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    Chapter 14

    I wake again, time has passed. I open my eyes and the room isn’t as bright and there are not as many people around. Bette is beside me. she’s sleeping. Her head to one side. She has a worry line on her forehead that I know she only gets when she’s stressed I know right now I’m the cause of this stress. My head is scrambled. i lay there, trying to piece together what happened. I know I had a nightmare. Oh man I fell down the stairs. It hits me all again. I take a deep beath. I’m scared but I know I’m going to be okay. My world is slowly coming back to me. I’m very sleepy but that more than likely is the drugs that they have given me. I wonder where Noah is as I can’t see him. I hear the door open and close to my room and I look over to see a nurse walking in. she smiles at me. She looks very kind.

    “Hello Tina, I’m Sarah, how are you feeling?”

    “Confused,” I whisper.

    “You’ve had a nasty fall. You’ve got a concussion, as well as injuries to you back, arms and legs but the doctor will explain more tomorrow morning, okay?”

    “Okay, any chance of some water.”

    “We can arrange that,” The nurse smiles and leaves.

    “Good to see you awake,” Bette’s voice floats to me and I turn and look at her. she smiles softly at me.

    “Hey,” I say softly

    “How are you feeling?”

    “So, so, where is Noah?”

    “He is with Benji’s Dads,”

    I nod, Benji is a friend of his from school they bonded because they are raised by gay parents. I’m glad he has found others he can relate too. Plus he has made more friend in New York than he ever made in LA.


    “Best place for him right now, love. he was scared when he saw you,”

    “He saw me,” I raise my hand to my forehead, I see the IV line in it. “I never want him to see me like that.”

    “He was very brave.” Bette smiled.

    “He shouldn’t have seen that. I shouldn’t have…”

    “What? Got out of bed and gone downstairs. It’s our home Ti, I expect you to be able to get around your own home.”

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