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    Chapter 9

    Bette stood in the hallway of Grahame’s house and tried not to cry. It was six-thirty on a miserable, wet London morning in late October, but none of that was the reason.

    ‘I’ll send you videos, darling.’ Her neighbour stood holding Chomsky, who was staring at Bette with, she felt, betrayal in his stunning amber eyes.

    ‘Don’t let him in your bedroom,’ Bette said. ‘He goes for feet.’

    ‘Oh, I won’t. Malcolm’s got the bed anyway.’

    Malcolm was Grahame’s cat. How he would cope with two new housemates was anyone’s guess, but Graham wouldn’t hear of Bette putting her pets into a cattery while she was in the States with no specific return date, so they’d all have to lump it.

    Bette scratched Chomsky’s ears. He purred loudly and leaned towards her.

    ‘Do you want a minute?’ Grahame said, his rather heavily pencilled-in eyebrow raised knowingly.

    A huge lump formed in Bette’s throat, so she just nodded, and Grahame handed her the huge fluffy cat. Bette felt his weight, the familiar ridges of his spine, the softness of the fur on his legs. He pressed his head against her chin.

    ‘I’ll miss you,’ she whispered. The purring got louder. And then she saw a shape scampering down the hallway. ‘Hey . . .’ she said. ‘Tibbsy . . .’

    Setting Chomsky down, she picked up the other cat, a much smaller tortoiseshell, and kissed his head and said, ‘I’ll miss you too.’

    Mr Tibbs didn’t like being handled as much as Chomsky did, so she set him down again, ran her hand firmly down his back, the way he liked, scratched him under the chin and then straightened up.

    Okay, get a grip.

    ‘Grahame?’ she called.

    Grahame appeared from the living room. ‘You all right?’

    Bette smiled at him. ‘Thank you.’

    ‘Any time, luv, and listen – don’t worry about these two.’ He indicated the cats, who were now sitting side by side at the bottom of the stairs. ‘Just go and have a bloody good time and come back the most fabulous granny in the world!’

    He posed like a glamour model. Bette laughed. Then she hugged him, placed a last kiss with her fingertip on her cats’ heads, then turned and left.


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    1. Awwww… Blockbuster chapter, Largo! B.R.A.V.A. It took an eternity for Bette and Tina to find what they were looking for and to find the right balance of courage, acceptance, surrender and open- heartedness to give in to that lovely kiss again. Wow, what a journey, what a lovely family and what a love story! Thank you so much for this feel-good, sunshiny chapter and this lovely story, Largo!❤

      • Hi mightymouse! *waves* Thanks so much for reading and commenting. I’m really delighted you enjoyed this chapter. Good things come to those who wait, right?? I got all gooey writing about that wee baby! Nice.

        Thank you gain for your support. It truly means a lot to me. Have a great week.

      • Hi Angel 1981! *waves* Thank you so much for reading my story and leaving a comment. :-)

        I wanted to write something in which B&T ‘fix’ themselves before they reunite. We’ll probably not get to see that on the show, but I think that’s one of the things fanfic can do, is let us explore things we don’t get to see. I liked using my imagination to try and work out how they might change.

        Your support is much appreciated. I’ll try and get the last chapter up at the weekend.

        Have a great day

    2. OMG!!! You made me cry – that was so moving & it hit squarely in the middle of my chest – direct hit to my Tibette heart!!

      We’ve chatted at length about this story & gone up & down for the reasons why, but in the end – all that really mattered is family – their family. which is a little bigger now with a son in law, a brand spanning new baby boy & two other grandparents that could just be the right fit too.

      This chapter was well done as per your usual brilliance. As mightymouse stated – BRAVA!!!

      Bette & Tina path has been clouded, stressful, unclear & certainly long, but finally, FINALLY, they have made it back home to one another.

      I know you mentioned that you might also grace us once again with a possible continuation of The Real Tibette Watching GQ – but I sure wish you coulda, shoulda been on the writing team for GQ3 – hell all of GQ in its entirety!!!

      Thanks for all your effort in creating this nugget of perfection.

      As always, a simple thing in life – having the love of your life in your life is all that matters.

      Hears to Bette & Tina & forever!!!

      P.S. – five stars pal!!!

      • Hello Collins, my friend! *waves*

        Thank you for sticking with this story and for commenting so positively – that means a great deal to me. :-) Glad I made you cry, too, lol. I do think the end of this chapter might be the very sweetest thing I’ve ever written for B&T. I just LOVED this idea of them reintroducing themselves. When it popped into my head I just felt the emotion in it and knew it would work.

        I still have one more chapter to write. Might see if I can get that done today, in fact. Quite a dreich day here in Edinburgh (what else is knew, haha)

        Thanks for the 5 stars! That’s funny, in light of our convo. :-)

        Thanks for all your support and friendship – I promise I will catch up with DOH one of these days. Keep writing!

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