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    Chapter 1 The Meeting

    Swirling the glass around in her hand she brings it up to her mouth slamming back the remaining contents before setting the empty glass down on the bar with a thud.

    “Shit” she mumbles under her breath as she glances at her watch.  ‘I knew this was going to happen…I told Marion this was a bad idea. I can’t believe she got me to agree to this madness.My agent has lost her fucking mind’ 

    She finishes her thoughts and reaches into her purse to pull out her cellphone

    “I don’t have time for this” she scowls pressing her finger on the screen of her phone and putting it to her ear”

    “Marion! Explain to me why I am sitting here alone.”

    “What! Bette?.. You mean she isn’t there yet?”

    “No Marion I haven’t seen Botox Barbie and I have been sitting here over an hour” Bette says annoyed

    “Bette Porter” a voice interrupts behind her

    Bette immediately flinches dropping her cellphone on the counter turning around to see a blonde giving her the death glare. “Uhmm….” Bette nervously utters and grabs her cellphone.”….Never mind Marion” Bette says before ending the call

    Bette turns around shooting a welcoming smile at the beautiful blonde who points her finger in the air

    “And let me state for the record that no Botox has ever entered this face or this body and never will”

    Bette shrinks in her seat “You heard that?”

    “You weren’t exactly quiet about it..But since when does Botox bother you..You’ve kissed enough women with it I’m surprised your lips aren’t full from it” The blonde answers rolling her eyes

    “No need for the attitude..It’s that I am annoyed I’m having to do this” Bette extends her hand “Let’s start over..I’m Bette Porter”

    The blonde shakes her hand

    “Tina Kennard..aka Botox Barbie..Very nice to meet you” she says sarcastically with a fake smile and sits in the barstool next to Bette

    “Look I said I was sorry..Can we just get on with this”

    “Fine by me” Tina says waving the bartender over..”Can I get a whiskey..neat”

    The bartender nods, fixes her drink, and sets down on the counter..Tina takes a huge sip

    “Whoa coming out swinging huh?” Bette looks at Tina amused

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    1. amethyst,

      You have quickly become one of my favorite writers! This is great. It made me laugh, the kiss was hot. I can feel the sexual tension. Loved it, looking forward to the next chapter.

    2. Wow, great beginning!

      Two strong and feisty woman being in a” fake” relationship. Wonder how long it will turn in a real relationship.

      And Tina calling the shots is always a turn on.

      Look forward to the next chapter!

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