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    Chapter 15 – LOOKING BACK

    Author’s Comment –

    I know it’s been a while since we’ve had an update, thanks for being patient. So, here we go.

    In this chapter, I wished to provide a short update on what’s been going on in present time with Bette and James on the other side of the Atlantic while Tina is still sharing her story with Shane.

    We get some insight into Bette’s thoughts & feelings present time.

    You’ll also get a glimpse as well of Bette’s past relationship with James and her father. It’s gonna be a bit of a rocky road with some twists & revelations.

    Let’s see what’s in store for our new couple & how they transvers that road ahead.

    As always – thanks for reading & please enjoy.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Previously from the conversation between Bette and James from Doctor of Hope Chapter 5 – Across the Pond . . .

    A few minutes passed as the two old friends and surrogate siblings thought about what had been just said.

    “I’ll abide by your decision at the moment.” James finally conceded, knowing he would have to approach this subject at another time and in a different way. “But I do wish you would consider speaking with Tina. Even if as a friend.”

    “James, I know you’re being considerate, and I do thank you for that.” Bette voice was softer as she spoke and glanced across the desk at him. “But I can’t allow what we felt for each other all those years ago to cloud my judgement now. A life with me could be very . . . difficult.”

    “Have you spoken with Dr. Warrington this week?” James’s face took on a look of concern and worry.

    “No. No I haven’t.” Bette sat back down, suddenly tired. “No further updates at the moment.”

    “I see.” James grimaced. “I could reach out. . . “

    “No, it’s fine.” Bette shook her head. “He knows to contact me directly if anything develops. He’s aware of the timetable. He has his team working round the clock on a new serum.”

    “You know Nicholas and I will be there in whatever capacity you need us to be.” James’ voice was raw and tight.

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    1. Well, Robert Porter does not know human nature. You cannot buy Tina and would never be able to when Bette is standing right there to witness the betrayal if Tina should cave to his offer. But what seems apparent is that Bette’s dear ole dad did not find a payoff to get Tina to leave on that afternoon. And once finding this was something her Dad had done on a regular basis, would break her relationship with him forever. He is complaining about the money he was spending, but what real benefit was he receiving for his money that he was giving these people? Nothing… probability that most of these women would leave Bette or Bette would dump considering Bette’s age, maturity and life goals. Robert Porter is not a very nice man… and doesn’t seem very smart either.

      Still a lot which is not known about Tina or about Bette. Look forward to learning more in future chapters.

      Thankyou for the update…. write when you can and publish soon.

      • Martha,

        Thank you for the wonderful comment.

        Totally agree about what a nasty person Robert is & the terrible way he treats his daughter. His motive was to destroy or prevent any relationship between Bette ad any of these women from happening. His is heartless and will notch that terrible trait again before the novel comes to an end.

        He is an extremely wealthy man and uses that wealth to buy people.

        A few more chapters to go and them we head back to present time to stay there and follow this story out.

        Thanks for taking time to comment. Appreciate it immensely.

    2. Hey Collins,

      What a pleasant surprise, a new chapter!.

      What a cold and insensitive bastard Robert Porter is. How dare he interfere in Bette’s relationships and bribe the women in question to go away quietly and forever. And what cheap women to let themselves be bought out at all, not worth a penny.

      And how arrogant to tell this in front of Tina and ask her what her price is for leaving Bette once and for all. Am proud of how Tina countered this and actually showed her unconditional love to Bette in front of him.

      The question remains with me, what happened that Bette and Tina have not spoken to each other for years, does Robert Porter have a part in this?

      Great chapter and looking forward to the next one!

      Take care of yourself and I wish you and your wife a good weekend.

      • Hey Bibi,

        Hope all is well where you are & that you are keeping WARM!!

        An entirely unpleasant situation and Robert is despicable for his actions and behavior.

        I wanted to show the rift between Bette and her father and how Tina supports Bette in everything.

