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    Chapter 10 + Epilogue

    Tina smiled. ‘Hi,’ she said softly. ‘I’m Tina.’

    Bette’s face broke into a beaming smile. Her eyes welled with tears. She laughed. Tina laughed too. And then Bette gathered up Tina’s right hand, kissed it, and said, ‘Hi. I’m Bette.’

    There are moments in life that are longed for and don’t live up to their billing; and there are moments that arrive without fanfare but sear themselves onto our hearts for ever. This moment was the latter. Because for all the many thousands of times that Bette Porter and Tina Kennard had separately fantasised about reconcilation, neither woman had ever envisaged that it would happen when they were sitting at a breakfast counter at two a.m., having shared a golf video, and with a precious new grandson asleep nearby.

    As they kissed, and kissed again, touching each other’s faces and gazing, endlessly gazing, gradually they felt the need to speak.

    Bette attempted it first. But every time she tried, she just found herself overcome, shaking her head and smiling. Tina laughed through her own tears, sighing with relief.

    Finally, Bette got a word out.

    ‘Years,’ she said.

    Tina nodded. She bit her bottom lip, then whispered, ‘I love you.’

    Now Bette nodded. ‘I love you too.’

    Their lips met again. A gentle, heartfelt kiss followed by a huge sigh, and then a quiet, slightly conspiratorial laugh.

    ‘I don’t know what to do,’ Bette confessed, kissing Tina’s hand again. ‘I’m feeling suddenly very unpractised at this.’

    Tina nodded, holding Bette’s gaze in a way that let her know she understood.

    ‘We can take it slow,’ she said. ‘All that matters is that we know, right?’

    Bette searched Tina’s eyes. ‘We know . . .?’

    ‘Where we’re headed.’

    ‘Right.’ Bette nodded. A beat. ‘Or we’re already there.’

    Tina smiled. ‘You mean back together?’


    ‘Well, yeah. We’re already back together, but we don’t need to rush things – other things – if we’re still a little . . .’


    Bette nodded some more. She was very conflicted. Part of her wanted to take Tina by the hand and go straight to bed, to touch her, to taste her, to lie with her the way she’d longed to lie with her for God knows how long. But another part of her, a part she wished would fuck off, still counselled caution. Why?

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      • Hi Fans! *waves* Lovely to hear from you. Thank you so much for letting me know you like my writing. :-) That’s a big boost!

        Hope you have a great week! Not long till S3 now….

    1. Hello from across the sea – you know I’ll have to digest for a few minutes before I comment.

      But I just wanted to weigh in now on the request for the continuation of The Real Tibette.

      You mentioned it filled a void in a good way for the awfulness of GQ2.

      Granted it did, but it was so much more than just a relief. It gave us a detailed, lovely picture of how many of us pictured our Tibette family in NYC – still crazy in love, a trio of wonderful children in their family to raise & nurture, the love of longtime friends & Kit Porter & Sunny being there for support & love all around.

      That was a cherished tail of hope, love & devotion that we all yearned for.

      So please consider continuing it again this season & maybe another Xmas themed story as well!
      Perhaps group some episodes together so that you wouldn’t have to write a recap every week. Especially if Tibette isn’t going to be in every episode.

      Just a thought.

      We need all the really good Tibette stories we can get.

      • Hi Collins, my friend! *waves*

        Thanks so much for sticking with this story! (It’s always easier for us writers, isn’t it, because we know where we’re going)

        I think I’m settling on the idea of not doing a RT story every week, as you suggest. And you make a really good point about B&T not being in every episode – although I could also see that a RT story would then function as a bit of Tibette content where there isn’t any in S3! Ah, dilemmas…. lol

        I have some time off next week, just before S3 launches, so I will mull it over a bit longer. But sincerely THANK YOU for everything. For your ideas, your feedback, your friendship and your good cheer! You’re a great ff buddy. I appreciate you.

        Hope you have a good week. Not long till we see our girls again!

      • Hello majicspider60! *waves* Good to see you here and thank you for keeping up with this story. :-)

        Wouldn’t it be amazing if we got to see B&T as grandmothers???! I would LOSE MY MIND with joy if that ever happened. Big reason why I love writing fanfic is getting to imagine scenes like these.

        So glad you enjoyed the story and thank you fro letting me know. Means and lot and keeps me feeling excited to write.

        Have a good week!

    2. I look on this site at least twice a week looking for new or updated Tibette stories. Even if they do get back together on the show, I am sure it won’t be as well written as the stories on this site. Enjoyed your story, please continue writing if you have the time. I appreciate all the Tibette stories.

