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    Chapter 2 – Explanations

    Previously from the Doctor of Hope Chapter 1 –

    The image triggered a deep response to her core in Tina as it always did.

    Whether they were together or an ocean apart.

    That had never changed, even after all these years.

    Tina couldn’t deny that yearning for the brunette.

    True love never died.

    She knew that in her heart as it skipped a beat.

    That long ago love still burning bright . . . .

    Day after day.

    Year after year.

    Even to this day . . . .

    The ring of her cell phone brought Tina out of her reminisces and back to the present.

    The matter at hand.

    She shook her head and looked at the caller display.

    “Shit.” Tina closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

    This was someone that Tina just didn’t have the patience for this evening. Not when Ashley’s health was so fragile. She didn’t think she could cope with verbal games with the airline pilot tonight.

    It was Lynn.  . . . . 

                                                              ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Kennard Home – Tina’s Office – Tuesday Evening – Narberth

    Lynn Stanton – Tina’s on again/off again dating partner.

    This evening the advertising owner didn’t want to talk to the pilot.

    Not now.

    Not tonight.

    She was too upset and depressed from the unsettling events of the day. Usually they got along, but Tina wasn’t in the mood for the back and forth they sometimes got into. Lynn could be very persistent, controlling even and Tian just wasn’t up for the challenge tonight.

    The blonde took a deep breath and braced herself before she reluctantly answered the phone on the fourth ring before it went to voicemail.


    “Hi babe.” Lynn breathed into her Bluetooth. Her voice cheery.

    “Hey Lynn.”

    “I’m done my flight debriefing and heading out of the airport right now.” Lynn told Tina as she walked from the airport terminal to her sports car. Her long legs quickly eating up the asphalt. “I was going to stop and get some Italian takeout from that café you like and come over babe.”

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    1. Thank you for the chapter!

      But i’m confused – Bette is 40 year old. She has two children – as i understood her own – because her son has Porter’s features – 25 and 24 years old. And my question is how?

      P.S. Interesting were Bette’s current partner and how meeting with Lynn will go for Tina

      • Hey Z,

        Thanks for reading this update.

        I know that it’s a bit of a mystery with Bette & her children. And yes, the son, Jackson, does have Porter facial features. The sister, Stephanie does also. But there are other ways of becoming a mother. You’ll find out the answer a little later in the story.

        You are right that the meeting of their partners will be fireworks!!!

        Thanks for following along.

        See ya next chapter!!!

    2. Hey Collins,

      Great chapter!

      Wow Lynn, one arrogant pushy woman who thinks she can change Tina’s mind to settle with her, she will be greatly disappointed when Tina breaks it off with her. I can imagine that talk will not go smoothly.

      Current partner Nicole?, I don’t think that’s the case anymore and i certainly don’t think Bette loves a clingy actress as partner. And two children, age 24 and 25 when Bette is only 40? Did she adopt them and how is it possible they look like her? Maybe children from a family member who died and she took them in? Look forward to discover that mistery.

      You forgot to post the backflash from Tina why it is that she and Bette can’t be in one room, what was said that they completely broke all contact while they were so in love?

      So many questions and we have to be patient till you provide those answers.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

      Enjoy your weekend!

      • Agree with you about this Lynn person. She needs a good kick in the can. How insensitive she acts towards Tina and Ashley. Tina deserves better.

        I can’t see Bette with this Nicole either. She’s toast!!!

      • Hey Bibi,

        You are right about Lynn. Very obnoxious and definitely not a true partner for Tina. You might see her once or twice more.

        Nicole is another story & someone that will be clinging to Bette for a while.

        Think you have hit the nail on the head with your theory about Bette’s kids. Yes, that mystery will be revealed later in the story.

        The convo between Bette & Tina in their last communication will be discussed later too. As I mentioned before to other readers, this is a long story & will have many chapters with bits of information given along the way.

        As always, thanks for reading & sharing your thoughts.

        Take care & see you on the next update.


    3. Your story indicates that Jackson and Stephanie are Porters in name and in physical features. If they were adopted by Bette, she is only 15 and 16 years older than they are. She would have been 14 and 15 when they were born and about 18 when she was reading bedtime stories to them.

      Jackson must not have gone to medical school or the United Kingdom as a very abbreviated education schedule compared to the US. Generally it takes 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school and another 3 years of internship and residency to become a medical doctor. And Bette assuming the role as President of her father’s firm age of 25 would have had a accelerated program as well. Medical doctors generally do not finish their education until about age 29 or 30. So is Bette a medical doctor or does she have a PHD in science or something. The way things are written, I am assuming she is a medical doctor and she was a Doggy Houser in her younger years so she got her education out of the way.

