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    Chapter 1 – Staying Strong

    Author’s Note Thanks for being patient on this posting as there have been some hiccups on the site.  Special THANKS to Jacky & her team for ensuring that we all have this wonderful site to share ideas & stories with everyone. 

    Please enjoy this chapter . . . 

                                                                     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Previously from the Doctor of Hope Prologue –

    Back in Philadelphia, Tina and Ashley slowly made their way into the ground floor bedroom in Tina’s home.

    Hope dwindling rapidly and running short on time for a therapy treatment for Ashley. 

    Being older, Tina naturally felt responsible for her kid sister. Wanting to shield Ashley from any harm, sorrow or illness in life. But that wish was being severely tested. The frail woman’s body was growing weaker and fragile. The disease was slowing robbing her of strength, her health, courage and most of all – hope.

    Through the doorway and once in the bedroom, Tina carefully led Ashley towards the double bed and gently sat her on the edge of the mattress.

    “Oh god.” Ashley immediately whispered and grabbed for Tina’s arm, “Sis . . .  oh . . .”

    “Ash.” Tina turned towards her sister and saw the pale pallor on her face. Her eyes were glassy too.

    “I . . .  I don’t feel so well.”

    “Ash.” The blonde saw the tremor in her sister’s limbs. “Ashley, what’s the matter?”

    “I . . . feel . . . light headed.” Ashley said, her voice sounded like an echo. It felt like her head was spinning. Her vision suddenly came blurry. It was difficult for her to focus. A cold shiver shot through her body. She held onto Tina tightly for support.

    “Can you lay down?” Tina asked, her own voice slightly raised in alarm. True concern on her facial features as she regarded her sister.

    “I . . . I’m . . . really . . . dizzy.” Was all Ashley got out before she suddenly collapsed back and fell onto the bed.

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    1. Hey Collins,

      What a way to begin my weekend with, a new chapter from you!
      I am glad you were able to post the pictures! I loved the picture and flasback and meaning behind the one with the young Bette. What happened that they don’t have contact with each other for so long. You can feel the love that they have for each other, especially Tina and Bette did not forget about Tina either otherwise she wouldn’t try to help Ashley to get in a treatment program.

      And James, good old James, always there to help and support Bette, he know how to calm her. A trustworthy friend and employee.

      Look forward to know more about Bette and who is Lynn?

      • Hey Bibi,

        Glad I was able to bring some joy into your weekend!!!

        Jacky finally was able to solve the issue with posting the pictures & I am so appreciative of her & the marvelous job she does.

        So the answer to your question about their separation will be answered in a few chapters. There is no doubt that they loved & still love one another.

        No doubt too that Bette will help Ashley & offer her medical assistance.

        James will play a key role in this story & is Bette’s right hand person again. I always liked him & wanted him to have a family this time around. Expect to see a lot of him.

        Lynn – gotta wait & see!!!!!

        Thanks for your support & take care.

    2. Nice chapter…. full of pleasant memories.

      Nice that James has a husband and a child. How does James know Tina? I assume that James is a work partner and is younger than Bette by several years. Did he know Bette when she was with Tina or did she meet him after she went to work for Porter Laboratories? Would she have talked to James about her relationship with Tina? What about her relationship with Jackson and Stephanie’s mom and her relationship with them?

      There are a lot of moving pieces to this story…. I’m sure you will tie them down in the next few chapters.

      Looks like Bette and James will be getting Ashley some help, even though they appear to be working without Tina’s knowledge of their efforts. That appears to be a good thing.

      Looks like Tina has a love interest in this Lynn airline pilot. Interested in knowing if Lynn is a male or female. Also interested in knowing if Tina had any relationship subsequent to Bette. Fifteen years is a long time to carry a torch for someone you had a thing for in college. And to the extent that you have their picture on your bookshelf for both of them demonstrates an obsession. Wonder why they didn’t try to patch things ups? Looks like up to this point, they both were willing to live their life out with just their memories.

      Waiting to read the next chapter…. keep them coming.

      • Hey Martha,

        So glad you found the chapter interesting. I have always been fond of James & though his character should have been flushed out more over the years. He will play a very important part in this story & is a true asset to Bette. You will find that James & Bette have both a personal and professional bond that runs very deep. They have known each other since childhood, so yes, Tina has meet him & knows who he is to Bette.

