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    Chapter 11 – The Meeting of The Minds…and Bodies

    Bette woke up to a text from Kit saying she was coming over with lunch. She was surprised to see that it was almost 1pm.


    Tina was laid out next to Bette on her back, facing her. The covers were pushed down around her narrow hips and Bette could see that the blonde was still sleeping peacefully.


    She sent a quick reply to Kit to make sure she brought enough food and Kit replied that she knew. Carmen was coming with her to see exactly what condition this girl that slept in Shane’s bed was really in before she decided if she was going to flip out or not. She would have enough for all of Bette’s house guests. Good.


    Bette texted Shane with a question mark and got the word ‘success’ in reply. She smiled at that and put her phone back down on her bedside table before snuggling closer to Tina. She brought her face in close to the blonde’s and slowly rested her hand across the blonde’s stomach careful not to wake her. Then she closed her eyes again.


    Tina fluttered an eye open when she felt the hand twitch on her belly. She was so close to the brunette she could only focus on one perfect eyebrow. She pulled her face back an inch and smiled. Bette’s cheek was smooshed into the mattress and her mouth was open just slightly.


    Tina leaned forward and kissed the tip of her perfectly straight nose as feather light as she could manage, but the brunette’s big doe eyes shot open and found hers.


    A slow grin spread out over Bette’s face and Tina couldn’t resist the big grin she gave in return.


    “Good morning, gorgeous” said Tina quietly.


    “Good afternoon, Tee” said Bette groggily, wrapping one arm around the blonde and snuggling her face into her neck.


    “Kit’s coming with Carmen and lunch” Bette mumbled into her.


    “Where’s Adele?” asked Tina.


    “In Shane’s bed” said Bette, pulling back to see the blonde’s reaction of a raised eyebrow and her mouth in an “oh”.


    “Don’t worry” Bette chuckled. “I asked Shane to babysit last night. Her plan was to have a few beers and smoke a joint with her. Then she would feed her and put her to bed if possible.”

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    1. Wow! When you post, you post! I’ve missed Venus. This story gets better and better. I’m worried about the whole crew. Most notably, Tina, Bette and Shane are in the thick of it. Alice is not exactly CIA material and Adele… what the hell was she listening to Bette and Tina’s door. I have a sneaky suspicion that Adele may be brainwashed like Stockholm Syndrome.

      This made my day… I was having a nasty migraine today and this popped up. Thank you.

      • Hey Deanna
        So glad you’re enjoying the story. Yes, things are starting to ramp up for this ramshackle little crew. And Adele, hmmmm, what is she up to? Well, I like to keep the characters pretty close to how we found them in the original show, and Adele’s motives were always kind of a mystery. So, I thought something like this would be right in her strange little wheelhouse. We’ll have to wait and see how Shane and Bette handle her.
        So glad I could take you out of your migraine pain for a little entertainment. I aim to please. Take care of yourself, girlie.


    2. Agree with Deanna. Loving this story. You are juggling a lot of balls in the air mystery wise, budding relationship wise and very hot sex wise. Understand that Tina wants to go to work. And that Bette wants to give her the freedom to make her own choices. Hope security is in place. And that Tina has one phenomenal poker face as Eric will seek her out and be looking for any sign of fear or suspicion. Something seems off with Adele. Not sure about her. Bette has brought a lot of people into this. And they have lots of very cool high tech toys. Kit was very rough on Bette. This was not very cool. Bette is so in love. Now she is off to Paris. Does her absence create more risk for Tina? Cannot wait for the next installment. Well done!!!!

    3. Agree with Deanna. Loving this story. You are juggling a lot of balls in the air mystery wise, budding relationship wise and very hot sex wise. Understand that Tina wants to go to work. And that Bette wants to give her the freedom to make her own choices. Hope security is in place. And that Tina has one phenomenal poker face as Eric will seek her out and be looking for any sign of fear or suspicion. Something does seem off with Adele. The spying is creepy. Not sure about her. Bette has brought a lot of people into this. And they have lots of very cool high tech toys. Kit is worried but was very rough on Bette. This was very not cool. Bette is so head over heels in love. But not sure how Tina feels. Tina – tell her – use your words!!!! Now she is off to Paris. Does Bette’s absence create more risk for Tina? Cannot wait for the next installment. Well done!!!!

