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    Chapter 19 – Job and Emergencies

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 19 – Job and Emergencies

    The next morning was a rush morning. Bette and Tina did not wake until almost 7. Bette headed for the shower immediately leaving Tina to make the bed and pick up the clothes. Once out of the shower, Bette began her hair which she was still getting accustom to. Tina was in and out of the shower and almost finished and ready to dress about the same time as Bette. Bette found the suit and long-sleeve French cuff shirt in pink with a black suit. Tina loved Bette in her cuff-links and suits. She looked so put together, so in control of who she was in those suits. She then put on a pair of sling-back heals of medium height and walked out the bedroom door. Tina had finished and went to the kitchen to whip up some breakfast for her crew.

    Tina knowing that Bette felt rushed prepared her meal first and set it on the table with coffee and juice. Bette acted like she wanted to skip breakfast, but Tina was not going to allow that. Bette was thin and she needed to eat full meals to keep up her energy. Tina would rather she be late than to miss breakfast.  They were not going to fire her on the first day for being late to orientation which was a staff meeting no less. Tina then prepared the children’s plates as they wandered in their golf clothes. They were both wearing street shoes and would change into their golf shoes one they reached the golf course. This was the first day full day of lessons and this afternoon, they were playing nine holes. Both were very excited.

    Bette told Angie and Daniel to have fun and be careful driving as morning traffic was heavy.

    Bette then turned to her wife and kissed her and thanked for the breakfast. She actually needed it to settle her down before she went out the door. She then told her that she would text her later. Maybe she could get a call in before lunch. She kissed her again and smiled. And then told her to have a good day and she would be home as early as she could.

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