      Since Tina knows nothing about the kids, then she became a parent sometime in the last 15 years. Or Tina does know about the kids and just has not associated them with the Wikipediae entry. If these are adopted that would make her becoming a parent as early as 25 and the kids would have been only 9 and 10. That is a lot of responsibility for a young woman to be suddenly trust into. I would take some serious adjustment to suddenly have two pre-teens or teenagers to be responsible for. And then to become the head of a large pharmaceutical company at about the same time. Its a wonder she had time for a personal relationship at all. Yet she had two relationships subsequent to Tina. And one of them is currently her lover at least according to Google.

      Now, neither Bette nor Tina have seen one another or spoken to one another in 15 years. I understand that they still have warm feelings and a fondness for one another. But at this point, they are not in love with each other, but are in love with the idea or memory which is enhanced by the passage of time. And the mind has a way of diminishing the bad memories and enhancing the good ones. So if the two do get together in this story, if will be pretty much starting over in their relationship. It will not be a continuation of what was, but something entirely different. As Tina says: So much has changed over the years. They are older and have difference experiences and different manners in which they view life. Some things will not have changed – their laugh, their smile, the chemistry between them, but their priorities will have changed. How they face and resolve problems will have changed and their experience levels with others would have changed them. They have both moved from being someone’s child to being the adult in charge of their life and responsible for others in their family. This will have its impact as well. They are simply not the same people they were 15 years ago.

      Not knowing what broke them up, that problem may very well not exist anymore and no longer represent an obstacle for them getting back together. It will then be up to each of them to apologize for hurt feelings and actions which were hurtful and then see if they are ready and willing to try again for a permanent relationship. Then will come the problem of merging the idea of the other person into the persona of the real live person you are trying to have a relationship with. That will take some time as they will need to get to know one another all over again.

      Now Lynn? She has a bulldozing type personality. I can’t imagine Tina remaining in that relationship at all. Concern with herself first and foremost and what she needs to do to get Tina to cooperate and comply with her wishes. That truly is a friends with benefits relationship. And Tina is okay with that? At least as long as Lynn does not get too pushy, right? Now that Lynn wants something more permanent, Tina wants to end it. That’s fine. But a strong Tina would have ended it when the first indication that Lynn wanted something more and Tina was not on board with that.

      Also, I find it unusual that a thirty something year old would be looking for dates in a club. Do people still do that anymore? In Tina’s buisness, I would have thought she would meet people through her work more than likely. Advertising people meet tons of buisness people and their associates through selling their services. Particularly if they are successful at it. Or most people get dates from introductions by friends at social occasions. And if that is not working, then there is always internet dating. Of course since Lynn is a pilot, she would far more likely introduce herself after a flight and invite Tina for coffee or something like that. I would not want to date a pilot I met in a drinking establishment. Give me bad vibes.

      One more question. Why would Tina go to school in London for a degree in advertising? And then after that experience decide her home town of Philadelphia was the place to live. I would have thought Tina would have gone to a local college or university and not gone away to another country to get her degree. After all, wasn’t her mother ill during that period of time?

      > Good chapter…. we do know a little more…. look forward to your next installment.

      • Hey Martha,

        Thanks for your comment. Let me see if I can answer all your questions and thoughts.

        So, Bette is their mother – but there are other ways to be a Mom & not give birth yourself.

        Yes, the educational system in England & Europe is very different that here in the states. Their systems focus more on the actual major and not so much on other subjects.

        You are on the right track with Tina’s thinking about the kids.

        You are right too about all the responsibilities that Bette will suddenly have in a very short time period. This will play a key role in her relationship with Tina & how that all plays out.

        Yes, when they meet up in the near future, Tina & Bette will recall the good things about their relationship, but there will also be reasons for them to stop & consider what the future could hold for them.

        Yes, Lynn is a piece of work & the relationship will come to an end soon.

        So Tina goes to London on a scholarship – she qualified for it. She attends a local college in PA, but who wouldn’t want to take advantage of studying aboard for a semester?? I know I did & it was marvelous experience & one that I cherished for life. Tina comes back home to Philly & then stays there after college to take care of her mom & sister.

        Thanks for being patient as I lay out all the details of the story.

        Appreciate your thoughts.

        Until the next time.

    4. Great update. I know there are lots of questions we all have, but I have no doubt you’ll answer them all as you post more chapters of the story. So I’m not worried about what lies ahead.

      You can really feel the anguish for both Tina and Bette as they miss the other.

      Agree that Lynn acts like an ass and Tina need to kick her to the side of the road ASAP. What a jerk – seems she only thinks of herself.

      Poor Bette – no woman has been able to take Tina’s place in her heart.

      Jackson seems like a great son and Bette should be very proud of him. Wonder what the sister – Stephanie – will be like??

      Thanks for the update and keeping the story going.


      • Hey K,

        Thanks for the vote of confidence. Yes, we will eventually get all the answers to the questions readers have. Be patient my friend.