      • Hi Billy,
        Yeah, juggling a lot of balls in the air is correct. Here’s to hoping one of them doesn’t get away from me. Haha. It’s a lot of fun though, for sure.
        Thanks for mentioning the very hot sex. My favorite parts to write. Well, the easiest parts, I guess.

        As for Tina, yeah, she might be in over her head. Let’s hope that they figured out a way to keep her safe and off sleezeball Eric’s radar for the day. We’ll see.

        And Kit, yes, she can be pretty confrontational, and she certainly knows how to push Bette’s buttons. Those two really need to talk it out. Especially now, while Bette is a little off center and a little more open than she’s ever been.

        And you’re right. Tina needs to show Bette in a grand fashion (in my opinion) how she really feels. And she needs to do it soon. Bette is being patient with her, but how long can that last?

        Lots to get to before Paris! It’ll be quite the rollercoaster. ????????


    4. Aphrodite… the Greek Goddess of Love. She only tells her secrets to those who are in love…. Makes perfect sense that she would not reveal her secrets to Bette until Bette found the love of her life. It also makes some sense that Bette is in love and in order to provide for her safety and the safety of those around her whom she cares about that she would level with them as to the dangers and the knowledge of what is going on. Secrets or withheld knowledge always seems to bite people in the ass. Knowledge allows people to prepare for situations and take precautions for their own safety. This conversation also creates a network or a team to assist with research and give backup assistance when needed. If everyone is focused and attentive to their function, success is far more likely.

      Is Tina emotionally ready to go back to work? This talk with Bette will help her get there, Knowing the truth about the real concerns that Eric may figure things out or may attack Tina are huge concerns. Tina knows that Tasha does not like the idea of her going back to work, but if she does, she is to avoid Eric in every way possible. My advice would be if Helena is about, she should avoid her also. Helena’s involvement simply is not known at this point so until that is known, there should be no conversation.

      The romance between the two is rather spectacular. Tina needs to tell Bette how she feels and what is going on in her mind. She sees how open Bette is being about what is on her mind, her past and her feelings. She needs to reciprocate as much as she can. The more open she is, the closer they will get. Take the time to talk to Bette and share some of who she is. Bette is all in on this relationship. Tina needs to show that where she is in the way of commitment. As Billy says: Use your words Tina! Tell her what’s on your mind and in your heart.

      I really am enjoying this story. Can’t wait to see what kind of security measures Bette and Tina come up with for Monday. Thank you for giving us such an entertaining story. Write as soon as you can…. hope life is leveling out for you and is more in a positive light..

      • Hey Martha,
        I love that you mentioned Aphrodite. Her spirit was always meant to be an undercurrent in this story and a kind of explanation as to Bette’s behavior and mentality. And later when everything really starts to hit the fan for Bette, she’ll be a source of strength and inspiration.

        So, now we see the team kind of coming together, Bette has decided that she will let these women in, and however flawed each player may be, they’re going to have to work together. So we’ll for sure see some strength and weaknesses there.

        As for going to the studio tomorrow I’ll leave that to your imagination. But Tina has got to be smart now. And Bette is trusting her to know how to handle herself. In a way, Bette needs to let this happen. She needs to know if Tina can be a true partner for her. She certainly can’t live a life where she needs to put Tina in a box and always be the protector. It won’t work that way. But not to worry, of course Bette has back up in place for her love.

        And maybe when Tina feels a little more confident she will express her true feelings for Bette to Bette. Remember, Tina has always struggled with not feeling like enough. Maybe when she proves that she can actually stand next to her amazing girlfriend as an equal she’ll be ready to let go of all of these past insecurities and truly be the partner she needs.

        Thank you for your awesome comments. As for me, life is starting to level out a little bit. It helps to be around family just as much as it helps to get lost in the woods for a little while. Just trying to find some balance in a world that seems very unbalanced.


    5. Thanks for posting again, Risky! Hope you found some piece of mind in the woods. Still struggling somehow myself with all the things happening in 2020. The year that didn’t happen.