        I know I haven’t answered your question yet about why they broke up. Stay tuned, its coming.

        As JB said – ‘Patience.” Ha!!!!

        You won’t like it & it will make either Bette or Tina appear bad BUT remember that there is a very good reason behind that perception. The truth will come out later in the novel.

        Next chapter is in final editing!!

    3. Robert Porter, what a rude man! Hope Tina lets Bette know just how much she loves her when they get back to London.

      So, it looks like Bette and James will help Tina and Ashley. Hopefully it’s not too late for Ashley to recover from her illness.

      Will Bette meet with Tina? What will they say? Can they have a future together?

      Can’t wait to find out. Thanks for the post.

      • When we fast forward in a few chapters, Ashley’s illness will be addressed again and help is on the way. Now how that help is delivered and received are 2 different things.
        Will be Bette be directly involved?
        How will she and Tina interact with each other?
        Are they still in love with each other?
        What if they are?
        Is it too late or too little too late??

        Lots of questions.
        And many answered to come.

        Thanks for reading.

    4. Once again, you have delivered an excellent chapter.

      Love the backstory of the first meeting with Bette’s father. It provides Tina with yet another level of insight into Bette’s complex character., her parental abandonment issues and her hesitation to get involved in relationships.

      To steal a line from TK, Tina should have told Robert, that’s not how you love someone!!

      Thanks for the great chapter and looking forward to the next.

      • Hi Leigh,

        Unexpectedly, this turned out to be a fun chapter to write. Composing a bad character allows no limits on badness & outrageous behavior & Robert certainly showed plenty of that.

        He’ll pop up again in a later chapter – full of badness again!!

        Damn – I missed adding that line to the chapter!!! You are so right – that would have been perfect!!
        Glad you brought it up. How true.

        Next chapter up soon.


    5. I know several others have already spoken about how despicable Robert is, so I won’t focus on that.

      I’ll focus on the trusting, loving relationship growing even stronger between Bette and Tina. Just awesome. Bette now knows by Tina’s actions and words how deeply she cares for Bette and that she’s in their relationship for the long haul. Lovely.

      For the most part, they had a great weekend with the people Bette cares about – Helena, James, the family staff that she views as her own family.

      I’ve enjoyed this chapter – it helped fill in the Tibetteless GQ episode!!

      I swear that you and many of the other writers here could have done a far superior job writing scenes than the awful writers and Marja on GQ!!

      Thank you to all the writers!!

      • Good to hear from you Erin.

        Like TK has been telling Bette in OG & GQ – it’s not just the words that count, it’s the actions and behavior that accompany them that really counts.
        BP did that in Ep 2 by placing TK as her priority.

        In this novel, TK just did that with BP too. No matter what happens in their life, TK will always be there loving and supporting Bette.

        As far as the GQ 3 madness, I’ve been reading Largo’s Real Tibette series – it helps fill in the huge void we have without Tibette. And you KNOW that Largo’s stories are super good!!!

        As proven by the dozens of stories already written by many writers trying to correct the mess of GQ, these stories are all far superior to the horrid SLs of GQ.

        Much appreciate your comments.

    6. You’ve added more solid building blocks to this Tibette relationship. Seems like nothing will keep them apart except the Atlantic Ocean – ha, ha – but they’ll conquer that obstacle too, I’m sure.

      What a piece of trash Robert is. How insensitive to his daughter and her feelings!

      And Tina being so sensible and sensitive to her woman’s feelings – “I love you, not your bank account or portfolio.” And then Tina just flat out telling the bastard how much she loves Bette and that NO amount of money will ever entice her away from the brunette.

      Great chapter – thanks for the update!

      Please post when you can.

      • Hey K,

        Yes, they have that big obstacle coming between them – that huge ocean. But their world is getting smaller with technology improving the methods of communication and I’m sure Bette will find a way to be on that company jet as often as possible!!

