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    Chapter 19 – What Will Peggy Say?


    ”Mother,” Helena begins as soon as Angie is out of ear sight, ”I don’t think you…”

    ”It’s okay Helena.” Tina smiles at her old friend stopping her from continuing. ”It seems that Peggy and I have some things to discuss. But maybe you guys could give us a few minutes by ourselves?”

    ”Tina,” Helena reaches for Tina’s arm and turns her towards her, ”you’ll be okay?”

    ”Yes, thank you my friend.  It’ll be okay.” Tina smiles back at Helena. ”I promise. If you’ll help the girls for a few minutes?”

    ”Of course.  I’ll get them sorted.” Helena nods. ”Just call out if you need me.”

    ”Thanks.” Tina squeezes her friends hand on her arm. ”If you could just close the slider when you get inside.”

    ”Will do.” Helena answers and then looks over at her mother. ”Please do show some respect to Tina.”

    With that Helena leads everyone inside the house as Tina had asked leaving Peggy and Tina by themselves on the patio.

    ”So, now’s your chance to say what’s on your mind.” Tina faces Peggy.

    ”Why Tina,” Peggy tilts her head and looks back at Tina. ”Whatever do you mean?”

    ”Peggy please don’t play coy with me.” Tina purses her lips. ”You obviously have things you want to say.”

    ”Oh, I certainly do.” Peggy looks at Tina over the rim of her scotch tumbler.  ”Do you really want to hear what I have to say?”


    Late Saturday Afternoon Porter Patio

    ”I’m sure you have shared your thoughts with Bette in one version or another multiple times.” Tina stands tall.

    “Yes, I have.” Peggy nods. “Multiple times to be exact.”

    ”I think now would be a good time for us to discuss things face to face.”

    ”Alright then.” Peggy placed her glass on a nearby garden end table. ”You broke Bette’s heart when you so callously walked away and divorced her.  Bette was devastated.  To say nothing of Angie’s confused and hurt feelings.  And you knew it would happen, yet you still insisted on it anyway.”

    ”I know I did and I take full responsibility for it.” Tina closes her eyes to that regret. ”But at the time, I didn’t know what else to do.”

    ”So you thought that divorcing the woman you claimed all these years was the love of your life and your soulmate was the only answer to your problems?”

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    1. Hi Collins,

      What a incredible good chapter!

      I loved the talk between Tina and Peggy. Tina didn’t have to explain or defend herself to Peggy but knows how much Peggy loves Bette and her need to protect her that she choose to explain that there were reasons for her past behavior, for running away when she felt trapped. That she worked at her issues and knows that it had to do with her childhood. The past two years has helped her to understand and learn tools to prevent she will run away again when she feels trapped.

      Has Peggy a right to question Tina about her past behavior? Yes and no, it is not her business, but she saw with her own eyes what the leaving and divorce did to Bette, how devastated and broken she was. Peggy sees Bette as a daughter and want to protect her, so yes i completely understand that she wanted to know Tina is sincer in her saying she is back for good and won’t run again and how she is going to prove that. No, because this is between Bette and Tina to solve and work out. They both have to work on the relationship, forgive each other and move on. The biggest problem is the trust, both have issues on that, Bette more than Tina, but it can be restored by showing promises in actions as well. So far they are both very committed to work on a healthy relationship that will last into eternity.

      It is good to see that Bette takes responsibility in her part of the failing of their relationship. Why is it that the affair with Candyass is still coming up as a reason their relationship went wrong? Sure it was the beginning of their first break up, but that was ages ago and should not be a reason anymore.
      Apparently this was never really forgiven and always hung over their heads like a sword. Bette never forgave herself and neither did Tina deep down. I hope they both can finally bury the past, both Tina and Bette’s mistakes and start a bright future together with a clean slate. And like Bette told Peggy, without inference from others. They are the ones who are responsible for their relationship and have to communicate open and honest to keep it healthy.

      The declaration from Tina to Angie and Bette in front of their family was brilliant and showed how dedicated she is to never leave again and love them forever. The necklace was a beautiful way to let Bette know she is hers again, now and forever! Very well done ????

      Collins, you put so much time and energy in this story, i thank you for that! It is a pleasure to read it!

      Stay safe and healthy ????❤️????

      • Hey my pal,

        Lots of good conversation between Tina & Peggy.

        You are absolutely right that Tina didn’t need to tell her a thing, but Tina knows just how much Peggy & Bette mean to each other & Peggy to the entire Porter family.

        Tina wants to make peace also & not have friction between her & Peggy moving forward. She doesn’t want anything to get in the way of her renewed relationship with Bette.

        This is the very last Candy ass will be spoken about!!!!! You’re welcome!!!!

        Moving forward is what it’s all about.

        So in writing this chapter, I wanted to bring in something personal from their past & thought of the necklace idea. It ties them from the past & once again now. Glad you liked the connection.

        I know that all of my fellow writers put a lot of thought, time & effort into the great stories that we write. I am so glad and count myself fortunate to have the support of the readers.

        Continue to keep well & stay safe my friend.


    2. Thank you for another great chapter, Collins. Tina and Bette have survived the wars of love over the years. Peggy has served as a protector for Bette, a substitute Mom when her heart was totally broken. She didn’t need to know intimate details but she does have Bette’s best interest at hand. Glad Tina expressed her love in front of their friends and Angie. Now the hard part comes, keeping her promise. Sending a prayer of comfort for all those that have been affected by the Covid 19 pandemic. We have to comfort and offer strength to each other during this trying time. As with all things, this too shall pass. PPS

      • Hi Majicspider60,

        Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

        So happy that you are enjoying the story as it unfolds & that you have chosen to follow along.

