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    Chapter 12 – The Queen’s Gambit

    Tina slid unenthusiastically out of the warm embrace of the still slumbering brunette, being careful not to wake her and crept quietly to the bathroom. She peed and brushed her teeth and tiptoed to the closet to change into the running clothes she had set out the night before.


    Call time for her crew wasn’t until 11am so Tina had sent an email calling all of the writers in for a meeting with her at 10. That gave her plenty of time for a run before she had to get ready.


    When she came out she smiled softly at the sleeping beauty, her curls now covering her eyes as her upper body clung to the pillow Tina had recently vacated. So damn adorable.


    She rummaged quietly through her purse to get her EarPods and the Fitbit tracker. She had a small smirk on her lips as she rolled her eyes at the strong back of the gorgeous brunette. She could keep tracking her, but this damn pink Fitbit would have to go soon. It looked stupid with her Apple Watch.


    She put the tracker on her wrist and was about to walk out of the bedroom when she had a thought. She crept over to the bedside table and put Bette’s phone on silent. She stepped back into the bathroom and shut the door softly, pulling out her phone and leaning against the vanity.


    It took her a few minutes to get it right but she was pleased with the message she had prepared. Tina didn’t know the first thing about poetry, but she didn’t think that her girlfriend had any expectations that she did.


    She came out a few minutes later and scrolled to the B’s in her phone, found the contact she was looking for and sent her first ever text to Bette Porter. Then she added her to her favorites list with a little heart next to her name.


    She saw the text go through and turned the beautiful brunette’s ringer back on. Satisfied she silently left the bedroom and headed out for her run.


    The morning fog hugged the shoreline; the ocean a calm cobalt blue as she stretched on the wooden deck above the stairs that wound in angles down to the beach.

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    1. What a pleasant holiday surprise. I do love this story! And have missed it. And you. Glad you have returned to us. That being said – How DID everything get so messed up so quickly? Here’s hoping that Tina can keep her cool around dastardly sadistic Eric and that he is not on to her. Chill Tina chill. Simply put – Tina is surrounded by assholes at her job. Bette is stuck in the bowels of the Getty outside of cell phone range. And Shane is once again taken off task and gone on some distracting quest – this time Adele. Where is Tasha? All of their planning is for naught. Hopefully James can keep an eye on Tina. And Jenny? If they all manage to get through today – Bette needs to take on the task of monitoring Tina herself. No other words: What a mess! But a very enjoyable mess! I really like the way you incorporate the art world into the story. Love the intrigue and dirty deals and shady underbelly.

      • Thanks Billy,
        I missed you all, too. I really really did.
        You’re right, they sure are in a mess now. Man oh man, and poor Tina. A bunch of dickbags at work and now she has to spend the whole time until I post again trapped in a cloud of Eric’s disgusting cologne. I’m so mean!
        I did have some fun writing Bette at the Getty. I found out some very interesting, even salacious rumors about what goes on in secret tunnels beneath the museum during my research. If you ever find yourself bored enough, you should check it out. There’s even a long post on Reddit from a man who claims he witnessed some very sick stuff down there. I take that with a grain of salt, but you never know.
        All of the other stuff about the shady art dealings over the years is true. I read the original court documents from 2005.
        And I agree with you that the safest place for Tina is with Bette. I can’t wait to get them back in each others arms. And soon to Paris maybe. If we can get Tina to really take the plunge in this relationship.
        So now we wait to find out just what’s going on with Jenny. And as for Tasha, as per usual I leave her one step behind the action, so it’s not her fault. I kind of like Bette and Shane on their own and doing as they please without the law stepping in to take all the fun out of it.
        Glad you’re still along for the ride, it makes me so happy that you even read my story, the icing on the cake is to hear that you’re still enjoying it.

        Happy holidays, my friend.

    2. Well, you’ve got me on the edge of my seat….. nothing has turned out the way it should have….. Tina now in the meeting with Eric… James nearby viewing on the screen. Bette in the distance and with another case on her hands, possibly and Adele somewhere wandering around ready to run her mouth. And Jenny? A victim somewhere unknown. Is she even alive? Shane trying to hold the whole messy thing together so they accomplish their goal And Eric has a boss calling the shots – Helena possibly?

      Glady you are back….been looking for this story for a while…missed it terribly.

      Thanks for the update… hope to see more in the near future.

