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    Chapter 2 – The Plan


    “Tina, I feel nothing for Dani except a friendship. She’s young enough to be my daughter for Christ sake. She’s engaged to a producer from Alice’s show.” Bette laments. “I guess I can relate to her at some level because she lost her mother when she was a child as I did. She’s got an overbearing father just like Melvin. So, I get her insecurity about her parents.”

    “Yes, your father was definitely a challenge,” Tina remembered all too well. In that regard she was empathetic towards Dani. “You still might want to be careful around her.”

    “I will never get involved with anyone else that I work with or who works for me.” Bette says determination evident on her face. “Truthfully, by this point in my life, I’m beyond that.”

    “I hope so for your sake.” Tina thinks back to all those women over the years that have looked longingly at Bette – wanting Bette – wanting to fuck Bette – wanting Bette to fuck them.

    “Christ, I have paid my dues over and over again and finally learned my fucking lesson.”

    “You might want to tell Dani that.”

    “I will. Besides,” Bette’s expression turns serious as she gazes at Tina and softly speaks her next reply. Her hands now folded on top of the table. “Tina, after I meet you, I never noticed other women. I only had eyes for you.”

    Tina snaps her head in Bette’s direction, stunned by her admission.  She takes a minute to let Bette’s confession settle between them. By the expressive look on Bette’s face Tina knows she’s telling the truth.

    “Bette, I…I” Tina starts.

    “It’s okay.” Bette reaches out to touch Tina’s hand. “I don’t expect you to say anything. I know that now is not the time to discuss our personal problems. I’ve got this campaign to concentrate on right now.”

    “Yes.” Tina agrees. “We, um… we need to stay focused.”


    “You want to tell me your plan on how to handle this latest crisis?”

    “Actually,” Bette begins, not wanting to upset Tina with more personal admissions at this time, “there are many different options ……”

    Backstory on the Peabody’s’

    Years ago, Bette had met the extremely wealthy businesswoman and philanthropist Peggy Peabody when Bette was Director of the CAC in LA. At that time, Bette was attempting to secure the right to display the Provocations Art Exhibit that Peggy controlled.  Although Bette wasn’t initially successful with her first request to procure the exhibit, Peggy was instantly impressed with Bette’s knowledge of the art world and her determination to succeed. They clicked intellectually. Peggy came to regard Bette as a successful business woman in her own right and took her under her wing for career guidance. Peggy had intervened with the board of the CAC when they first tried to remove Bette from her directorship. Later, she assisted and mentored Bette in her career when needed often offering advice and suggestions.

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    1. Great – Tina in charge! I like alpha Tina!

      But i see a huge problem in Bette’s campaign – i see all forgot that in LA lives not only members of LGBT community. I really don’t understand what Bette can suggest for majority of voters – white middle class straight people. Or latina – where agenda about immigration for them for example? Shelters, fight for LGBT – it’s not their agenda. What gay candidate can suggest for them? She wants be mayor of LA? – traffic problems, immigration problems, not enough cops in the street – this is common problems for big cities.

      • Hello Zhenya,

        Thanks for the insight & comments.

        My intention was not to remake the storyline of Bette running for mayor. As we have read, that storyline was Jennifer’s response to the election of 2016 & the unfavorable policies & views of the USA’s current administration.

        The references to Bette’s campaign focus is setting up 2 events that will happenin later chapters.

        Yes, the Tina in my story has a much stronger role & a bigger voice than in the OG series. She is an equal partner to Bette.

        Hope you enjoy the upcoming chapters!!!!

      • Hi Angel,

        Thanks so much for your comment.

        Hope you get some R&R soon!!

        Carrier – thought that storyline was just so ridiculous. They really thought we would buy that Tina divorced Bette – claiming she needed space & to find herself & then get into another quick relationship???? Poor writing on the part of the Gen Q writers.

        So, I will do my best to bring us a very different view.

        Be safe!!!!


    2. A fantastic story! And Tina is a great help for Bette, Dani better listen and learn from her.

      They briefly touched why they are divorced and how they feel.

      And Tina’s full name Tina Porter Kennard, is that a hint?

      I really love your story!

      Thank you and i hope you are able to update soon!

      Stay save and healthy 🙏

      • Hi Bibi,

        Thanks so much for the your interest in this story.

        Yes, I felt Tina needed a bigger voice & what better way than to help Bette.

        Yes, there is some foreshadowing going on!!!! Remember, this is a Tibette story!!!

        More to come in later chapters about their lives in NYC & the many reasons for their divorce. Like in all their past breakups & reconnecting, it takes 2 for it to happen.

        Hoping to update weekly if not sooner.

        Thanks again, enjoy & keep safe!!!

      • Thanks so much.

        I have always considered Tina(LH) to be a much stronger character than IC portrayed in OG & now in Gen Q.

        She would have to be to be in a long term relationship with a strong willed person such as Bette.

        Enjoy more to come

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