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    Chapter 2 – At First Sight

    Agent Tasha Williams stood in the locker room of the gym in the basement of the LA field office. She had just come off the basketball court and was about to take a quick shower. She had finally gotten the call last night that Bette Porter had been reached and she was on her way to LA.


    It was early, but she had to call Tina Kennard. First, to make arrangements for the Venus, and second, to give her the news that one of the guards assigned to the set the night of the break-in had disappeared. And the worst part was that the cameras on set had been tampered with. No doubt the guard had been paid off. She knew the beautiful blonde would be discouraged at the progress on the FBI’s end. Hopefully this Bette Porter could get the case moving.


    Just then one of her colleagues, a fresh faced new agent named Eva Torres walked into the locker room. She wasn’t in Tasha’s department, Tasha was a senior agent in Criminal Response, Eva was in Science and Technology, and so they rarely worked together. The girl was latin, petite, cute, and a workout on the basketball court for as small as she was. She had locked eyes with Tasha a few times during the game when she wasn’t trash talking her. She caught her eye and it seemed this time was no different. Tasha didn’t shit where she ate so she smiled politely and headed off to the showers. It had been a while since Tasha was involved with anyone, so she was tempted.


    After a very cold shower she got to her office and called Tina Kennard. The pretty blonde picked up on the second ring.


    “Hello Agent Williams” said Tina. “Tell me you have some new information for me.


    Tasha exhaled and gave Tina the disappointing news about the disappearance of the guard and the nonexistent security camera footage. She could hear the sadness in Tina’s voice.


    “So we’ll never really know what happened on set.” Tina’s eyes filled with tears and her voice shook. “What am I going to tell Dana’s family? Her funeral is on Saturday and I-I’m not really sure I can face them.”

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    1. I am loving this story. Your writing conjures so much imagery. Clearly there is a connection developing between Tasha and Alice. I like that you are mixing in a bit of the old with this new take on characters especially Bette and Tina. I know it is early but this may be my favorite depiction of Bette Porter. Previously I mentioned James Bond but now I must add the possibility of a touch of Ethan Hunt from Mission Impossible because I love the idea of Bette Porter on a fast and expensive bike. Kick ass Porter! I need to find a female example. Definitely a cut above Charlie’s Angels. The description of Shane is very similar to KM as Lena in Ray Donovan. In fact I picture her that way. Very cool. Very sexy. Seems that Aaron and Eric are going to be involved in some evil deeds. This is so much fun!!!!

      • Thanks Billy, yes I love writing Bette as a badass. She’s so intense, it just seems to fit. I thought, what would a young Bette Porter be like if she had it all? In regards to Shane, I never watched Ray Donovan, so I don’t know anything about that character. I’ll have to check it out. And yes, Tasha and Alice have something simmering, but we’ll see if Alice can stay out of her own way long enough for them to make that connection. And I agree, Tina needs to watch her back at work. Thanks for your comments. I’m so glad you’re liking it!

    2. Bette’s description of the history of this piece and the fact that she is touching the marble body while telling the story is very erotic. I can see why Tina is so mesmerized by Bette and they have not even had a real conversation yet.

      Why did they not introduce Shane in the meeting? Tasha didn’t get an intro from Shane. Strange… When you bring someone from the outside to consult, everyone gets introduced in the initial meeting.

      I must admit that this Bette has a whole added new dimension with her multiple residences, her jet, and of course her custom bike. Shane being her technical side kick seems to fit her personality well.

      So what was inside the Venus that was stolen? And how and why did Dana go to the studio after hours? It does look like Eric may be involved. Possibly Aaron, but he is probably a stooge in the crime.

      This is exciting and mysterious stuff….can’t wait for the next chapter…

      • Yes, Tina is certainly mesmerized by Bette, and vice versa. You’ll see much more of their magnetism in the next chapter.

        As for the meeting at Tasha’s office. There were two reasons that Shane didn’t get her introduction, first because they all thought she was Bette when she walked into the room and second, Bette was so caught up in Tina that she fumbled hard in that meeting.

        Also, Shane is not very comfortable around people, she was happy to keep her mouth shut. And seeing Bette’s reaction to Tina was just as surprising for her. She doesn’t often see Bette imbalanced.

        As for the Venus, well, she’s keeping her secrets for now. The next chapter will be slightly more insightful. Bette has a lot of thoughts and we’ll get to read some of them.

        Thanks for your awesome comments. I’m so glad that you’re in for the ride.

    3. You seemed to be just as excited to post your story for us as we are to read it. Thank you.

      I love the detail of your writing for each seen and emotion of all the characters.

      Looking forward to the next chapter.

      • Thanks bub! I am excited! I’ve been writing this story for a few months and it’s so good to finally have some feedback.

        As for the detail, I’m glad you like it. Setting the scene is my favorite part of writing.

        Looking forward to reading what you think of the next chapter when we finally get Bette and Tina alone.

    4. Fantastic chapter!

      You describe everything very detailed, i love it!

      They met and are clearly smitten already with each other!

      The way you describe every detail give me the feeling i am a part of this scene, or story. It is brilliant how you write it. You can see that you put a lot of energy in searching and describing everything! Well done ????

      I can see Bette on that motor bike, swimming in her pool and wandering around her beautiful house!

      Aaron and Eric, never trust those men, i think they are somehow involved in this case. Eric for sure, i don’t trust that man and Tina should be very careful around him.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    5. Awesome writing, you really have a gift. Thank you for sharing your talent. Loved this chapter, you promised and delivered. Thanks for not letting us wait a week. Looking forward to the next one.

      • Thanks BAT! I’m so glad you are enjoying it! I wrote a really fun chapter last night, but that’s far down the road from what you’re reading now. Can’t wait for you to read the next chapter. You’ll start to really feel their pull to one another.

      • Thanks SuperK! I posted another chapter last night. I hope you’ll read it. Not much in the way of research for this particular chapter, but the next one does for sure. I too, am a sucker for the research. Just spent 5 hours reaching for about six paragraphs in a chapter I’m currently working on that’s much farther down the road. It’s my fave part.

        P.S. I’m a huge fan of your stories!


    6. Your writing is just amazing, another great chapter. Keep them coming! Oh, and Bette in leather on a motorcycle, *whew*…one of my fantasies…love it, thank you for sharing your story with us! ????????

    7. Oh I’m loving this!

      Bette is superb nd I love the relationship with Shane.
      Tina needs to keep her wits about her at work. Don’t like Eric at all.
      I have to admit to always finding Alice irritating and I do here too :-)

      Looking forward to regular posts please.

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