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    Chapter 19

    Saturday evening, The Planet, Alice, Shane, Dana and Helena are having a drink.

    (Dana) So they’re both coming?

    Alice raises her eyebrows and nods.

    (Alice) Yeah, amazing right?

    Dana nods.

    (Dana) Yeah. This whole thing must have had a big impact on Bette then, for her to be up for this. She never has been before

    (Alice nods) Yeah, it’s a huge turnaround

    Dana nods and has a sip of her drink.

    (Dana) Do you think anything could ever happen between them again?

    Alice raises her eyebrows and thinks for a moment.

    (Alice) I’d never rule it out with them, but with how things have been between them for what? A decade?

    She sighs.

    (Alice) It’s a lot of ground to cover, right?

    (Helena) And Bette’s in a relationship

    Alice raises her eyebrows and nods.

    (Alice) Yeah

    Shane has a sip of beer and shrugs.

    (Shane) Well anyway, I think it’s great. That they’re both coming, and that they can be around each other more. Great for Angie too

    They all nod, and Helena gestures towards the entrance.

    (Helena) And here’s Bette

    Bette arrives and they all stand to greet her. After a round of hugs she settles on a couch next to Dana, and they all smile at her.

    (Shane) It’s good to have you back

    (Bette smiles) Thank you, and for all looking out for me so much while all of that was going on

    They all smile at her.

    (Dana) Can we ask you about it? What it’s been like getting everything back, or would you prefer not to talk about it?

    Bette smiles and touches her forearm.

    (Bette) Maybe another time Dane. It’s been a lot, and I think I’d rather just have a drink with you all and catch up on other things

    Dana nods and they smile at each other.

    (Dana) OK

    (Shane) Angie’s with Kit tonight?

    Bette looks to her and nods.

    (Bette) Yes, only until 11 though. I’ll need to go and pick her up

    Alice pours Bette a drink from the cocktail pitcher on the table and hands it across to her.

    (Alice) And how’s Julia? She’d be home by now right?

    Bette raises her eyebrows as she takes the drink from Alice.

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      • Nice one, katynd! So funny how Alice starts with 1000 questions. Really like how calm Bette stays. Only shrugs and short answers to not give too much to Alice.
        Helena is great. I love how she ends Alice’s questioning and how she tells T & B that she knows. They need friends like Helena.

        Thanks for posting, enjoyed it! Happy weekend.

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