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    Chapter 1 – The Break-In

    Tina woke up in a sweat as her senses finally assimilated to the new day, knowing that there was the edge of a dream still playing on the frayed ends of her consciousness.


    As she reached over to get the buzzing phone that had interrupted not only her sleep, but that haunting feeling of a strained dream, she looked at the time. Only four hours had passed.


    Four hours since she received the devastating news that Dana was gone. Gone.


    She felt the bitter sting and the tears pool in hers eyes as she glanced at her phone screen, squinting at the brightness. It was the studio, but she couldn’t be bothered with answering Aaron. Her hope had been that it would be Agent Williams from the LA FBI offices with new information on what had happened the night before.


    Dana was gone. She swallowed thickly and her throat muscles drew up and tightened at the sheer absurdity of that thought.


    How she had loved her friend.


    Dana had been her best friend since her junior year in college, when she was still so new to LA. They were young and dumb, but full of inspiration and energy. Two young women ready to make their mark on the world. They fell into an easy friendship, having been introduced by mutual friends at a beach party in Malibu.


    Dana was only recently out when they met, with parents as homophobic as Tina’s were. So they had that in common right away. Tina had laughed until she cried at Dana’s stories of her religious, conservative parents’ futile attempts to set her up with handsome, well to do young men. They met every Saturday at the gym as both of them had such respect for their bodies. Tina a natural runner with firm toned legs and a flat strong stomach, and Dana an extremely fit athlete and a dedicated professional tennis player.


    Each Sunday for the last few years they would have brunch at their local West Hollywood hangout, The Planet, and lament about their love lives. The lesbian dating scene in LA was an absolute meat market. She recalled their conversation at the Planet from last Sunday. Tina had met a nice doctor at SheBar, a well known lesbian bar the previous Friday night, an attending physician, working at Cedars Sinai.

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    1. Wow I haven’t been back on here in years but I’m sooo excited to read your first story, I will tonight when I leave work. So happy you took our advice although you didnt need it and congrats on the courage to post your brilliance and share your story with the world…i read the first page, i can tell this gonna be a good one. Cant wait :)

    2. I love stories about intrigue and the art world. This one has me completely hooked already. Bette is like a female James Bond. With Shane as her trusted and loyal side kick. Looking forward to Tina and Bette meeting.

    3. Hi, RiskyKitty (RK):

      Welcome to the site, I’m very glad that you made it, I checked yesterday night but finally, you are here today.

      I like your story very much, it is the type of the ones I really like, though all the stories here are very beautiful.

      The plot is amazing and I can’t wait for the reunion, I’m pretty sure that Bette will find what she never found so far in her trips around the world.

      So sad Dana’s fade but the mystery is there, I love the plot. Always don’t like those trolls of Aaron and Eric.

      I will be following this very promising story, like your writing.

      Thanks for the chapter and pps.


      • Thanks P! I really value your words. Yes, I have read so many beautiful stories on this site. And yes, Bette will meet her soulmate and it will turn her world upside down. As for Dana, a sad fate for sure, but one that will strengthen Tina in the long run. Can’t wait for you to read the next chapter when we can get our girls together and feel the magnetic force that pulls them and binds them to each other. ;)

        Don’t think I can wait a week for you all to read it!

        – RK

    4. I don’t often comment here but you hit the deck up and running with this new story. I love Tibette stories only and am disappointed with the reboot. I am happy that you have started a murder mystery containing the OG characters only. Poor Dana. Gone too soon just like IC killed her off but your story is intriguing.cuz it’s a mystery and who doesn’t love a good mystery? I don’t think any one of us has forgiven IC with her biggest mistake along with Tibette’s divorce. Anyway I am looking forward to the next chapter but please don’t make us wait too long. We need Tibette now and more than ever. Thank you for writing this.

      • Thanks Jane! Yes, poor Dana. I hated to do it, but I needed to. It was a part of my story from the beginning. Yes, was heartbroken when IC let go of Dana on the show. Tibette’s divorce in GenQ is like the second slap in the face, but JB is a producer. I believe that she wouldn’t have let that happen if there wasn’t going to be a reunion between them later. Fingers crossed! Also, the next chapter is posted. I hope you like it!

    5. I echo Jane’s words, and also welcome you to the site. Love your intriguing story…can hardly wait for your next post. Thank you for using our beloved OG characters, as I am a rabid Tibetter and OG L-WORD fan! BTW, am so impressed with your beginning story, have already added you to my favorite authors list! I truly hope, before all is said and done, that our beloved Tibette are back together happily. Enough rambling from me. Again, welcome indeed!

      P.S. Absolutely Love your title “The Heart Of Aphrodite”. It was what drew me in first😘😘😘!

      • Thanks Dr. A! Yes, I’m a huge Tibette lover and a die hard fan of the TLW OG. It’s so good to write a story revolving around their connection. Can’t wait for you to read the next chapter!

    6. What a fantastic first chapter, I can not wait to see how this plays out. Well done!
      I loved the title too, very clever. Welcome to the site and banish any lingering fears about posting moving forward. This is a wonderful beginning. I am buckling my seat belt for the ride. Thanks!

      • Thanks BK! Man, I am such a huge fan of yours. I was lucky enough to be late enough to this site to get to read tons of Remember Who You Are before I caught up with you. That’s one of my favorite stories on the site so far. You write beautifully and I have this thing about how you always seem to know just how to write the way their bedsheets are. They sleep like a basket of puppies in your story. Unbearably cute. Thanks for reading my story and I really hope you like the next chapter.

    7. Welcome RiskyKitty!

      I am glad you overcame your fear and posted the first chapter!

      Sad to see Dana dead, but i loved the introduction of the other OG characters.

      Like BK i already admitted you as favorite author!

      I am ready for the journey you will takes us!

    8. A murder mystery, art world intrigue meets the movie industry and all our favorite characters about to collide in Los Angeles. Wonderful first chapter… cannot wait for more.

      Thanks for this chapter…… publish more when you can…

    9. U may be a “RiskyKitty” but this story is purrrring with the best of them and only after one chapter!! Will be much too easy for U to ruffle our fur with cliffhangers and “Oh NO she didn’t’ take”!!!????

      Hmmmm so we have the “F ‘em leave ‘em” Bette Porter in this one eh????

    10. This is like the L Word meets The Da Vinci Code. Murder mystery and romantic novel with our favorite iconic lesbian couple. I just finished the first chapter and I love it!! Great job getting the story underway and introducing all of the characters. Can’t wait to follow this story along. Thank you thank you thank you for writing it and sharing it with us. I am psyched!!!!

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