        Tina really stepped up this chapter and demonstrated just how deep her love for Bette goes.

        Now they need to map out what their future will look like.

        Thanks for your time.

    7. How great to get another update! All thanks to you , Collins and all the writers here, and the site itself, for being here for us while we wait for episodes 9 & 10 of GenerationQ.

      This was a powerful chapter. We all know a man or know of a man like Robert Porter – poor Bette.

      I loved how Bette & Tina were so united. And Tina making it clear to Robert and to Bette that she truly loved Bette and could not be bought off.

      And I love Bette’s relationship with her little brother James!

      Looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks, Collins!

      • Hey Westy,

        How’s your winter going? Much snow where you are?

        I myself have escaped here for some Tibette love in lieu of the Tibetteless episodes. I just can’t bring myself to watch the nonsense without Bette & Tina.
        Although my wife & I did see a little bit of the episode last night. Then after just a few minutes, we had enough of the avocado, Shane’s BS & Max & we turned it off. It was terrible.

        Bette’s relationship with James will further solidify as they grow older & her relationship with her real brother is questionable through no fault of Bette’s.

        Sorry I didn’t have any of Tina and Ashley & their deep sisterly bond this chapter. But I will in the next few.

        Take care my friend & stay healthy.

    8. What a bastard ! like I said before he’s the twin brother Melvin never had but much worse… he’s just plain heartless.

      So we still don’t know what ended their relationship, I can’t believe it was only the distance that caused it… Did doubt creep into Bette’s mind about Tina not mentioning the letter sooner? Did she allow herself to be influenced, without even realizing it, by her father’s schemes ?

      Very good chapter but I’m dying to know more, please post soon !

      I hope everything is OK at home . Take care.

      • Hi Izzie,

        Thanks for asking. Yes we are fine. All is good & my wife is doing so much better than she was this time last year.

        Funny that you suggest that Robert is Melvin’s long-lost brother!! Always respected the career of Ossie Davis & the amazing quality characters he created over the years. But Melvin was just the most difficult!! Besides having contributed to Kit’s & Bette’s conception, his wealth that allowed Bette to attend Yale & his estate once he died, there wasn’t much positive to his character.
        Robert is made from the same mold.

        You’re right the distance of being on 2 different continents isn’t the only thing that caused these two women to finally end their relationship. The answer is coming – I promise.
        As I mentioned to Bibi in my comment above, you may not initially like the reason, but it’s true resolving will be honorable & done for the right reason – the greater good.

        No, I didn’t think about any doubt in Bette’s mind about Tina & the letter. That part of the story is over & done. I’ve got so much more to tell & it seems I’m falling behind in the telling, so I’ve gotto get back to present time sooner than later.

        Hope all is well with you also.

        Enjoy your holidays.

    9. Collins, I absolutely adore this story. It’s so well written and everything is so beautifully tied together. I’m very curious as to what broke them up and kept them definitively apart.
      I also believe that Bette’s children are actually biologically her brothers, they’re too old and she’s too young eheheh
      Knowing you’re a TiBetter, I can’t wait for the reunion. Keep those chapters coming, please, I’m hooked!

      • Happy Holidays Chenault,

        So pleased that you are enjoying this version of Tibette! There is a lot more to come on this story & I promise to give it my all in the coming months.

        Everyone is curious to know what happened & that is coming very soon. You KNOW that I have it planned, just need to decide on when I deliver the blow – with Tina telling Shane or when Bette & Tina meet back up in NYC. I have to give this more thought.

        And yes, I am a TRUE Tibetter!!! Endgame always – not always a smooth road to get there, but the future is bright. Angst is only temporary – remember that.

        You might be onto something about Bette’s kids – that whole relationship – brother, father, kids will play a very important part in Tibette’s future. I’ll leave you to think on that.

        Have a great holiday season & best wishes for the new year!

        See ya next chapter!!

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