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    Chapter 1 – Who’s at the Door?

    Bette’s Silver Lake Home Outside of LA

    “Tina!!!” Bette breathed in sharply, shock registering on her lean, drawn face at seeing her ex-wife on the other side of her front door. Tears immediately sprang to her tired eyes, emotions swirling inside her seeing Tina standing there. Bette was speechless.

    “Angie called me. I got on the first flight out.” Tina answered hesitantly; taking a deep breath as she finally came face to face with Bette. Tina was concerned for how Bette was handling the latest campaign crisis. Not knowing what to expect when she arrived at that door. She saw the look of despair/confusion on Bette’s long, troubled face. Dark shadows evident under Bette’s redden eyes. Tina felt that old surge of emotions for Bette swirling in her gut. “I had to fight my way through the press horde on the street to get inside the gate. I had to explain to your security detail who I am. Luckily my driver’s license is still in my married name. Are you alright?”

    “No, not really, but please come in” Bette said, finally able to find her voice and stepped aside to allow Tina to enter the hallway with her luggage.

    Once inside, Tina took in Bette’s appearance.

    As always, her ex-wife was impeccably dressed. Today Bette was dressed in casual linen navy blue slacks and a tailored light blue striped button down shirt. Her strong lean forearms showing as her sleeves were rolled to the elbow. Her dark brown hair was loosely coiffed around her shoulders; she had recently dyed it as no gray hairs were present. Tina knew all too well how determined Bette still was about not showing her age and attempting to hold back the hands of time. Menopause had not been kind to Bette. But great genes from her parents and a lifelong commitment to routine exercise and healthy eating had left Bette in excellent health. But Tina noticed the down turn of her lips and the hollowness in her cheeks. She surmised that Bette had been crying not too long ago.  Tina could tell by the slight twitch in Bette’s brow that she was desperately trying to keep her composure.

    Tina dropped her carry on and handbag beside her roller luggage. Instinctively, Tina reached out and pulled Bette into her arms, her heart aching to protect Bette. God, she felt so good. She whispered in Bette’s ear as she held her close, “Have you gotten any sleep?”

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    1. Very intriguing…. let’s see why these two broke up and why Tina thought a divorce was appropriate rather than an extended separation. Did she really think Bette needed to be free to pursue another love? Or maybe she needed to be free to pursue someone else? Looking forward to this story and your presentation as to what happened and how they may try to get back together.

      Thanks for the story…. Can’t wait for the next installment. .

    2. Really enjoy your take on this story! It is far more preferable to the Gen Q approach that left us with so many unanswered questions, and seems to want us to just forget about our beloved couple. As for me, NO CAN DO! Like other Tibetters, I WANT THEM BACK TOGETHER! Hope your story eventually heads in that direction. So far, think you’re off to a great start. Looking forward to your next posts!

      • Thanks for your support!
        Like you, I have been disappointed with the writers of both the original show & now GQ. So many missed opportunities for character development.

        Our fav couple will definitely explore their emotions and feelings for one another.

        Hope you continue to enjoy the story as it continues.

    3. I definitely interesting, thank you for this beginning!

      I must say few things –

      First – i like this Tina more than IC version of Tina who always jump from one relationship to another seems without any break. I really still don’t get why Laurel ever agreed on this storyline between end TLW and GQ

      Second – yeah, i don’t understand either how Bette can hire so young and inexperienced person like Dani, which she don’t know long enough as her PR. Well i guess GO writers needed to create a link between new and OG cast and they done that how always without any fantasy.

      Third – Bette lied to Tina when she said her that after meeting Tina she didn’t notice any other women. At least one she noticed – remember carpenter, Bette, didn’t you?

      And the last – funny part – interesting was Tina comfortable in leather pants on the plane, when she flying over 2500 miles? Who wore leather pants in the long trip?)

      • Thanks so much for the comments and feedback.

        Yes, I have always thought that IC didn’t allow Tina’s character to develop because I believed IC wanted Bette to still be a player & have multiple partners. But the relationship/chemistry between Jenn & Laurel was too strong to deny. So attempting to give her a bigger voice here in this story. They’re equals – why not treat them as such?

        Got to say that over the years, for an intelligent woman, Bette has made some “stupid” decisions. But Dani appeared to be the bridge between the old & new set of friends for the story.

        Yes – I remember Candice, but she was never a love interest for Bette. That was about escaping. None of Bette’s sexual partners other than Tina were about love. marriage & the happy ever after. She only views Tina in that way. But thanks for the reminder.

        The “leather pants” – thought it was silly also, but Jennifer had made a comment about how Laurel looked so good in them, I decided to keep them in the story.

        Please enjoy the following chapters as they are posted and stay safe.

        • About Candace – yeah, if Bette talked about love – i agree with you, she loved only Tina. But if Bette talked about attraction when said notice – she definitely was attracted to the carpenter. She tried to fight against it, but failed(
          And Laurel was hot in this pants, i agree with Jennifer)

          Ok, than waiting for the next part from you!

    4. Welcome to the Tibette stratosphere Collins! This gonna be fun!! Thank you for having the mature Tina immediately step up to Dani and sweetly put her in her place! Tina has a bunch of years dealing with young aggressive women with “plans” for Bette!

