead of Bette. So let’s see where this goes… Bette seemed a bit distant from Tina prior to the accident. They did truly seem like they had been divorced or separated a long time.

      I find it funny perhaps awkward that in Bette’s current state that she is ready to break up with her girl friend (Julia) immediately yet she cannot remember her name. Anxious to see what happens next…

      Thanks for the story…

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