        Yes, Bette & Tina had a young love – but it turned out to be the love of both of their lives & that type of love – well you never get over.

        Jackson & Stephanie are a reflection of Bette & her deep love for her children. They have a special bond.

        Thanks for following along!

        • Collins –

          You are my favorite writer!!! I love your stories and how you write Bette and Tina. I can feel the love jump off the page in your stories, even when they don’t always agree.

          Oh, I will be patient and I have total faith in your ability to get this great couple back together!!

    5. So we’re not the only ones to ask questions, Tina has some too. Interesting!
      Given the age difference between Bette and her children, would it be possible that these are Kit’s children (or any other siblings) that she adopted?

      Anyway, you stole part of the chapter from us … what really happened between them ??

      And this Lynn woman, ughh, she can get on her plane and go wherever she wants and leave Tina alone !

      PPS !!

      • Hi Izzie,

        Thanks for continuing to follow along.

        You are on the right path with your thinking about Bette’s kids. As I told Zhenya, there are different types of ways to be a mother. The real answer to come in a later chapter.

        What really happened between them will come later too – its’ what broke them apart – but we have to meet them first when they first met & discover how they became a couple.

        So you’re suggesting Lynn take a long flight to another universe???? I agree – she’s a hot mess & not in a good way.

        Thanks again & take care.

    6. Collins,

      A great chapter. I loved finding out about Lynn, and her relationship with Tina. I know Lynn is thinking she can persuade Tina, but I think Tina is determined to end things. Lynn said she missed her and loved her, and Tina didn’t respond the same. If I was Lynn I’d know where this was heading. Ashley is Tina’s priority now, and she is so still in love with Bette she can’t make a commitment.

      Nothing like Google and Wikipedia. I swooned along with Tina when she whispered Bette’s name and saw her photo. And I loved her response to James.

      So much information in this chapter and so many questions, too.! Finding out the answers to the questions is so much a part of the fun of this story.

      Like what happened to Bette & Tina 15 years ago. And how did Bette have 2 children? I love Jackson – but he had a rough beginning, hmmm. I can’t wait to get to know Stephanie.

      The ending was perfect. “Tina under her on top of her inside her”

      • Hey Westy,

        Thanks for checking this update out.

        Agree with your in your thoughts about Tina & Lynn. Tina’s feed up with the relationship & this emerging pressure from Lynn.

        I use Wiki & Google all the time. Tina’s smart to try to get as much information as possible about Bette & her life now.

        Yes, there is a lot to tell in this story & yet, there is still much more to tell.

        So glad you caught that little part about Jackson having a rough beginning. That’s a huge clue in how he’s Bette’s son & what their special bond is. I think you’ll like Stephanie when she’s introduced too.

        So happy you liked the last scene & the bond that Bette still feels with Tina. They are soulmates – just have to find their way back to the other.

        Stay happy lady & take care.

    7. Hi, Collins

      What an interesting story. I love the flashbacks; I like the relationship between Tina and Ashley, and I don’t like that girl Lynn; I hope Tina could rid of her soon.

      It looks like Bette had a recent relationship with Nicole; but from what I read, it doesn’t look like they currently have a relationship. I am intrigued by Bette’s kids and somehow confused with Bette and Tina’s age, but I think you’ll explain that later.

      Great job! This is the only story I’m following in LesFan, currently, and the first time I’m commenting on it (life still very busy), but I enjoyed these first three chapters.

      Looking forward to the next post.

      Take care.


      • Hey P,

        Thanks for taking the time to catch up with this chapter. I know you are incredibly busy with work.

        Pleased that you like the flashbacks & how the story is being laid out.

        Lynn will be in another scene or two, so don’t worry about her.

        There are all kinds of ways to be a Mom & Bette got to be one in an unusual way. Stay tuned!!

        Thanks for the support.

    8. Wow, this Lynn is a piece of work. Major selfish and too much of a bully for Tina. She needs to drop Lynn like yesterday.

      Nice little details in this chapter and a lot going on. Feel for Tina and her fear for her sister.

      Tina’s description of Bette was lovely. Could feel the love right off the page. And still many questions – you KNOW we all want to know about Bette’s kids!!!

      And then Bette and her remembrance of Tina – Like Westy said – The ending was perfect. –
      “Tina under her, on top of her, inside her”

      Great chapter and so interesting.

      Keep them coming!!!



      • HIya Leigh,

        A sibling being ill can be very depressing & affects the entire family. Tina cares deeply for her sister & will do whatever is necessary to get her sister well & give her a chance to live.

        Questions will be answered along the way.

        These two characters – Tina & Bette have such a bond & chemistry that no matter what story they are in – the love they have for each other jumps off the page.

        Thanks for your comment & support.

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