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    Chapter 14 – A PERFECT DAY

    Author’s Comment – Hello folks.

    This Tibette story takes a giant step forward as true romance finally arrives.

    Special thanks to Wikipedia & all the wonderful information I found there on the British Isles and all its treasures. For me, a great part of the story telling is in the details.

    In this chapter, I wished to paint a picture of romance & set A Tibette baseline for their first intimate moment and their first kiss. I know it was a long buildup, but one I think you’ll enjoy & appreciate. This sets the tone & script for their relationship & what’s to follow.

    Just a little bit of present-day time jump too with a conversation between Tina & Shane. With this, we don’t forget about Tina’s telling of her story & how Shane reacts to it. We’ll get back to the present time frame soon enough. But I have more early relationship story to tell for Tibette first.

    It’s a bit of a long chapter – as many of you may like!! Let me know what you think. 

    As always – thanks for reading & enjoy. 

    P.S. – as several of you have requested, this update has been posted on AO3 but with a different chapter number due to some admin stuff on that site. Nevertheless, enjoy where you chose to read!! 

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Previously from Doctor of Hope Chapter 13 . . .

    “Well, I like your bones.” Tina finger traveled higher and traced along Bette’s brow and temple, enjoying the feel of the woman she also held close.

    “I like yours too.” A silly grin on Bette’s face appeared. She took Tina’s fingers into her own hand and kissed the palm. But I want us to be able to enjoy and remember our very first kiss. Savor it and commit it to memory. We only get to do it once the first time.”

    “Oh, me too.” Tina shivered at Bette’s words because she felt the very same deep in her heart and soul. She too wanted their first kiss to be burned in her memory for a lifetime.

    “I care T. I really do.” Bette squeezed Tina’s fingers. “You mean so much to me.”

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      • Hi Martha,

        Thanks so much for taking the time to follow up with this story. I know it’s been a while since I posted, but I was trying to catch up on the other site I post on. So now I am & I can now post the same chapters on both sites at the same time.

        Here, in this chapter, their love is strong & growing. Their physical love is on the way.

        Sorry, that I haven’t read your new updates on your story – promise I will ASAP!!

        Thanks again.

    1. Hey my friend!

      Wonderful chapter and what a beautiful place to share their first kiss!

      The pictures you posted are so beautiful and the way you give us a history lesson on Dover makes me want to visit it. It’s definitely on my list to pay a visit!

      Like the slow pace but i am anxious to know what happened that they lost contact for all these years while it’s even clear to Shane they are the perfect match. So maybe a little more past and present in the future chapters? I know, i know i have to be satisfied with what you are giving us but you know me, always wanting more !

      Hope everything is going well for you!

      • Hey gal,

        Yes, all is well. But I think we were colder here today than where you are!!! Ha!!!!

        I’ve been to Dover several times – lovely little coastal town with so much history & natural beauty. I strongly suggest you take a trip next time you’re in England. Add it to your BUCKET LIST!!! Ha, ha.

        So, it was a natural backdrop for Tibette to spend this wonderful day together and expand on their relationship.

        I know you don’t want to, BUT you’re going to have to be patient with this story, Tibette will meet up again, we’re getting closer to that happening. Yes, I know you ALWAYS want more!! That’s why I love your comments!!

        Yes, there will be some more present in the upcoming chapters as well as wrapping up their beginning story & move things back to present time.

        The foundation is almost complete for them & we’ll get back to Ashley, Tina and her angst about her sister & Bette’s dilemma of how to assist the Kennard sisters.

        Check back soon for the next update.

        Thanks, my friend.

    2. This was a fantastic chapter – A Perfect Day for Tibette!

      This was really good, great story and interesting photos. You always seem to find just the right pictures of Bette and Tina or other appropriate items to post. I too think they add to the story and enhance the experience in your chapters.

      Well, a LOT to consider in this chapter. You grabbed my interest immediately with the aftermath of their night out and how they both processed it the next mornjng.

