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    Chapter 2. Gone Viral

    The next morning Bette is jarred awake by her phone vibrating loudly on the bedside table.

    “Ughhh..Go away..” Bette groans taking her pillow and covering her head with it..She relaxes when the buzzing stops and sighs drifting off back to sleep…Which unfortunately was short lived when it started buzzing again..

    “Damn it” she growls

    Bette slings the pillow across the room grabbing the phone in one quick sweep to see who was calling and answers it

    “What the hell Shane!..I’m trying to sleep” Bette snaps putting her free hand over her face to rub her eyes

    “Porter your ass better start spilling the tea”

    “What tea?”

    “You bagged the hottest Super Model on the planet…You are a freaking legend…”

    “Shane what are talking about?” Bette turns on her side propping up on her arm

    “Tina Kennard..America’s sweetheart….Hell… The world’s sweetheart even…The Great Evader of Hearts..And you my friend landed her.”

    The mention of Tina’s name suddenly flooded  the memory of meeting her last night….and that kiss..Bette had only found out that morning from Marion that Tina was in fact a model but hadn’t paid attention to the modeling world since her popularity had declined..well the good popularity declined ..And the numerous women she entertained were mainly groupies of Shane’s rock band. But here was Shane saying she was the biggest Super Model in the world and apparently knew all about her. Bette had no clue and felt like an idiot

    Bette coughs realizing she needed to deflect Shane’s questioning otherwise she would see right through her

    “Look..I need to meet with my agent..I will drop by later and fill you in about my date with Tina”

    “Date?…Since when do you date?” Shane questions but then chuckles..”But that kiss was pretty steamy Porter..It’s plastered all over the entertainment news and social media..And you better tell me everything..I can’t believe my best friend didn’t tell me about even knowing her and I had to find out on Celebrity Insider this morning” Shane says acting hurt

    Bette rolls her eyes  “Shane…Go back to the flavor of the day you have in your bed right now and let me get ready”

    “Fine..But be prepared to get grilled like a steak when you get here..Later”

    Bette pulls the phone away from her ear and shoots her middle finger at it before ending the call

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    1. Wow…. this is going to be great. Tina is a fireball. She is firmly in control for now. I think that these two are going to become close friends before anything romantic happens. And if Bette puts her mind to it, she will be able to play this role to perfection. So they will be off to Paris within a day or so? This story is moving quickly… Let’s see how this works out..

      At least Tina did not say that she couldn’t have a woman. But if Bette is smart, she will forego that thought and action. She really needs to have the appearance of a devoted girlfriend if this is to work. Tina appears to be ready and willing to play the role to perfection.

      This is a very unique story line. It really brings a smile on my face… cannot wait to read more…

    2. Agree with Martha. Bette has a lot riding on this makeover. Hopefully she will behave. Tina seems be somewhat entertained by the challenge but also intrigued by Bette. The ice is melting. What better place to fall in love than Paris. Really enjoying this story.

    3. Well they are off to a fine start, and clearly Tina’s running things for now. Just wait until Tina falls under the spell of Bette’s 1000 watt smile then we shall see !!! Can’t wait!

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