        Staying the course for them will be the challenge. We’ll see what speed bumps might get in the way. Being open & honest with each other will be key to their success.

        COVID can be so deadly. I personally have had 2 family members infected. Fortunately & thankfully, they did not require hospitalization & fully recovered. But so many world wide haven’t been that lucky.

        My great grandfather died in the 1918 Pandemic. In many ways it just seems inconceivable that something as horrific like that could occur again.

        Please stay safe & keep well.

        Best regards.


    3. Hey Collins
      So I really liked this chapter. I liked that Tina listened and reflected and gave Peggy space to tell her the concerns she has. And imho Peggy had every right to challenge Tina a little. If I had a dear friend fall apart like Bette and the person who caused such harm came back I would be like…. hey now. So they talked but more importantly they listened to each other.. Hopefully this is the last time Bette has to apologize for Candace as it sounds like they are really ready to move on. Lets go! Looking forward to seeing if Bette wins, and what career path Tina takes. Also, love that they will date, I think that will fun for your to write and for us to read.
      Excellent chapter…. thanks

      • Hey BK,

        Thanks for logging in & sending a response.

        It’s clear that Peggy has always had a very deep fondness for Bette & then Angie. In OG, she was a bit indifferent to Tina. So I wanted to find common ground for Peggy & Tina moving forward. I didn’t want constant friction between them with Bette caught into the middle.

        Now is the time for Tibette to move forward & get on with their lives & the future. Big changes coming for both.

        Lots more to come. Yes the election is next & then we’ll see what’s in store for them.

        You’re so right about a dating subplot – should be great fun for EVERYONE!!! We’ll probably have a family date too!!!!

        Lookingforward to your next post also.

        Thanks so much my friend.

        Best always,


    4. Super chapter Collins. Glad to read that Tina stood up to Peggy and didn’t let Peggy manipulate her. Happy that Bette stood her ground also and won’t let anyone again interfere in their relationship!
      I hated that about the original show – everybody was always getting into Bette & Tina’s business.
      Spider60 is right, now the hard part comes with them trying to be a couple again. But you have presented them in a very loving & caring manner, so I have hope that they will be okay.
      Really sweet ending with Tina asking Bette to put the necklace back on her neck. It showed Tina’s commitment back to Bette and making their relationship work.
      Thanks so much for a great chapter.
      Looking forward to your next.

      • Hi Kira,

        So glad that you have been following the story. Thank you for your support.

        Now that understanding & forgiveness has been given, Tibette will be able to move forward.

        They have such a long & strong relationship & now can work towards a more balanced future together.

        Thanks for taking the time to comment.

        Take care.


      • Hello there SG,

        I know Peggy is one of your Fav characters- so I gave her a little bit of biting action towards Tina, but they worked it out in the end. They’re now reconciled as well & won’t be staring each other down in the coming chapters.

        Peggy will make a few more appearances in the story – Yay!!!!!!

        Will be posting soon.

        Texas is opening back up to 75% for businesses tomorrow – scary. Our infections are now state wide, but not nationally. It’s still a colossal mess!!!!!

        So sorry to see our other Fav actresses – Dame Diana Rigg passes away last week. It was sad – so many memories of her & her fantastic roles over the years. What a force of nature she was.

        Stay safe over your way & take care.


        • Yes sad about Dame Diana but she was working to the end, her latest Role in All Creatures Great and Small is showing on UK TV at the moment. I actually attended a Lunch many years ago when she was a Speaker. Very approachable and natural, a lovely Lady.

          We are supposedly about to be entering our Second Peak! Very scary!
          I am,of course, due to my age still on Isolation only allowed to shop for necessities and an hours exercise.
          I am going slowly going round the bend!!!
          Please, please keep posting!

          • I’ve been watching Dame Diana since the 1960’s in The Avengers!!!! Awesome actress & so involved with the fight for equality her entire life.

            So glad that you were able to meet her!!! What a thrill!!!!!

            I am a early retiree & my wife will retire at the end of this year. So beside essential errands, we stick close to home too. Have a walking buddy, but we wear masks.

            Yes, will definitely keep posting.

            Lots more to come with this story, then an epilogue & hopefully a sequel!!!!!!!

            Lots more to tell with Tibette.

            Thanks as always for your support.

            Take care my friend.


    5. Great dialogue between Peggy and Tina, with Bette arriving to tip the scales definitively in Tina’s favour. Tina sounds like she’s done the work in therapy and she deserves a chance to put what she’s learned into action.

      I enjoyed the party game! That’s a fun game and a good call back to the pirate stuff. You also did a good classic “rolling and tumbling and then they kiss” number. Can never get enough of those, lol

      I wonder what Tina’s career change might be? And what Shane and Quiara are going to name their son? And of course WILL BETTE WIN? Are you going to ditch canon, my friend??

      Great story. x

      • Hi Largo,

        Thanks for taking a few minutes to comment.

        Bette & Tina are determined to get this last chance correct & lasting. I do remember the constant interruptions & interference from their ‘friends’ in OG. I thought IC took that tooooo far & it became ridiculous. I was determined that NOONE would do that in this version of their story.

        Glad you thought the party game was fun. I enjoyed writing the scene.

        Their careers will be very interesting – new for both of them!

        Got a name already set up for Shane’s son. It’s nice & fits in with the story.

        Yes, the BIG question is will she or won’t she win!!!! You’ll just have to follow along my friend>

        Thanks so much.


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