      Tina is so patient, loving towards Bette and will always guard her heart and be tender towards her British love.
      Bette’s barriers are falling and Tina will be there to soften the impact and hold her close.

      You were right about all the little details in this chapter. Loved them.

      They are so cute together and their scene on the beach was fun.

      Loved their day together – it was emotional and full of love.

      Their first kiss was as tender and moving. Bette was right. She did want their first time to be special and you made it happ en.

      Great writing.

      Can’t wait for the next chapter.

    3. Great chapter all around – you are tying everything together wonderfully for them. They are having fun and discovering all the things about each other that they are falling in love with.

      They are both so young but have such deep feelings for each other. Tina has deep concerns about her mother that I will guess will grow more serious in the near future.
      Will this be part of the reason Tibette will separate in the future?

      This was a lovely portrait of them – how can you not fall in love with them yourself? Even Shane can tell that Tina is still in love with Bette. Maybe she’ll help them get back together???

      Love their back and forth too – so natural – you have their characters down pat.

      Ok, fav lines this time around – Tina telling Bette – ‘I’ve been waiting weeks for you to kiss me.’ She’s not alone!!

      And then Tina telling Bette – “Bette, please.” Tina eyes widened in immediate worry. “You’re scaring me.”
      This just stuck me as to how deeply Tina felt for Bette and how she connected to Bette in all things.

      Thanks for the update.
      Like Bibi said – get us back to the present soon.

      • Thanks for your thoughts & investigative skills!

        This family problem for Tina will linger & reoccur in the future. It will have a major impact on their relationship & how they act & react to each other.

        Your question about Shane – she’s in Tina’s corner & supports her friend & business partner. She’ll continue to support Tina in every way she can.

        We will be revisiting the present very soon & in a few more chapters, stay there for the rest of the story.


    4. Aah first kisses !

      I had no idea there was so much to see in Dover. For me it was just a city of passage when we went to London by boat (and now directly from Brussels to London with the eurostar) . So much to explore.

      Your story is so interesting and you were right to take a little jump in current time, it not only makes a living story but also a pleasant fic to read !

      I’m really impatient to read your next chapter.

      • Hey Izzie,

        Hope all is well.

        Getting those touchstones in place for the future before their relationship really takes off.

        Dover is an impressive town, lots of history, colorful people with lots to share. Beautiful scenery.

        Your comment gives me encouragement to continue & share this tale with you.

        I have the next chapter ready to go. Will post soon!

    5. This was a BIG bowl of sweetness! I just wanted to dive in & soak them up.

      Beautifully written and oh so tender. Love your treatment of these two, just melts my heart.

      As Bibi and Izzie said, very interesting in your explanation & exploratory of England/Dover. New place I would like to visit someday.

      Love all the little details & digging deep into their feelings.

      Please post soon!!!

      • Hi Leigh,

        Were you thinking a big bowl of popcorn?? Ha, :-)

        Thanks for the compliment – I appreciate your praise, it makes the effort that much more meaningful.

        I have a huge interest in history & I enjoy peppering my stories with the local interests & background. England will always have a special place in y heart.

        Thanks for sticking around for the story.

        Best regards.

    6. Hey Collins,

      A great chapter! I loved all the sweet Bette & Tina moments, and especially loved their first kiss. You’re showing in a wonderful way how magical and special their love is.

      My favorite part – Bette saying “I’m the one that feels lucky.” and then Tina – “Maybe we both are”.

      Have to say that I enjoy all the details you write about the different locations. Thanks for that.

      Can’t wait to read more of this story! Take care.

      • Hi Westy,

        Great to hear from you. Hope all is well.

        They do have a very special love that runs incredibly deep & one that will last a lifetime. This will sustain them through their years apart & they will eventually have to deal with if they can once again connect.

        I do think they’re both very lucky to have found each other & experience their deep love.

        More is coming very soon.

        Take care yourself & stay warm.

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