        Jackson & Stephanie & their role – who they really are & their true relationship with Bette will be revealed in later chapters.

        You are so right about there being lots of moving pieces in this chapter & the story overall. This is a very involved tale – we’ll have some mystery & more pieces to the puzzle will be revealed in each chapter. Stay tuned for much more to some.

        An important conversation with Bette & Tina about treatment for Ashley is still to come.

        Your question about Lynn was a bit of a surprise to me. But let me say that I hadn’t considered that Lynn would ever be a male character. It was an interesting thought. But no, Tina & Bette in my stories will always be gay – no gray areas – no chance that Tina will be bi-sexual or confused as to her feelings for Bette. I have never agreed with that BS about Tina going back to men. It is a subplot that many other writers have used over the years, but that route is not for me. So please reset assured that they will always be gay in my stories.

        Obsession – maybe – but I know they still love each other & just need to eventually work things out. True love lasts a lifetime – as you know it has no time limit. The reason for their separation is still to come.

        Thanks for following along & having faith. The next chapter will explain more – see you there!!

    3. Thank you for the chapter!

      And yeah, we need some explanation ASAP! :)

      Lynn – if she’s woman – are women can be civil pilot? Even if they do – i think it’s very rare – i never saw one.

      • Hiya Z,

        You are so welcome for the update & thanks for checking it out.

        So before I wrote the Lynn character – I did some research on the percentage of female pilot in commercial airlines & did find that there was a small percent – but a percent none the less. Actually about 1.5 percent of female pilots are captains – so it is possible. Yes a rarity but still possible.

        I have seen a few female pilots in my travels for work over the years & hopefully it will continue to improve. Southwest Airlines has quite a few.

        Thanks lady for continuing to follow along.
        Enjoy the coming week.

      • Hey SG,

        Glad you liked the chapter. This is about the length of the chapters – so mega chapters are going to be on the low side in this story.

        I know you all have questions – but they will all be addressed as we traverse the next few chapters – keep checking in for updates.

        Thanks so much.

    4. Collins – this is shaping up to be a mystery of a story. All these bits and pieces as teasing us and I love it. Great story telling!!!

      I liked the scene with Bette and James – it was good and he certainly can take command of any situation and is the soul soother to Bette and her frustrations. Looking forward to how much of a role he’ll play in the story. I feel Ashley, Tina’s and Bette’s frustrations with the medical companies. Bette will undoubtedly get to the bottom of this situation and offer the assistance that Ashley needs.

      You description of Bette and the picture and then Tina’s memory of that day was great. Loved the flashback scene and their love making. Could feel their passion for the other. Hot!!!

      Anxious for the next update. As Sassy Gran said – post soon!!

      • Hey Leigh,

        You bring up a good point – as I planned this story out & began to write it, I hadn’t considered it as a mystery story – but I do see your point. The story will unfold as we get deeper into it – it will be very involved & will continue to shift from the past to the present for several more chapters.

        Glad you are enjoying the story telling & how it is unraveling. I am enjoying the writing too.

        As I’ve mentioned before, I have liked the James character in OG & wanted to give him a bigger avenue to showcase his skills & level of affection he has for Bette & explore their deep relationship as not only colleagues , but as friends & family.

        I really liked the picture of JB in that character she played in another role. I decided to use it here in this story but felt I had to explain the ring on her finger, so I came up with it belonging to her mother & she wears it.

        Rest assured that Bette will help Ashley with her illness & take some of the pressure off Tina.

        I will post soon & have the next chapter of FMF ready too!!!

        Take care.

        • Woohoo Collins – please post the next chapter of FMF real soon!!!
          That story is so good with all the new relationship stuff between Tina and Bette. I love how you are portraying them as Bette finds the confidence she needs to in Tina and that Tina has found her true voice and no longer fears her past.

          And you know I really like this new story too!

          • Hopefully FMF will post this weekend. So pleased that you have enjoyed their journey to come back together .

            6% of divorced couples remarry & of those 72% remain in the relationship & stay together.

            Ghosts in the closet of your life can be so debilitating – Tina’s found the strength to overcome those ghosts & went after what she really wanted all along – a forever with Bette.

            Thanks for your support.

