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    Chapter 14 – Friday – Settling Mary and a Fund Raiser

    Ten Years After – Volume 3 – Home Sweet Home

    Chapter 14 – Friday – Settling Mary and a Fund Raiser

    The alarm went off early. Bette and Tina carried their clothing for the day to the cabana and put them in the pool dressing and shower rooms. They wore their swim suits downstairs and where they made their morning swim. Daniel and Margaret had already had their swim and were in their rooms preparing for their day at school.

    Mary came out and joined Bette and Tina in the pool and was really pleased with the experience. This was the first time she had been in a salt water-based pool. The water was silky and lacked the smell of the normally chemically treated pools. Bette and Tina finished their swim and went to the cabana to shower and change into their causal clothes. They then showed Mary around the cabana which she then understood. The cabana held the set of pool restrooms and showers for the convenience of the users of the pool. The other side of the cabana was a guest room with attached bath and a sitting room. This was additional guest facilities for the house. Mary thought it was a good remodel move. When she had seen it, it was to be a large room for pool storage or a recreation room for parties or whatever.

    Bette and Tina went to the kitchen while Mary took the elevator to her room to shower and dress for the day. Margaret and Daniel came through and said goodbye as they were off to pick up John David and then get to school in time for breakfast.

    Bette: We need to schedule an evening to go over our finances. We will be receiving our first statements from our investment bankers. I particularly want to review Angie’s account and Daniel’s account to see how they are doing with the money they have access to. Angie has had a trip to New York now and almost two months of college life. So, we should start to see some spending patterns. I just want to make sure that the money they are receiving is adequate and that there is nothing unsavory is happening that we should be aware of.

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