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    Chapter 13

    Bette smiles over at her and then tunes into the coverage with a sigh.

    Tina smiles over at her.

    (Tina) I love that you watch with me

    Bette smiles back at her.

    (Bette) You’ve never roped anyone else into this?

    (Tina) Who else would do this for me baby?

    They continue smiling at each other and Bette takes her hand, entwining their fingers.

    (Tina) I don’t even think my colleagues are particularly interested, and it’s kind of their job to be interested

    Bette laughs.

    (Bette) Well they don’t know what they’re missing

    They watch for a moment and Bette stifles a yawn.

    (Bette) I might make a tea, do you want one? Or a wine if you still like a drink for these?

    (Tina) There are beers in the fridge

    Bette raises an eyebrow at her.

    (Tina shrugs) If we’re sticking to tradition we should do it properly

    Bette sighs and makes her way to the fridge.

    (Bette) Well at least they’re cold this time

    Bette arrives back in the lounge, sitting next to Tina on the couch and handing her one of the beers.

    (Bette) So why the delay in the result? Wasn’t their election a couple of weeks ago?

    (Tina) Yeah, it was too close to call, the parties have been negotiating to avoid a hung parliament

    Bette stares at her blankly while having a sip of her beer, and Tina smiles back at her.

    (Bette) You’re not going to explain the Westminster system to me again are you?

    (Tina smiles) Well, only if you’ve forgotten

    (Bette) I remember, just don’t quiz me

    Tina narrows her eyes at her with a smile.

    (Tina) You don’t remember anything

    (Bette) I remember all I need to follow along. Tories are the bad guys right?

    Tina smiles, raising her beer and clinking it against Bette’s.

    They watch on for a while, one showing more interest than the other.

    (Tina) Ok, announcement any minute

    (Bette yawns) Tee, they’ve been saying that for a while

    (Tina) I know, I love the suspense too though

    Tina settles back into the couch, leaning back against Bette’s body as Bette wraps an arm around her. Tina watches the coverage as Bette sits back, watching Tina watch the coverage. She smiles as she enjoys Tina’s endearing excitement and reaction to every development.

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    1. Oh Tina… so you were fine with the relationship for as long as no one knew about it. And that was never going to the situation for long term. That kind of thing will be noticed and recognized at some point. I am actually surprised it has stayed under wraps as long as it did. So now what…. you are going to end this relationship really? Does it mean that little to you? Yeah, Bette should have told you. But she didn’t because she believed you would end it. And she was right. So she got a few more weeks with you than she would have had she told you. So when she looks back and thinks about this, she is going to rationalize that she did what was best for her….

      And Bette is right in that Tina having a relationship with a politician which is unknown to the public is somewhat hypocritical to the public. Tina is trying to appear independent of influence to the public while carrying on an intimate relationship with a certain politician. Ending the relationship does not magically remove the fact that it already has happened. So if its a problem for Tina with her job, it was a problem the first encounter they had whether known or unknown. She was trying to avoid the consequences of her relationship by keeping it on the hush hush. And ending the relationship does not remove the fact that she indeed had the relationship. Bette was not threating Tina… she was stating a fact. And that fact was the result of Tina’s own actions and choices. And Bette chose to go with as well. This was bound to happen. And ending the relationship will not remove their vulnerability of being leaned on by Kelley when she needs something. As long as Kelley is the only one who knows the secret, she will continue to hold the power over Tina and Bette.

      This is a complex situation…. and not a satisfactory position for either of them. Cannot wait to see how they resolve this. I do not think that Tina can stay away from Bette for very long. No more than Bette can stay away from Tina. They will never be happy with that decision.

      Thanks for the chapter.

    2. I knew it would happen at some point but it’s still utterly heartbreaking. Sigh… And to think that this is the second to the last chapter. Ugh… What now? Both of them might move on and continue to be successful professionally but they’ll be utterly miserable without each other. I’m sad for the end of the affair and the imminent end of this unique Tibette story but I’ll always be grateful for this welcome distraction to all the craziness in the real world. Thank you so much, katynd! :)

    3. This story is tantalizing with realistic applications in life. Very interesting theme.

      Both of these ladies needing to choose fidelity to their careers AND the oaths taken to walk with discretion and integrity. It’s doubly tricky for them right now.

      Bette didnt want Tina to “leave her”, but did she really think by refusing to let Tina make her own decision would work??? I mean with sharing the news revealed by Evelyn Kelleher, at least they could have put their heads together to really decide their response on how soon to break the news to the public. The rumors will ome out.

      If I remem, wasnt there some ‘ol crotchety Senator cking Bette out in the sense of wondering what “team she bats for”??? I’ll have to go back a refresh my mem. It seems to me, my 1st impression was that he was “surely gon to be trouble. Then U tossed that nasty screwball with The House Speaker and struck me out!!! HeHeHe

      Geeesh! Does Bette REALLY think that “Madame Kelle” ISN’T going to blackmail her when its time for a “favor” political OR physical???? SERIOUSYLY????

      At least Tina realized that danger immediately to herself AND surely to The Times. Y did The Speaker feel the need to “spill the beans” TO Tina?? As an serious interested party, or for nefarious intent?? Y is she watching Bette at social events to see who Bette may be watching?

      Bottom line, this a gr8 adventure! Looking 4wrd to the future!!!

      P.S. U can write longer chapters if U wanna!

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