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    Author’s Comment –

    Hi fellow Tibetters.

    First off, thanks for being patient with the time jumps. We’ll get back to the present in a few more chapters & stay there for the remainder of the story.

    Our ladies are at the threshold of declaring their love for one another – FINALLY!!! It’s been a long road with some obstacles thrown in the way, but they have been true to their feelings & each other.

    Now comes the most important part – thoroughly loving each other like no other.

    In this chapter, I wished to convey their yearning for each other and some romance to light their way. As complex as Bette can be, she’s just as determined as Tina is to make this relationship work. She just goes about that realization in a different manner.

    Wanted to continue the special relationship between Tina & Ashley too & how they support each other. And of course, a bit of teasing never hurt too.

    Without further ado, let’s get to it.

    As always – thanks for reading & please enjoy.


    Previously from Doctor of Hope Chapter 14 . . .

    “You are so special.” Tina brushed her nose up against Bette’s. “I can’t believe I’m here with you.”

    “Believe it sweetheart.” Bette placed tiny kisses all along the side of Tina’s face. “I’m the one that feels lucky.”

    “Maybe,” Tina began as she pulled back and cupped Bette’s face in her hands, “maybe we both are.”

    “Yeah, it seems like it.” Bette smiled, and kissed Tina’s nose. She noticed the sky had darkened even further over the last few minutes since their first kiss. The sun now having melted into the far horizon. Just the last few rays of light still stubbornly clinging to the sky. “Hey, it’s almost dark, shall we get going?”

    “Yes, lets.” Tina agreed as she wrapped her arm around Bette’s midsection, looping her fingers on the brunette’s belt loop. They started their way off the observation deck. The blonde’s heart filled with happiness as she smiled at the brunette who was the source of that joy.

    They made their way back to Bette’s car. Arms wrapped tightly around each other, unwilling to not be touching. They shared quick kisses along the way, teasing and laughing at the antics of the other. They couldn’t help it. This new phase of their relationship felt wonderful . . .  exciting . . .  exhilarating.

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      • Hey Chenault,

        Hope all is well.

        Thanks for your comment & that you very pleased with the chapter.

        How did you like GQ Episode 9 & the proposal scene?
        I thought it was lovely – so real & emotional. They were both super in it – loving & tender towards each other.

        Wedding up next!!!!!!!!

        • Seems that some comments are not posting & getting stuck – This is from Chenault in response to my comment

          Hi Collins,
          Hope all is well with you too, the notifications here on the site are no working properly so I didn’t see your reply.
          I really enjoyed the proposal, honestly I only watch the show for the original series characters and Tibette is obviously my endgame LOL
          I just hope they have written a finale worthy of our girls just like the writers here do so beautifully.
          Thank you!

    1. Well its obvious that Bette and Tina are crazy about one another. They obviously are much stronger willed than most with all the make out sessions and still resisting the urge to move forward.

      Thanks for the chapter….

      • Hi Martha,

        Strong willpower from both these beauties. But that’s about to end next chapter – at long last!

        Thanks for taking the time to comment & leave a message.

        Hope you liked the proposal in Episode 9 that aired this past weekend. I thought it was super sweet & so real for them both.

        See ya next chapter.

    2. Another terrific chapter.

      Love all the English history and how deep Bette went to do this research on their names.

      Their make out sessions are hot and like Martha, I’m sure they won’t be able to resist each other much longer.

      And Bette being super romantic with planning their big night out – first the cozy carriage ride, then the intimate dinner, seeing the sights of London at night and then the ending with the hope that their night will continue with their first love making session.

      Make it happen Collins!!

      I liked this part – just imagining the internal yearning Bette has for Tina –

      ‘Over the past few weeks, she had been on the receiving end of a few well-placed, good natured tease sessions from the blonde already. Tina had just as dry humor as she did and damn if she didn’t use it to her advantage whenever she could. These teasing sessions never failed to leave her breathless.’

      I can only image how they tease & torture each other – sweet.

      Okay, time to get these two doll babies together and make them happy.

      Thanks for another great chapter. Looking forward to what comes next.

      • Hey Kira,

        So, I had a difficult time in the beginning to get the tone right for this chapter. Just couldn’t find the right words for what I wanted to say. So, I set it aside for a week & let it breathe & then came back to it & then I just started writing & it all flowed much better.

        I wanted to build up their desire & yearning for each other & drag out that anticipation just a bit. But that long sought after release is coming quick.

        Thanks for your faith & support.

    3. I find myself falling deeper in love with Tibette too.

      Your writing is so detailed and strong – I can’t help myself but to feel deeply for these two young women.

      Terrific chapter.

      Please more of they can’t keep their hands to themselves!

      • Hi JW,

        They are an unbelievable, forever couple! Agree with you on that.

        Thanks for the vote of confidence & praise.

        Much more to come – the heart of the story & where it leads our couple.

        See ya on the next update.


    4. One of my favorite chapters in this story! I loved Tina and Ashley’s conversation, how they call each other Ash and sis, just like sisters who are best friends do.

      I think Tina is right, they are soulmates and “that they had a connection like no other in their lives and that it would last forever if they let it”

      I loved reading about their everyday life – their intimacy and affection and the makeout sessions “They set about perfecting the fine art of kissing” so Bette & Tina

      Such a romantic Friday night they’re having. Both of them looking so beautiful. And Tina’s note to Bette – just melted my heart.