    5. So Bette had already put in motion the means to help Ashley, and Stonington was taking the funding and rejecting the hand picked patients. And I know it will take some time for B & T to be in the same vicinity, but I can’t wait for it to happen. I would not want to be the one on the receiving end of Bette’s tongue lashing for the mishandling of patient placement. Another great chapter, please post soon.

      • Hey Storm,

        Glad you are liking this story. It’s a bit different from others – especially the short stories I have posted.

        You are right, it will be a few more chapters until Bette & Tina actually meet back up after all these years. You will soon meet them when they first met each other – so keep your eyes out for that chapter.

        Appreciate your comment. Thanks

      • Hey Kenji,

        Thanks for checking in & continuing to follow along. Happy you are enjoying the story. There is a LOT more to come & more adventures for Bette & Tina.

        See ya next chapter!!!

      • Hey Cathy,

        Glad you are still liking the story & that you are following along with the newest update,

        Next chapter we will discover who Lynn is & a little more about Bette too!!

        Thanks for continuing on this road with me!!

    6. A great chapter. I read it twice already. I love your choice of photos to include.

      It was such good writing having Bette drinking whiskey and then Tina drinking her favorite whiskey, and then moving into the flashback to when Tina took the photo of Bette.

      Bette will get to the bottom of whatever happened with Stonington, perhaps Ashley will get accepted into the trial. James and Nickolas seem to have such a nice family. Nickolas reminds me of one of my best friends. Collins, as you know this story is very personal to me.

      Looking forward to the next chapter. This is an epic story.

      • Hi Westy,

        I often read a new chapter twice too before I post a comment!!! Great minds think alike.

        I have tried to delve a bit deeper in this story as to who Bette & Tina really are. What makes up their character & characteristics. Glad you picked up the connection with the whiskey between the 2 of them.

        Appreciate you liking the flashback & Tina’s memory of that time together with Bette. We’ll have more flashbacks in other chapters.

        I will keep you mind for the scenes with Tina & Ashley. Glad this has a special meaning for you.

        Best regards. Take care.

    7. Hey Collins I like your new story a lot !

      Like everybody else I have a few questions that I can’t wait for you to answer.
      Are Bette’s children hers or are they stepchildren? Was Robert Porter a homophobe and did he force Bette to marry a man? or is it Tina who wanted to return to the US leaving Bette behind?

      There are indeed female pilots, I saw a few so yeah totally realistic.

      Glad you could add the photos, always a nice touch.

      Please post soon again !

      • Hi Izzie,

        Thanks for reading!! Glad you are enjoying the tale so far.

        The answers are coming & the pieces of the puzzle will start to fit into place soon.

        FYI – there isn’t any male marrying & neither Bette nor Tina have had any relationships with men.

        Well, we probably know that Tina eventually had to come back to the USA – doesn’t mean though that she left Bette behind. Or did she???

        Happy you like the photos – that’s always a bit of a challenge to select the best ones to represent the moment in the story & how it enriches the writing & can help tell the scene better. Sometimes too like the photo of JB in this chapter – I was able to actually adapt the shot into the story & make a scene from it. Glad to know you appreciate the effort.

        Ok, take care & see you next chapter!!!

    8. Great chapter and I loved the bedroom flashback scene. Young Love!

      I agree with the others who have committed – awesome story and many questions. But that’s one sign of a good writer! Keep us guessing!

      I just want more and like right now!! Am loving this story already and waiting for more info. I too am anxious for them to meet up in the present time – should be fireworks for sure!

      Agree with many others about the photos you use. Like them a lot.

      Great job with the story and can’t wait for more!

      Please post SOON!!!

      • Young Love indeed!!!

        They had an instant connection & we’ll explore that more in the chapters to follow. There’ll be several chapters of them in college & the beginning of their relationship – so more love to come!!!

        So pleased that you are enjoying this story too. I had the idea for a long time & just had to work out all the details & formulate the detailed plot. This is going to be a long one – so lots & lots of chapters to come your way.

        Photos add the Splash!!!

        Thanks so much.

      • Hey SK,

        Thanks for checking out the update. Lots to still explain & plot out.
        Will be posting an update very soon.

        So enjoy!!!

        I am anxiously awaiting another update on your story too!!!
        Looking forward to it.

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