      • Hi Martha,
        Thank you so much for the warm welcome back. I’m so happy to know that this story was missed. I missed it too. I just couldn’t find the muses for a while there.
        So yes, we end up in a bit of a mess. I like the saying man plans and God laughs. But we’ll say Woman plans and The Gods laugh, since we’re working with our very own Greek Tragedy. Well….not tragedy. I can’t write a true tragedy for our girls. They deserve a happy ending, eventually.
        Big stuff to come though and they might have a bit of a struggle to get through.
        So for now, I’ll happily leave you on the edge of your seat.

        Happy holidays and stay safe

    3. Fell asleep last night while reading. Had some weird dreams about caves with art stored in it and Tina and Hippster James holding Aaron and Eric at gun point. ;-)

      Anyhow the pace and suspense of this chapter was totally unexpected. Wow! Why was Bette led to those lower floors/tunnel? Is this Jim guy part of this whole scam and knew to get Bette out of phone range? Maybe I’m reading too much in it and it is simply a sideshow. Though with everything that Bette planned so meticulous blowing up in the air I don’t rule anything out. I’m really anxious what will happen next with Tina in this awful meeting with Aaron and Eric.

      Please post more soon, great chapter Risky!

      Merry Christmas

      • Hey Kiwi,
        We made it into your dream! What an honor! Well, we’ll have to see how Jim and the Getty fit in. But not many of the characters I have written and will write have no significance to the plot. Fingers crossed. Ha!
        Thanks for sticking with it.

        Oh and I’m thinking maybe Supergirl for Tina. The cute blonde and all. :)


    4. Hi RiskyKitty,

      Great surprise to see a new chapter!

      What a mess, everything didn’t work out as planned and now Tina is alone with that sick bastard. Hopefully James is right there when Tina is in danger.

      I was afraid for Bette when she was so deep in the tunnels, thought Jimmy was going to lock her up, thank god that didn’t happen. But i still don’t trust him.

      This is a amazing story, love all the details you describe!

      I wish you a beautiful Christmas!

      • Thanks so much Bibi!
        Yep, a mess. I think the girls are going to prove themselves a little bit, so we’ll see. But poor Tina, stuck in Eric’s office for Christmas. I’ve gotta get her out of there! I hope you have a wonderful holiday as well. Be safe.


    5. RISKY my dear Kitty, fantastic to see you back and this chapter hits it out of the park. I love the clever title about the Queen’s Gambit (anyone who hasn’t seen that show on netflix needs to run and watch it now). This chapter made me so anxious – we had Bette thousands of feet underground with no communication, Shane chasing idiot child Adele and Tina going into possible danger with her meeting with slimeball Eric. ALL AT ONCE.
      My heart can’t take it. Risky, fix all these things, k? Thanks,….

      • Heya BK,
        So glad you liked the title. Great show! I had to do it. When I was wracking my brain for it I was thinking about chess and Bette moving Tina, her queen out onto the board. And much like the actual chess move Adele is kind of the sacrificial pawn in this chapter. Sorry not sorry, creepy Adele!
        But don’t worry, I’m gonna fix this real quick and hopefully our girls are going to shine.
        I’m going to reread the Twelfth Day again with a little glass of Coquito in front of the tree. Seriously, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

        Merry Christmas my friend!
        – Risky

    6. Poor Tina. Aaron and Eric are slime balls. I’m worried Tina might give them a hint and spook them. Maybe Tina will dig deep and string them along to offer a detail. It’s risky. And Bette going into the bowels of The Getty is spooky. Somethings up with that. Is this Jim guy a lackey to lure Bette for a fat stack of cash? And Shane. She trying to keep this whole thing from getting messy. I knew Adele was up to no good. I just knew it. Helena is the brains of the operation. She just far removed from the art through Peggy, she manipulates for sport and she has the means to do so. Remember Peggy was at the secret after party about the Story of Venus de Milo was told.

      Welcome back, Riskykitty. I’ve missed this story. I’ve read it multiple times.

      • Hey Deanna!
        Thanks for the sweet welcome back. I love your comments. I see you pulling all the threads together. Hopefully I still have some surprises left in me! We’ll see. ;)

        Thanks so much for taking this ride with me. I still think I’ve probably read it more times than you, though. Ha! Let’s hope!

        Wishing you have a safe and happy holiday


    7. Well it is great to see you back but I must admit to being in a High state of anxiety whilst reading the entire post!

      Interesting to read the insightful comments and your replies to add more enjoyment and anticipation for the next post which I hope will not be too long delayed.

      Have a great Christmas and New Year and please post the next Chapter very soon. BTW I have my suspicions about Helena too

      Stay safe

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