      Bette has history with making life-altering decisions with women that brought horrible conseqences almost every time because she believed herself to be in control of the situation. Anybody that came on to her strong, set her up for pending doom.

      It wasn’t until Season 5 when Tina realized that she was the “one” that Bette absolutely wanted to pursue her with passion & abandon that Bette found herself longing for the type of mature relationship of two strong women on an equal footing.

      Really looking forward to your vision f bring Tibette back together.

      Go to it sweet lady!!

      • Hi Dumplin,

        Thanks for the welcome!!!

        Yes, Tina can definitely hold her own against anyone and she will continue to do so. She is Bette’s equal.

        Definitely thought that in the beginning of TLW, IC threw everything against the wall to see what would stick for plot development & tried to include every weird situation she could think of. Bette’s character and relationship with Tina suffered for it. But I will do my best to put a different spin on the end results!!!

        Thanks for reading & I hope you enjoy the upcoming chapters!!!!!

    5. Hi Collins,

      I don’t usually read stories but your name caught my attention and I must say that this is a very good start. How great it is to have the power to erase nuisances (like Carrie) with the “stroke of a pen”! Tina’s dialogues perfectly matched the character we know and so it seemed real between her and Bette.

      One exception, I felt, was the reference to Felicity. I didn’t understand why Tina would think that Felicity “used” Bette to get out of a bad marriage with an abusive husband. Granted that Tina might not like Felicity because she was a cheater and because of jealousy, but Tina knows Bette and would probably not see her as a victim in this. In GenQ, when Tina asked Bette: “Are you still with that woman?”, I assumed that she learned about the affair from the media weeks earlier, never from Bette.

      Which brings me to Bette. I believe that Bette being harsh to Felicity in the end has more to do with the change in the original script after Felicity’s scenes had been filmed, as I just replied to you in the GenQ thread. Or at least I prefer to believe that Bette is not that heartless and that it was a script misstep.

      Dani was rough, but I tried to remember her in the coffee shop scene with Bette on a particularly bad day. Interestingly, this Dani of yours also matches the Dani of the original script, which is a lot harsher and more like Bette Porter. She is clearly the new Bette in the original script.

      Anyway, good luck on your story! I’m glad that Tina will be by Bette’s side during the election. And please do me a favor: can you also erase Maya? :D

      • Hi dbff,

        Thanks for the comments on my first chapter!

        Collins is an old nickname from the distant past that I started using again when I joined Lesfan a few years back.

        I didn’t get the impression that the Felicity storyline was a lasting one. The scene when Bette & Angie argue & Ang threatens to tell Tina about the affair, Bette responds by saying that Tina already knows. So I took that angle that she knew. If Felicity wanted to be with Bette, she should have left the husband long ago. We see her as still being and living with her husband all this time. Also, I didn’t get the impression that Bette thought the relationship would lead to anything long term. They only were involved for a few months before the campaign started according to the time line alluded to in Gen Q. In the hotel scene between them, Bette’s answer to her request for what she wants is sex. Soooooo…

        Dani – thought she is portrayed as one dimensional & has zero emotions. Her expressions all look the same regardless of the scene she’s in. Hard to determine if it’s the character or the lack of skill on the part of the actress. I definitely don’t see her as the next ‘Bette’. Could she sleep around & have one woman after another ? – Yes. Does she have the scope of personality and depth of character as BP? Nope. But thanks for your thoughts on this point.

        Still a long way to go as I see this as a 17 to 18 chapter story. Lots to write & issues to be discussed and resolved.

        Thanks again for your support!!!
        Keep safe in these trying times & hope you get a little joy out of my tale!!!!!!

        Best girl!!!!!!!!!

        • If you read the original script scene of Dani in Bette’s office for the first time, you will see Marja’s original intent: Dani was supposed to be like Bette and Bette was going to recognize it. Marja backed away from it a little but left some scenes, like the coffee shop scene. I agree that the actress has not shown enough range.

          Again, according to the original script, Felicity was a little predatory and just a hookup on Bette’s last day of work as a Director. But in the series, Bette said that she was an emotional support. This means that Bette treated her like trash in the end. Felicity had moved out when they broke up and was in love with her. We know that Felicity was just a crutch for Bette, but I don’t like how Bette discards women. Lack of love is no excuse for bad behavior. She has affairs which are clearly wrong, but then she mistreats the women, as if they are a plague, women who fell in love with her. Do it twice and it is a character trait. As for Tina knowing, I thought that Bette responded with sarcasm that Tina already knew, meaning, it’s everywhere!

    6. Hi Collins,

      Great start!

      I am looking forward to how this story will develop and of course how Bette and Tina will reconcile 🙏

      The show was such a disapointment and 💔 my Tibette heart. I hope you will be able to fix that.

      Again, a great start!

      • Hey Bibi,

        Thanks for the words of support.

        Yes, Gen Q was a huge disappointment on many levels. So I hope my rendition of a possible storyline will provide some good entertainment. Certainly hoping that Jenn & Laurel will prevail & get our fav couple back together to stay!!!!

        Lots more writing to come. Hope you enjoy.

        Be safe!!!!

    7. Picking up on this rather late.

      I agree with everything you say in your Author’s Note to this first Chapter and have enjoyed my journey through the first post.

      Looking forward to the next.

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