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    Chapter 10

    Chapter 10

    A week goes by with no contact between them following their argument. As predicted, there have been several high profile political resignations following the release of the New York Times article. Bette has managed to survive relatively unscathed, having sold her dubious shares and releasing a statement stating that it was an oversight, and the matter cleared up as soon as she became aware of it.

    They have both picked up their phones at various stages during the week with the intention of calling the other, and for different reasons have both thought better of it.

    Tina knows that the decision of whether to have any further contact really lies with Bette, who needs to decide if she is willing to accept the reality of the conflicts that their chosen professions will inevitably cause them.

    And Bette can’t shake her feelings of betrayal at Tina’s actions. She has reflected on all that Tina had to say in justifying her behaviour, and Bette has reluctantly admitted to herself that she can see the logic in Tina’s arguments. She can see that Tina was placed in an impossible position, and could have done little else without compromising both of them. She hasn’t yet been able to move past it however, and remains upset with Tina’s public admonishment of her. She is taking the time she needs to try to work through her feelings, but she knows she won’t be able to keep herself from seeing Tina for long.


    A further few days pass. Tina is lying in bed late one night when she hears the key in the front door and the familiar sounds of Bette unloading her belongings on the hallstand and retrieving a glass of water from the kitchen. She continues listening, feeling a sense of relief at the familiar movements. After a short while Bette quietly opens the bedroom door and takes a moment to take in the image of Tina lying in bed. She makes her way over and slips under the covers. Tina is lying on her side, facing away from her, and Bette quietly shuffles over to her. She positions herself beside her and curls her body around Tina’s, wrapping her arm tightly around her waist. Tina takes her hand and entwines their fingers, pulling Bette’s arm more tightly around her body. They whisper softly to each other.

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    1. Awww… I’m glad and so relieved Bette has calmed down, that they have talked, Tina apologized and they’ve decided to keep seeing each other, kissed and made up.❤ What a sweet and lovely reenactment of a distant but vivid moment in their past. Against the beautiful backdrop of the city they both love and have managed to conquer professionally and separately, they shared a moment of bliss and unspoken but true love for one another. Thank you so much for writing and sharing this sweet and lovely chapter, katynd!❤ Please keep on writing and posting and have a lovely, productive week, katynd!:)

    2. I anticipated that this would be a great story line. How lucky I was to wait a little while to read the 1st 10 chapters all together. The way you wrote the reconnection was/is very good!

      I want more, please. While I can be patient, this story line has me by my heart.


      Thanks for your good work on the unique Tina/Bette adventure!

    3. So they have reconnected and talked…. but the problem still exist. Even though Tina felt like she was betraying Bette by publishing the article without talking to her, she felt that she was making the best decision in her own best interest. And that should the situation arise again, she would do the same thing. Bette felt betrayed and still feels betrayed. But she is willing to risk being betrayed again to resume her relationship with Tina. And the fact that Bette knows this may happen again, will have an effect on their relationship. Bette will feel less trusting or more guarded as to what she can talk to Tina about. She will be less likely to talk to Tina about things which bother her in her professional life for sure and maybe things in her personal life as well. For if anything Tina precieves to be of the public interest, she will feel duty bound to publish in the New York Times. Everything of course which does not involve her relationship with Tina. That Tina will protect their relationship at all cost. And there lies the rub. The duty to publish whatever is in the public interest on any public persona verses the protection of her own public interest to protect her position with the newspaper. As Bette said in the last chapter: “By all mean, protect yourself” . I almost felt her saying: “Protect yourself and just throw me to the wolves and without warning”. This situation still exist. They might have decided that it can be put into the rear view mirror and go on. But, what happens next time? And there will be a next time as long as Bette Porter is a Senator from the state of New York and as long as she is in a relationship with Tina Kennard which is not known to the public and Tina decides that she cannot warn Bette as to what is coming. For this is not a situation where one or the other says I screwed up and I know I did wrong and I will never do that again. It’s a situation that will happen again and in very much in the same fashion as the first one. And Bette now feels that Tina is not in her corner and may never be in her corner. The problem still exist…. it is now more real.

      Thanks for the chapter. I know there is so much more to come for these two.

    4. Catched up and i am with Martha, this will happen again maybe but Bette is willing to take the risk because she is so in love with Tina and although Tina doesn’t say it, she feels the same. It’s a difficult game they are playing, a non caual commitment, they had a warming with Tina’s article and i think their relationship will come out in the open against their will and cause a huge problem for them. Who will step down or will they seperate final this time?

      I really hope you are a true Tibetter and that at the end we will have a Tibette endgame.

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