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    Chapter 18 – The Weekend – August 10 & 11

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 18 – The Weekend – August 10 & 11

    Bette and Tina got up and hurried to the shower. It was already 7:00 am and they needed to cook the breakfast.  They had over slept.  Bette was pleased that her hair took less than half the time to dry and Tina could get away with just towel drying her hair and combing it out. Bette was a bit jealous of that but kept on with the hair dryer.  Tina was dressed by the time Bette finished her hair and make-up and she saw the Tina was dressed in casual slacks and a button-down shirt with the tail out. She had put on sandals and was putting the last touches of her lip gloss.  Bette hurried as best she could but Tina left her to finish dressing alone. Tina went down to start breakfast.

    Tina immediately put on the coffee and began to get out eggs, bacon, bread and fruit. There wasn’t time for hash browns so she went with French Toast instead.  When Bette joined her, she put her on the strawberries and blueberries. She figured about four cups of each would be plenty for eight people. She then had Bette place them in serving cups to make sure there was enough. Once the bacon was done, she proceeded with the French toast.  She made 24 pieces, each cut in half so there would be plenty for the group of eight. Bette quickly set the table and put out glasses of water and juice and coffee cups on the table. She had placed the cups of fruit on the counter near Tina so she could put a serving cup of each on each plate. The family began to wander into the dining room, Bette poured the coffee. Tina brought plates of food to each as they sat down, serving herself and Bette last.  Bette had already place syrup and honey on the table and everyone was digging into the hot breakfast.

    Sonny was going to clean the grill today and then join the kids in the pool. Kit thought she might join the kids in the pool after she got the kitchen cleaned up. Paris and Jeanette were going to go with Sonny, Kit, Angie and Daniel to play mini-golf later in the morning. Bette and Tina were going to leave right after breakfast.

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    1. Martha,

      I am absolutely engrossed in this story, please update soon! I can’t see where there new life is taking them all.
      Lots of love and fun times if the earlier chapters are anything to go by !

      Loving it ❤️

      • Its taking them where they want to be…. enjoying their family and friends. To being the parents they want to be… to new expressions of their creativity and to the happiness of just being who they are…

        Thank you for reading…

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