      • Hey Cathy! *waves* I hope you’re well and thank you very much for letting me know you liked this story. :-)

        And yeah, the truth is that as much as we love JB and LuH there’s just never going to be enough really good Tibette content in GQ, so that’s where fanfic comes into its own. I’m excited for S3 though! Tibette is endgame!!

        Have a great week and thank you again for your comment.

      • AGREE! The Authors on this site r PRICELESS.

        I have a list of favs and re-read several over and over. Like : You Found Me by BnTinmyhead. Oh what a HILARIOUS work of art!!!

        I NEVER tire of it . . .

    3. Hey Largo,

      Sorry for not always commenting. I loved this happy ending!, It was a long 7 years with sometimes heart wrenching and some confusing moments, but finally they got back together , two proud gramma’s to Hal and another grandchild on the way.

      I really really want to read new chapters of The Real Tibette and i am greedy i know but if you can i prefer a chapter every week. If they are only in four episodes i need my Tibette fix and i absolutely love the humor you put in those chapters!

      Enjoy your week!

      • Hi Bibi, my friend! *waves* Thanks so much for sticking with this story and I’m so pleased you liked the ending. GQ makes it really hard to write canon without dealing with the tough stuff, but I like the challenge and it leads me into interesting (to me) areas sometimes.

        Thanks for encouraging me to do the RT stories. I appreciate that feedback very much and am pleased you would look forward to a story every week. I will see what I can manage!

        Thanks, as ever, for your support. Not long to wait now! Have a lovely week yourself

    4. Hey Largo !
      Wow, loved it, really sad it’s ended!!

      I loved the sentence Tina expressed about the infidelity ‘living inside her, how it sleeps in her heart and whispers to me….. ‘ —
      “That night in Yale,’ she said quietly. ‘I know you were shocked when I brought up the infidelity. But it lives inside me, Bette. It sleeps in my heart and whispers to me whenever I start to believe I could be happy. That I’m good enough”.
      So beautifully put, exactly how these ‘hurts’ stay with you!
      Thank you again, I suppose you could just continue this now …if you wanted to? I quite like the idea of a couple of Gammas and their exploit with their grandchildren?


      • Hey Jan! *waves* Thank you so much for sticking with this story and for commenting. It means a lot to me. :-)

        Thanks too for highlighting that bit. It rang true to me when I heard it in my head. I thought ‘yeah, Tina could feel that way’. The cheating ‘broke everything that meant anything’ to her, right?

        I don’t know whether I’ll continue this story. I do like this set-up, and I feel there are stories in it, with Mitch and the other grandparents, and Shane’s child etc. If you like fluff, though, I will be writing some of my Real Tibette stories to run alongside S3 of GQ. Those are set in NYC and carry on as if B&T’s GQ canon doesn’t exist. So they’re in NY, they’ve adopted two more kids, Kit and Sonny live nearby. And they watch GQ on tv like the rest of us. So you might like those.

        Anyway, thanks again for reading my writing and letting me know you enjoyed it. That’s so nice to know!

        Have a lovely week

    5. Wao, what a story! I was looking for a bit of Tibette feels, and it was an incredible journey! I love how you managed to take the (awful) GQ canon and insert the feelings, and behaviors, and growth that those 2 characters needed to get back to each other. Love has never been the issue for them. But making a life together can be hard, specially when the triggers of each other don’t play well together.
      Your writing of both Tina and Bette is very nuanced and powerful. I especially loved your Tina, her vulnerability, her self-loathing, her search to be someone outside of Bette’s orbit. It both connects to canon and extends it at the same time, giving her the character development she has always lacked in both the OG and GQ. In my mind, being with Bette will always be a challenge for Tina. She loves her, but she has this passive tendancy to make another the center of her universe. And Bette is such a bright star, it’s easy for Tina to fall in the background until she is just the shell of a person. It’s a very difficult dynamic to get rid of, and it already broke them twice.
      On the other hand, i also loved your Bette, and particularly Chapter 7. She bounced back, she built herself a new life, she is at peace with her solitude. It’s all very Bette, she is that strong! People commented it was sad, and i kind of agree. Not because of cats, or birthday wishes on the phone, or losing her career or money. The underlying sadness i feel is in the fact that she has given up. On fighting the universe, on being in a relationship with the woman of her life. But her unconditional love of Tina is very moving. And the way you managed to display her need for insurance and control, even when she catches herself, is very accurate and subtle.
      I’m impressed at how well you described those characters trying to understand themselves and each other, and trying, failing, trying again to communicate, to express their truth. You made me cry a few times and I’m looking forward for other stories from you. Take care!

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