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    Chapter 1 The Return

    October 2006 West Hollywood

    It was 8pm and the clubs were in full swing. Tina was not happy being basically kidnapped from her apartment and forced to go out.  It had been two weeks since her breakup and though she meant well she was ready to kill Alice..Why couldn’t she have just left her to sulk. But not having the energy to fight her,  Tina decided to let Alice win so she would leave her alone after this

    “You ready TK?” Alice said checking her makeup in the visor mirror and then glanced at Tina’s sulking face

    Tina met Alice’s gaze and rolled her eyes not replying. Alice sighs closing the mirror and both get out of the car to see Shane approaching

    “I can’t believe you got her to come out with us“ Shane said surprised Alice’s persistence paid off

    “I can’t believe you are making me do this” Tina complained

    “Tina you have been shut up in your apartment  mourning yourself over that bitch.  You so deserve better than that two timing skank” Alice says angrily

    Tina groans as Alice takes her hand and pulls her along with her to the entrance of the club. After showing their identification they were allowed to enter and they maneuvered their way to the bar.

    “What do you want Al?” Shane said motioning for the bartender

    “Give me two of the house shots and for Tina the Club Viper” Alice said then turned to Tina who gasped

    “Jesus Al…You want to knock me on my ass?”

    Alice slapped her on the arm “Oh shut up..You aren’t going to slam it back..Just sip it..It will loosen you up” Alice encouraged

    Tina rolled her eyes and nodded her head. As they wait for their drinks, Tina turned around scanning her eyes around the dimly lit club and noticed a silhouette of a woman’s figure with what looked like a wrap on her head or cloak standing off near the entrance of the dance floor. As soon as Tina fixed her sights on the intriguing figure her gaze was broken by a redhead approaching behind Alice

    “Would you care to dance” the woman asked Alice who turned around in surprise

    The woman was beautiful. Her skin was pale her eyes an alluring green..They mesmerized you if you looked into them..Her red hair flowed loosely down to her back..Her dress was black that touched the floor, fitting perfectly against every one of her curves. Taking her in Tina felt like she was out of place and didn’t belong there. The woman shifted her gaze to Tina..Her eyes piercing..Tina felt herself shiver from her gaze as the redhead then shifted her gaze back to Alice.

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