      I loved this paragraph – ““We’re at the highest public point in London.” Bette voice was low and seductive. “I have to kiss you.” She didn’t allow Tina to respond or resist as if she would ever do that anyway. Their lips meet in a soft, thorough kiss that told the world all it needed to know about their feelings for one another”

      Great chapter! Can’t wait for the next one.

      • Hey my friend,

        I had you on my mind as I wrote the conversation with Ashley & Tina – sisters – such a special relationship!
        Glad I was able to capture those moments with them.

        One of the things i wished we would have gotten more of in both OG & GQ is some of their everyday lives – would have loved to see them just be around each other, cuddly & cozy & in love.

        What other couple do you know that can kiss like Tibette??? :-)

        Yes, I wanted their night to be the best it could be & of course Ms Bette ‘Romance’ Porter will do everything she can to give that to Tina.

        Setting the stage for the rest of their evening & what pleasures await them.

        Stay warm my friend & be safe.

    5. Hi Collins,

      Wonder if in your mind’s eye – did you have Bette make a list of all the things she wanted to organize for Tina for their evening out and afterwards? Ha, ha.

      Great update and really liked how connected they are. I’ll soon be expecting them to finish each other’s sentences next!!

      Please post soon!!

      • Hello Erin,

        Yes, Bette’s eternal habit of lists. I’ll make a note & use it in another chapter for sure!! :-) Thanks!!

        Yes, they’ll definitely get to know each other that well over the next few years.

        We’ll see how that turns out.

        Thanks so much.

    6. Hi Collins,

      I’m sorry I don’t comment after each, chapter, I don’t have time, I just want to continue reading !!

      I’m loving this story, The relationship between Tina and Shane, Tina and Ashley and of course, the lovingly slow getting to know you phase her and Bette are going through.

      I can’t help wondering what the issue was that kept them apart for so many years, I wonder if her father had something to do with it, He seems and old tarter!

      Thoroughly into this story and can’t wait to read more, Thankyou

      • Hey Janice,

        I’m just glad you found a few minutes to comment now. All good.

        Thanks for your continued support of this story.

        I wanted to lay solid groundwork for this young couple & show the close relationships they develop between the two sisters & the friendships both Tina & Bette have with Shane, Helena, James

        I’ll be addressing that part of the story very soon as we’ll transition back to present time very soon.

        See ya soon on the pages of Lesfan!!

    7. Fantastic chapter, so sweet … I’ve always loved London, so full of history, that’s nice to read.

      I bet the separation will be a decision of Tina! I guess Bette’s dad will give her an ultimatum, either break up or stop supporting her financially; Tina being Tina she will erase herself by inventing a bogus story! (Am I right?).

      Can’t wait to know !

      • Hi Izzie,

        I think London is my favorite city. I could definitely live there if I could afford it!! So much to see, so much history & the architecture is fantastic. And like Bette Porter, I love all the museums too.

        The National Portrait Gallery is my alltime favorite.

        So, you’re thinking TK will break it off with BP. Uhmmm.
        All I’ll confirm is that Bette’s dad is involved somehow!!

        It’ll come down to who will be willing to sacrifice their own happiness for the other.

        By now I would think you’ve seen Ep10???


        Take care, keep warm & be safe.

          • I loved every second of them!!

            We needed more of them & so much time was wasted on newbie B’S as MLR just couldn’t stop herself.

            But that’s all I’ll say about the incompetence of MLR & her so called actors.

            All Tibette & most of scenes were great. Shane’s 2 sex scenes with the wedding planner were sickening & nonemotional. It was totally gross that after 20 yrs, nothing has changed with Shane – she’s still the same irresponsible asshole she’s always been. Then after Tess drunkenly falls into thge wedding cake, Shane simply says, I’m sorry for ruining your wedding. What kind of BS is that??? Of course Tibette doesn’t blame her, but they should have.

            Other OG/Tibette scenes were great – good timing & amusing.

            Angie finally saw the light about the lowlife professor & called it quits with him. Asked her mom’s not to say they told her so – it was touching. At the end, she went off to see Bella & maybe…

            Tibette – we all know & fell the other worldly connection with JB/LuH. This time no different & even more so if possible. It was tender, heartfelt, emotional, honest, sexy, the wanna wrap them up & stol them in our hearts forever moments.

            Many folks have mentiokned their disappointment in no sex scene, but what they gave us instead was more meaningful to me. They gave us that utter commitment to each other, the long awaited wedding, wedding kiss & dance & then walking away together on their path to forever. It was beautiful, they were both gorgeous, elegant & every bit head over heels in love with each other.

            Jenluh guaranteed we got our forever with them & I’ll be forever grateful to them for their efforts, sacrifices they have made to secure that for us.

            It squeezes my heart to think that this was the last time we could see them together on screen. Them writing their own vows for Tibette once again proves to me their level of adoration for each other as well as for Bette & Tina.

            I’ll watch again tonight, cry many more times & be thankful to them for giving us this wonderful couple we have loved for 20 years & will continue to do so far into th e future.

            Hope you get to see the episode soon & can savor their moments together.

            Take care.

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