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    Chapter 1 – New York City – January 2019

    In the winter of 2019, Tina had a break from her movie production schedule. She and Bette were enjoying their traditional weekend get-away for some alone time after several months of intense work, stress, long hours and out of town travel. After the wrap-up party for a production, Bette would book a room at one of the five-star hotels in the city for Friday and Saturday night. They would ask Maria Gonzales, the children’s nanny, to stay over the weekend with the kids. Weekends were always family weekends where Bette and Tina were with the children doing activities with the them. Generally, the nanny would arrive on Monday morning and leave on Friday afternoon unless other arrangements were made.

    Over the years, they made sure they had a weekend to themselves at least four times per year. Sometimes they would travel to Boston or to Philadelphia or to Maine. However, since there was so much to experience in New York, most of their get-a-ways were in New York City. They decided that they would stay at a different hotel with each get-a-way and they would vary the activities for the weekend to be different from the previous ones. They would include a Broadway show or an art exhibit which they felt they could not take their children.

    This particular weekend, they were staying at the Plaza Hotel and had scheduled a massage, a petti-cure and a manicure for Saturday afternoon. They went to a highly recommended Chinese restaurant in Chinatown and had some baked sea bass and steamed vegetables. They then took a cab back to the hotel where they had a night cap in the bar and then proceeded to their room. They then made love for several hours and fell asleep in their luxurious bed and the comfort of each other’s arms.

    The next morning, they were awakened by the sun coming in their window. It was almost 8:30 am.

    Tina: Bette? Bette are you awake?

    Bette: Umm; not really.

    Tina: Bette, I’m hungry. I need food!

    Bette: What do you want? I’ll call room service.

    Tina: How about waffles, bacon, strawberries and coffee. After breakfast, can we take a bubble bath together?

    Bette: That sounds nice. But we have to check out by 11:00 am.

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