      Slowly Tina is opening up more to Bette. I hope she’ll soon feels sure enough of her feelings for B to voice her love. Bette needs to know that it is not just temporary for Tina. As for Bette… she can’t control Tina. It’s a fine line between protecting a loved one and controlling.
      Shouldn’t the FBI provide security for Tina at work, on set? This is an ongoing murder investigation and there has been an attempt on Tina’s life as well. That way it would be totally unsuspecious to Eric if Tina isn’t alone at the studio at any time.

      Like Deanna and Billy I’m not so sure about Adele. Hopefully she’s just a lonely soul that suffered too much. But there is something creepy about her.

      I worry though what will happend when Bette acutally leaves for Paris alone. Tina might get into some dubious investigations lead by Alice or overestimate herself by starting to look into Eric’s business. I just have a bad feeling that Tina will be in great danger once Bette leaves LA.

      Thank you so much for providing such an excellent entertainment this weekend, Risky! Love your story and I’m anxious for more.

      Stay safe and sane, do anything that helps you to clear your mind and calms your soul. I treated myself to some Abba-Therapy. This is happy music for me and helps to ease my restless mind.


      • Hey KP,
        Thanks for the support. Yeah, 2020 has been throwing us all for a loop. And I tend to be a bit of an empath, so I can get mired down with the weight of the world sometimes. It’s cool though, a little alone time and then a little family time should right the ship.

        I really like your comments on Bette not really having the right to control Tina. It’s true, and in a way she doesn’t want to have to. She wants Tina to make good decisions. She wants to see what Tina’s made of.

        And as for the FBI’s involvement on the set, I’m not sure that it’s in Tasha’s or Bette’s best interest to let it appear that Tina has a security detail. That would surely make Eric very careful and that’s not what they want…..Ahhhh. I could say more, but I won’t.

        Can’t wait for you to read the next chapter.

        Also, I love that you love ABBA. I think I’ll put some on in my headphones now. ???? Thanks for the advice.


    6. The captivating story is such a luscious meal, but the comments seem to add necessary ESSENTIAL macro nutrients as well 😃😃. Just a couple of thoughts to add.

      1. Kit. She is so masterful at understanding the motivation behind some of Bette’s actions and I sort of don’t blame her for kinda being exasperated at all the “secrecy” in Bette’s actions. I sense Bette tends to share only snippets of herself and expects Kit to only be sounding board.

      How much does she inquire about what’s in the heart of Kit? What makes Kit special as a person, as a sister. Has she ever asked about the times she has been in loved passionately?

      2. Didn’t like one bit that in the whole expanse of the house, Shane found Adele with her sketch pad outside Bette’s bedroom because she heard “sounds”🤔🤔🤔.

      Bette & Tina could have rattled the walls and shaken Shane out of rooftop apt bedwith their orgasmic screams, what-The-F would Adele have to “sketch” outside their bedroom door 😠??? I don’t like that Adele “noticed” the security cam.

      Even nosey Alice didn’t notice the cam and he had to wait a bit until given permission to enter (while T&B got dressed).

      Frickin’ time for Shane to put a dark bag over her head and find another place for her to stay🤬

      • Oh Dumplin T. Agree. Lucious meal is spot on. Excellent analogy. Hope Shane gets it that Adele really is creepy and that something is off with her. Perhaps more than an a hiccup in the midst of such a fine meal.

      • Hi Dumplin’
        Whew, it has been a whirlwind of a week out in the California sunshine. Sorry I’m just responding now.
        I have to say that I’m still cracking up at the image of Shane throwing a black bag over Adele’s head and strong arming her out of Bette’s place due to her absolute nonsense. Creeeepy! But, that’s the way I’ve always felt about Adele so it totally fit her character to be the voyeur like she was to Jenny and Nikki. And man, what a night to be outside the master suite!
        As for Kit, I agree with you, Bette can be a little self involved and she’s not yet used to sharing her feelings. I’m sure it’s never occurred to her to get into anything deep in Kit’s life. To her Kit fits into a certain box in her mind that doesn’t really contain any surprises. And she likes it that way. The dynamic between them never seems to shift, so they easily get into their familiar patterns of Bette being evasive and Kit nagging her about it. Let’s hope that as Bette softens they can have some true heart to hearts about their relationship and bond as sisters.
        So glad you’re enjoying what I’ve been cooking up!


