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    Chapter 13 – Calmness above all else

    9 am, sunlight spills across the room in blurry shadows. Tina woke up first and turned her head. She saw the brunette’s closed eyes, which also slowly opened after a few seconds. At first, those eyes stared at her in incomprehension of space and time, but after a moment, Bette smiled tenderly.

    ”Good morning. Bette’s voice was hoarse and soft from sleep”

    ”Good morning to you, too” Tina lifted her hand from the brunette’s belly to her face and brushed her hair away from her eyes, while Bette kissed Tina’s palm.

    ”I don’t remember at all how we fell asleep here” The brunette stretched and sat up.

    ”We must have been very tired yesterday. I vaguely remember Ange turning off the TV”

    ”I have pain in all the limbs, God. I feel like I’m 90 years old” Bette began to stretch her own neck and continued to talk. ”We need to talk to Angie today”

    Tina sat down too, putting her feet on the floor.
    ”Yeah, we’ll talk to her. It’s time to do it”


    ”Yes? Tina turned and looked at Bette”

    ”I like sleeping with you, even on this awful couch.”

    Tina chuckled. ”It’s not awful,” She said and moved closer to Bette, giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

    ”Tell that to my neck and back, please,” Bette replied with a slight smile. After that, Tina tilted her head and placed a few soft kisses on Bette’s neck, stopping at her right collarbone.

    ”Mm, that’s much better,”Bette said softly, already closing her eyes and lightly stroking the back of Tina’s head.


    ”Yeah, you shouldn’t have stopped”

    ”I’m going to take a shower,” Tina whispered in Bette’s ear and gave her one last kiss on the cheek as she got up from the couch.

    ”You always tease and leave. So bad!” Bette said this while looking fondly at the blonde who was leaving.

    ”Not always!” Tina shouted as she started up the stairs.

    Bette smiled and looked at the spot where the wedding ring had been for years. She touched her ring finger, thinking about something for a few seconds, then got up from the sofa and went to the kitchen.

    They drank coffee, had a fruit salad for Breakfast, and discussed what their daughters would say. They had wanted to wait a couple of days yesterday, but after their unexpected sleep together, which Angelica had caught last night, they decided that it would be quite strange and rather hypocritical to ignore it. It was the day off and Angie was in her room, so they went up there right after the two of them had discussed everything.

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    1. Eddie??? What the hell? Why is he at Bette’s house? Call the police! An uninvited intruder! This is not good.

      Bette and Tina’s talk with Tina was surprising. But spending two hours in front of the mirror to get ready for her “business meeting” is not. Especially when that business is Tina. So romantic and so typically Tibette.

      Nice story…. keep it coming…

    2. Yep. Knew Eddie was really bad news. Glad Tina has her phone. Use it. 911 NOW. It was clear how much Eddie despised Bette so she is his obvious target. Where is Angie? Post soon.

    3. WTF, Eddie. Not surprised. I wouldn’t be surprised if he date raped Angie given her poor behavior. I hope they have a panic button rigged on the video security system. You know ones directly connected with the police.

      I’m glad Bette and Tina told Angie. Shows growth in all three. New chapter soon?

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