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    Chapter 13 – Mary Moves In

    Ten Years After – Volume 3 – Home Sweet Home

    Chapter 13 – Mary Moves In

    The week began as usual. Early morning swim and Daniel and Margaret head to school. Bette and Tina have a leisurely breakfast and dress and head for the respective jobs. Tina was anxious to get started as she knew that she wanted to finish several paintings before Thanksgiving. That was three weeks away. She knew that she would have only about 2 weeks in December to paint but with Bette, Daniel and Angie at home for two weeks at the end of December, she knew going to the studio was highly unlikely. So, she had a total of about 20 to 24 working days left before Christmas. She may be able to get in a couple of Fridays and Saturdays if she needed additional time.

    Bette’s week went exactly as she had planned. She spent all of time in the office grading the essay portion of the graduate students. With limited time, even the most prolific writer only wrote two pages total for both essays. Bette thought the quality was good for essay questions. The class showed a good understanding of the topic and therefore she gave high marks on the whole. By Tuesday evening she had finish the test and posted those to the internet and on Thursday, she handed back the test. There were 8 A’s and 2 B’s. That was about the same grades that had gone on the first set of term papers. Of course, these were graduate students taking classes in their chosen field of study. It was anticipated that almost all the grades would be A’s. Anything less than a B was considered a failing grade. The undergraduate classes had a wider range of grades. As Bette’s class was considered an elective unless the student was an art major. And with all electives, there was some interest but for some, the choice was the lesser of the evils of the offerings for a college degree.

    Daniel had remembered Bette’s advice on how to improve his violin lessons. And had tried it on Monday. He found that suddenly, his fingering and bowing seemed to have stepped up a notch. The music instructor was somewhat surprised and asked him if he had been doing some additional practice. When he explained his new technique, the instructor was blown away. Daniel was now playing as if he had had two or three years of lessons and practice. Never had a student progress this quickly with his technique like Daniel had. The next step was to start working on timing. Daniel’s violin was playing like he was in a race to get to the end. The process was always producing the right note first and timing would be second. Daniel was pleased with this new found technique and the new enjoyment and satisfaction the violin was bringing to his life.

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