    7. Riskay Kittay, your latest chapter was such a wonderful read on this Sunday afternoon. Temperatures are down and so I was able to sit on my porch and revisit the adventure you created. I join my friends who have already commented that the very notion of Tina returning to work while Bette is in Paris is fraught with peril. I see nothing good coming out of that scenario! Lets get Tina a first class ticket to Paris with Bette by her side and be done with it. Eric will know immediately that something is off and Tina is not equipped to handle the level of badness he brings.
      And Adele, just…. no. Girl, bye. Time for you to move on, find another place to crash and come down from whatever weird shit you are involved in. Shane, need you to handle that. Thanks

      • Hey BK,
        Yeah, Tina’s got to pull this off pretty convincingly, but let’s see what Bette’s got up her sleeve in this little chess game she’s playing. I mean, she’s probably gone through every possible scenario, so let’s see how it goes as she moves her Queen across the board.
        But yes, don’t give up on Paris just yet for our two lovers. We may still get there yet.
        And what to do with poor emotionally unstable Adele, welp, Shane better handle that. Bette’s got too many plates in the air for that mess.


    8. Tina needs to scroll thru some scripts to see if any need to be shot in Paris. Wonder how soon Bette plans to meet with her contact at the Louve. Hmmmm can’t do FaceTime, or Zoon??

      Alice was the one who wanted to interview Adele and they managed that with Tasha at her office, so why are Shane, Bette, whoever,, still feeling like they need to sober creepy Adele up?

    9. Lordy girl, you have me on the edge of my seat! What a marvelous read this chapter has been. Think I will read it again!
      Yes..,it does keep getting better and better! You are such a talented author…..can hardly wait for lots more from you! BTW,
      Thank you for this wonderfully lengthy chapter. You ROCK!!!!!

      • Hey Dr. A,
        Aww, I’m super happy that you enjoyed this chapter. Not sure if the next one is going to be as long. It’s been a little complicated to write. Fingers crossed I don’t throw half of it out during editing! Haha.


    10. Hi RiskyKitty!

      I love how seamlessly intimate Bette and Tina are starting to be with each other. They are starting to open up and affect each other in great ways. Bette showing Tina a whole new kind of intimacy and Tina showing Bette what it’s like to have somebody…to be worried about them and basically have something important to lose. So Bette opened up to Kit and Carmen about her work. Tina opened up Bette’s world…and also opened her to love…and the secrets of Aphrodite. Bette is all in with Tina and it’s the love that makes her brave.

      It’s Tina’s turn. Tina needs to tell Bette that she’s in love as well! Bette is thinking that she will settle for whatever Tina is giving her not really knowing that Tina is in love with Bette as well…Tina needs to say the words.

      Tina seems adamant about going back to work and…I don’t trust Eric and Bette is right to worry. She now has something to lose and while that love is her strength, it is also Bette’s weakness (in a way).

      And that love scene…that very very hot love/lust scene…yeah, it’s time for Tina to say the words. Perfect time to do it would be after that marathon love scene and delicious post sex tacos! I love that they are communicating, that Bette is so patient and that Tina sees that and wants to open her heart completely to Bette and is open to Bette wanting to take care of her and make sure she’s safe. Love this adventure! Cannot wait for the next chapter.

      P.S. did I mention that Tina needs to say the words…they both do!

      • Hi Stirfry!
        Yeah, it’s been a dream to nurture their little budding relationship. I love stringing together all of the ways they are connecting with each other. Things are getting pretty intense for both of them and it certainly ramps up in the next chapter. And yes, I agree, Tina needs to start talking to Bette. She should have no fear of rejection at this point. She knows what Bette wants. It’s time for her to let go and fall. Glad you liked the love scene. It felt necessary to make it pretty fiery once I started writing it. These two are working through a lot of emotions and even more uncertainty with the world shifting around them. Yeah, they both needed to assert a little control.
        I really love what you said about Bette’s love for Tina making her brave. It is. But there’s a fine edge between feeling brave enough to take chances and feeling like you can’t lose. Let’s hope that Bette doesn’t fall over it.

        And don’t worry, I’m working up the courage in both of them to actually say the words out loud. Haha.


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