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    Chapter 13

    My world has changed more in the last year than it has since I was eighteen. When I left North Carolina I did not see myself leaving in the penthouse apartment of a New York City, that I’d have a son, who goes to a private school near Central Park. I’d be set to marry a gallery owner, who is a woman. I’m about to start college. Yes me at twenty four years old was about to start a new life as  a student. It’s been six months since Alphaville went under. I’ve been offered a number of jobs. With Bette had at my side I have refused them all. Bette helped me get my forms into the right universities. I didn’t think I would get into any I got into five. We can do remote learning at all of them. I’m going to be going to Yale as remote student full time.

    Bette is making sure I have everything I need. she’s amazing. I never thought I’d be with someone who would support me. We’ve been shopping for my text books and I’m ready to start. I know it’s not the college experience that everyone has. I can’t live on campus, I can’t be with my fellow students but I’m happy that I’m finally getting the education I should have got.

    I’m sat in my study the door is open, I’m reading the material that my Yale professor has sent me. It’s for my module of ‘Introduction to Criminology,’ I making notes, on a legal pad. I’m lost in it when I hear a noise near the door. I look up and Bette is stood in her shirt, her sleeves rolled up, her feet bare, a glass of red wine in her hand. She’s smiling at me.

    “You look in your element,” Bette smiles

    “I am,” I grin. “Did Noah go down okay?”

    “yeah we’ve started a new book, he was very excited.”

    “I love that you take the time to be with him,”

    “He is our son, our son.” Bette smiles.

    “That’s the first time you’ve called him that.”

    “Well as the adoption gets closer,”

    “You feel more and more like his Mama,”

    “I do, every time he calls me mama my heart still melts. I’m one very lucky women,”

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