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    Chapter 2 – Day 1 – Redondo Beach – July 14

    Bette rented a house with 7 bedrooms and 8.5 baths, a pool, four car garage and on the beach. Bette, Tina, Angie and Daniel flew to Los Angeles on July 1st, rented a large SUV and occupied the house that evening. The next day Bette and Tina visited the local grocery store and liquor store and bought the supplies for the coming week. They expected family to come in the next morning and be with them for a week. They would then have a week of just family in the home. And on July 14th, their friends and their families would be their guest for a week. Bette had contacted Kit, Helena, Shane, and Alice and invited them, their spouses and their children for the week. It would be a friends’ vacation week.

    Tina, Bette, Angie and Daniel are busy preparing for their guest. This is the beginning of week three in the beach house.

    Tina: I’ve ordered food for 15 people for five days. We will need another order on Friday to get us through weekend.

    Bette: What time are we expecting everyone?

    Angie: Aunt Kit and Uncle Sonny said they would be here about 2. Aunt Alice and Aunt Lynn and their kids will be here about the same time. I haven’t heard from Aunt Shane and Aunt Bobbie. I wonder if they are bringing Shay and Jordan?

    Tina: Oh, I think they are dear and they said that Jordan is bringing his date as well. I think her name is Holly.

    Bette: What about Paris and Jeannette?

    Tina said: Since they were here a couple of weeks ago, they won’t be back until Friday evening. Paris has to work this week. But Helena and Dylan are coming. They should be here this afternoon as well.

    Bette: Looks like we are going to have a full house.

    Tina: Yes, it looks like it. Angie, you and Daniel need to show our guest to the bedrooms and assist with their luggage.

    Bette: Alice and Lynn will be in guest room number one with their two girls Dana and Allyson in the guest room number two. Guest room number three will be Kit and Sonny. Guest room number four will be Angie and Holly. Guest room number five will be Shane and Bobbie. Guest room number six will be Helena and Dylan. And Jordan, Shay and Daniel will be camping in the media room. There are two couches which make into nice beds and we are putting in a roll away bed for you Daniel. That room has a full bathroom with a shower so, you the guys should be set. Oh, and I have rented the house next door so you guys will have your own rooms on Friday and Saturday night. Angie, you and Holly will be moving to the house next door as well.

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