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    Chapter 14 (Final Chapter)

    Chapter 14

    A week later, Bette walks into Tina’s office and Tina looks up at her from her desk as she enters the room.

    (Tina) Bette, what the fuck, you can’t be here

    Tina gets up and pulls Bette further inside her office, closing the door behind her.

    (Tina) Senators don’t just wander around the New York Times office building. How did you even find my office?

    (Bette) You’ve got a directory desk in the lobby

    (Tina) Jesus. Senators don’t use those either. And particularly not to find the political editor! How do you think this looks?

    (Bette) I don’t know, like my girlfriend won’t answer my calls and I want to talk to her

    (Tina) Bette, I absolutely cannot have this conversation with you here

    (Bette) OK, but somewhere?

    She looks at Tina with pleading eyes.

    (Bette) We can’t leave things like that. Please at least have a drink with me, there are things to say

    Tina looks at her for a moment.

    (Tina) God I don’t know what I’m doing encouraging this behaviour, but fine. I can meet you for a drink tonight. Now would you get the fuck out of here?


    That evening, a quiet bar. Tina sits at a tucked away table with two glasses of wine in front of her. Bette walks in and makes her way over to her, standing by the table for a moment looking down at her.

    Tina looks up at her and sighs, giving her a reproachful look.

    (Bette) I’m sorry about today, I know it was out of line

    (Tina nods) Yes, it was

    They silently look at each other for a moment.

    (Tina) But I’m not going to tell you off again

    Tina shrugs.

    (Tina) You’re upset

    She looks up at Bette for a moment.

    (Tina) I’m upset too. I don’t think it’s the worst idea to have a calm conversation about all of this

    Bette looks back at her.

    (Bette) You mean about ending it

    (Tina sighs) Yes, I do Bette. Sit down and have a glass of wine with me

    Tina pushes the second wine glass by its base closer to Bette, who takes a seat opposite Tina at the small table, picking up the glass and taking a sip.

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    1. YAY! :D I’m in cloud 9 that they found a way to stay together and finally commit to a long-term relationship! I had a feeling Bette will not sacrifice her love for Tina again and that she’s not cut out to be a scheming politician. I’m sure she’ll land a good job in New York. And I’m glad Tina’s willing to risk her career and reputation too for her love of Bette but I hope she’ll get to keep her job. This is such a lovely, sweet, happy ending for our fave couple, katynd, and I can’t thank you enough for it!❤ :D A thousand times thank you for this lovely, unique, well-written story, katynd, and I’m so looking forward to the epilogue! ❤ :D

    2. An invasion of Wasps meant I was awake at 3.30 am here in the UK and that, after dealing with it , I could not resist checking my emails. Hence the reason I had the delight of being notified of your post and the pleasure of reading the Final Chapter. Thank you I enjoyed the conclusion and am happy to see an Epilogue is to come.
      Please keep writing about my favourite couple.

    3. katynd!

      GirRRRL, knocked a HOMERUN with this chapter only needing 6 pages to boot! HeHeHe!!!

      Pleasantly surprised with the maturity of our ladies to come to the conclusion that they BOTH would need to put the ‘ship ahead of careers THIS time.

      You did a fab job of showing how well suited they truly are for one another. U win the Oscar!!!

    4. Great story by a wonderful writer. I wasn’t sure how this would end but you did it with style. The girls reunite, no blood shed and hopefully no regrets. Please continue with this storyline…Tina a journalist and Bette, the lawyer could be a great niche for wonderful stories. Thanks again, I look forward to reading more stories by you.

    5. Nice concluding chapter. But I was worried with Tina’s reaction to seeing Bette show up in her office. If she won’t respond to her text and emails, what can she expect? Well written and a joyful conclusion. And in this day and time I think that Tina is overly concerned about her position as political editor of the paper. As the editor, it is her position to decide what runs in the paper and what doesn’t. Unless she have vetoed some article or piece of information about Bette Porter, her management will not have a problem. All journalist have information which do not end up in their publications. It’s always a matter of judgement as to what is in the public interest and what isn’t. And that which is in the public interest, there has to be confirmation that it is a fact and not just a rumor or gossip. In Bette and Tina’s case, it is a matter or appearances not what the reality is that forms the conflict of interest. They have made a good decision. They have made the decision of what is best for each of them individually and as a couple. I believe that Tina’s joining in Bette and making a joint announcement of their relationship will be best for Tina’s career. Being a secret is what would eventually have the greatest impact on her career and eventually on her relationship. Particularly for a Political Editor. Well done Tina…

      Thank for this story….. well done… I hope you have some more in the pipeline at some point. Look forward to the epilogue….

    6. What a perfect, beautiful happy ending to an exceptional story! My favorite lines -“(Bette) And that I’m as hopelessly in love with you as I ever was?” and “(Tina) I’m so in love with you baby.”

      And this line is perfect – “happily starting their day and the rest of their lives together.”

      Such a well-written story, I like your writing style. I enjoyed every chapter. Thank you for such a GREAT story

    7. My friend first told me about one of your fics and this is the third one I’m reading. I have to always click previous post because for some reason your fics won’t load on your page it only shows 2 fics, but if I press previous work I can read all of them. I absolutely love your writing you’re one of my favourite authors I have had hardly any sleep just from reading your fics you’re so creative and amazing. I love the way you write Bette and Tina just thank you I don’t know if you will see this comment but thank you I can’t wait to read more

      • Thanks so much for your comments Maddyson, I see them! It’s great to hear you’re enjoying the stories, I’ve had a lot of fun writing them as well :) The next chapter of the current story isn’t too far away. Thanks! katynd

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