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    Chapter 12 – Big Bear Mountain – Final Day and Home Again

    Ten Years After – Volume 3 – Home Sweet Home

    Chapter 12 – Big Bear Mountain – Final Day and Home Again

    Bette rose early in the morning and dressed in some warm clothes and her boots. She went out with her broom and swept away the snow from the jacuzzi cover. She looked inside and saw the water was in good shape. She turned on the heater and turned on one of the air jets and then put the cover back on leaving one of the panels folded back. This would keep the heat in the water. She would remove the cover completely about 15 minutes before they were ready to get in. Maybe they would eat breakfast first to allow the water to get up to temperature. Bette then swept the snow away from the area around the jacuzzi and created a clear path to the bedroom door so they would not get snow on their house shoes.

    When she went inside, she found Tina making the coffee and beginning to cook the breakfast. Bette wrapped her arms around Tina and said good morning and talked about how much she enjoyed their activities the night before. How she enjoyed both giving and receiving sexual attention from Tina. Even her imagination could not match what she had experienced with Tina sexually. She was an amazing lover, wife and partner. And Tina would always tease her with, “if you think I’m good, you should sleep with my wife. Now there is an amazing lover. She taught me everything I know.”.

    Bette: Okay, the water is now heating. I think it’s going to take at least an hour, maybe longer. Are you starting to cook breakfast?

    Tina: We are having pancakes. We have some special batter which has some oat flour and nuts in it. And we have a bunch of strawberries and some Canadian bacon. Looks delicious.

    Bette:  I’m going to see if I can get this fire cranked up. We have plenty of wood to last until lunch. And if you like, I’ll help you with breakfast or I’ll go and start packing.

    Tina: Why don’t you start the fire and then we will go and start our packing and put a load of towels on to wash and then I’ll start breakfast. It will give your water a bit more time to heat up.

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    1. Hi,

      I really enjoyed the trip to Bear Mountain. I love how the whole family interact with each other. Daniel obviously adores his mums and they have so much time for him. Explaining and trying to set him right. The conversations they have are so needed for a full rounded young man and he seems to love these in-depth conversations. I can see he’s happy in the outdoors, in nature with the birds and animals.
      Now looking forward to Mary arriving. I think Mary and Margaret are going to really hit it off and be great friends and travel buddies !!
      Thank you for your story, off to see how Mary settles in now

    2. Janet,

      Thank you for your comment. Writing Daniel is not easy for me. And the fact that he is beginning a new phase of his life and knowing parents who seam to struggle with this phase with their children and trying to put some of that in this story is a tall order, I am glad to see that you “get this story”. Bette and Tina have restructured their lives for the soul purpose to be with Daniel and their extended family more. They did what could with Angie as she was growing up, but their professions took up a lot of time. I do not remember in what chapter I put it in, but Bette and Tina talk about what it takes to be a good parent. As Bette says to Tina: It doesn’t matter how many meals you prepare for them or how much laundry you do for them. Your job is just to be present in their lives and to give them the love and support they need and allow them to be the people they are going to be.

      Even though Bette and Tina keep close tabs of Daniel, they are also allowing him some independence and enjoy activities where they are not present – such as his golf outings with the Wilkins.

      Bette and Tina are present and there will be more incidents which Daniel will display behavior which they will not be pleased with. But they will show a united front and guide him toward more acceptable behavior. The big thing for Bette and Tina is for Daniel to trust them. The growing up process takes time, patience and experience… Most of us continue doing that our whole lives.

      Mary and Margaret will meet in the next chapter. And yes, they will get along just fine and make all of Bette’s worrying about these two seem silly.

      Thanks for you comment…

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