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    Chapter 14 – Good triumphs over evil

    Tina followed Bette and looked in surprise at Eddie, who was leaning against the wall and saying something rude.

    ”What the fuck do you want in my house??” Bette was awful to Eddie all the time Angie talked to him and never supported the fact that her daughter is in such company, but Angie always told her that this is only the outside and in fact Eddie is not as bad as it may seem. Of course, this did not convince Bette at all, but in the end, Angie herself almost stopped spending time with this guy and the brunette more or less calmed down on this score. Right now, her confusion was covered only by anger.


    ”Fuck you, bitch! I know it’s you who are turning her against me and forbidding her to see me. Fucking dykes are perverts. You don’t want your daughter to be normal and date a guy!” His voice was inadequate and too loud. Angie came down the stairs and ran to them. Her voice was also very concerned, and her face showed complete incomprehension mixed with fear.


    ”What’s going on here? What… what are you doing here?”


    ”I need to talk to you, Ange, aren’t you tired of hiding from me and not answering messages and calls?” Eddie took his hand away from the wall and staggered toward Angie, who took a step back. At this moment, Tina, who was standing next to her daughter and just numb from what was happening, blocked his path, saying ”no” and holding out her hand in front of her, as if keeping distance from Eddie. Probably, the inability to approach Angie made this guy even more angry, and he took it out on Tina, violently pushing her aside. The blonde wasn’t ready for this, so she flew off with force and stepped on a few shards from the broken lamp that Eddie dropped when he broke into the house. She cut her feet and arm when she fell to the floor. Naturally, this frightened the life out of Angie, who was now standing alone, and just brought Bette into a frenzy. She immediately grabbed Eddie’s arm and twisted it behind his back, which caused the guy to bend forward in pain as she grabbed the back of his neck to keep him in a position where he couldn’t strike back.

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    1. So Eddie has been dealt with, but Angie feels sorry for him. This is not good. Her mom was pushed into broken glass and injured and she took up for Eddie rather than defend her mother. That is not good. Eddie represented a threat to her two moms and yet she is defending him because of his family. Having a bad family does not justify bad behavior. Having a bad upbringing does not justify breaking into a house to talk to someone who has been avoiding you for a while. A bad upbringing does not justify putting your hands on anyone.

      So Angie has had her first sexual experience with Eddie? I sure hope they used protection. Its going to be chaos if Angie ends up pregnant with Eddie’s child. That would be a whole new set of problems for Bette and Tina as well as Angie.

      Bette needs a James in this story. Someone who can run the gallery with organization and grace in Bette’s absence and only refers the big problems to Bette. Then Bette would have more time to devote to her family. Of course there will always be times when she will have to spend long days at the gallery, but with the right team, they would be less frequent.

      Now…. thank you for the posting….. can’t wait for the next chapter..

      • Totally agree with all you say. If Eddie had not been stopped I suspect he would have raped Angie. Bette needs to know about Angie and Eddie having sex. Tina cannot keep that from her. Angie needs to get her mind right. And Bette most certainly needs a James ASAP.

        • Yeah, you can expect anything from people like Eddie. James is very much needed, but it is unlikely that after ~10 years, he is still interested in being just Bette’s assistant. I don’t think career growth has passed him by :)

      • Yes, Bette needs a professional who she can trust as much as she can herself. Based on her character, it seems to me that it is difficult for her to give instructions and then not double-check everything. Hence the workload at work.
        Thank you!

    2. So maybe this is just teenage angst… her first boyfriend, her first sexual experience…. of course she is going to defend him, if he is the shithole that he appears to be then her decision to sleep with him looks really bad…. so in teenager logic it makes sense to defend, deflect, dodge.
      Or maybe Angie has suffered more than everyone realizes with the divorce and discord between her mamas.

      Either way, therapy is the best way to unravel this situation.
      I agree with Billy that James is needed and that Tina needs to clue Bette in on everything. A secret like this, in this environment could be real trouble to their reconciliation.
      Looking forward to the next chapter-

      • I think that first boyfriend and first sex are a bit (or a lot) clouding the view of the situation, and Angie can’t think rationally when it comes to Eddie.
        Thanks, BK!

      • Agree about Bette and her work. Angie may be confused or troubled and need some counseling. She should also be talking to BOTH moms. Eddie does not seem like the kind and gentle type. Tina is minimizing that aspect. Also – Angie is a minor and the age of consent in California is 18 so legally Eddie is also guilty of statutory rape. Even if an adult age 18 has sex with someone who is 17 (which I’m not sure Angie is)they can face criminal charges.

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