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    Chapter 17

    I finish proof reading my essay, I can hear Noah and Bette giggling together in the living room. I know they are watching a movie together. I had left them to finish up my essay. I made sure my reading list and references were correct before I sent it to my tutor via the portal. I closed my Mac and opened my study door, I lent on the door and watched Bette and Noah who were sat together. both giggling at the movie on the screen. I love seeing them together. Noah has bonded with Bette better than I ever expected. I head into the kitchen and start to prepare our evening meal. I love cooking for my family. The movie finishes and Noah is back to building Lego. Bette walks into the kitchen.

    “How is the essay going?” She asks as she walks behind me and slips her arms around me. Her head on my shoulder.

    “I’ve sent it in.”

    “Good, you can spend some time with Noah and I,”

    “You both seemed to be having a lot of fun,”

    “We were enjoying the movie,”

    “I could hear you both giggling in my study,”

    “Did we disturb you?”

    “No, I love hearing him laugh.”

    “His laugher is infections. I love spending time with him.”

    “I’m glad as he is now your son,”

    “He is,”

    “His new birth certificate should be here soon.”

    “I can’t wait.” Bette was excited, she loved being a mom.

    “Mommy, mama, can we go out tomorrow?” He asks

    “Where would you like to go?” Bette asks

    “The park please,”

    “Sure,” Bette agrees at once.

    “Do I get a say?” I ask, watching them both,

    “Yeah Mommy,” Noah was jumping from one foot to the other.

    “Sure we can go out tomorrow.”

    “All of us?” Noah asks. He knows I have been busy with my university work.

    “Yeah all of us, spend our Saturday together.”

    “Excellent, what’s for dinner?”

    “I’m making home made pizza,”

    “Can I have chicken please,” he only likes chicken.

    “You can baby, why don’t you go and wash up,”

    “C’mon mama,”

    Bette kisses my neck before she let go of me. Following Noah to the downstairs bathroom. I finished making the pizzas and served them up. Getting us all drinks. When Noah and Bette came back we sat down as a family and eat together. Noah telling me about his day. I listened and nodded along. He loves schools. I’m glad. I love this little boy so much. Bette helps him with his pizza as he has decided to cut it himself. I watch them together. I love watching them. Bette is so patient with him.

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    1. Children can have premonitions about bad things. I hope Tina’s parents want back into her life for the right reasons. But Logan’s mother has tipped some chain of events. Money? Is she wealthy? Tina”s parents didn’t just have a change of heart. Keep the plot flowing but no more danger for this wonderful family. PPS

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