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    Chapter 18 – Family Night

    Chap 18 – Family Night


    Bette leans up and turns slightly so she can look into Tina’s eyes. Her hands on either side of Tina to steady herself.

    ”I’ve only ever thought of you as my partner, my wife.” Bette says, honesty in her voice. ”Even when we were apart after Angie was born. I just keep hoping deep down that someday, some way we would get back together. We love each other too much not to.”

    Tina trails her fingers down Bette’s fine jaw line, ending at her chin which she holds so preciously in her fingers.

    ”I know babe. I have felt the same. Even when I left this last time, I knew I was still in love with you, but didn’t know how to manage my issues and depression.”

    Bette looks down at Tina’s hands as they now cover her own. She asks her question without looking up, afraid of the answer. Her long history of insecurity high jacking her mind.

    ”Do you really think we’ll make it work this time?”

    Silence from Tina. No movement.

    It seemed like forever . . .

    Bette slowly raises her gaze to look into the blonde’s bluish green eyes and finding unbridled love in them. What she sees takes her breath away.

    ”My love, my Bette.” Tina gently draws Bette’s chin in close to her and gives her a huge smile. ”Babe, I absolutely know, not think, that we will make it this time.”


    ”Oh, yeah.” Tina leans forward and places a soft, loving kiss on Bette’s lips. One that conveys all the love she has for Bette.

    One that comes from deep in her heart.


    Today would prove to be another whirlwind day for Bette and the Porter Campaign team leading up to Election Day – it was only 4 days away. The result of another poll this week still had Bette trailing Milner, but by a smaller margin. All Bette’s efforts and that of her campaign people were starting to show in a positive way. The event party last evening had been a huge success and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the shelters and the needy families and individuals they served.

    After the excitement of the event party the previous night, Bette and Tina both had a difficult time falling asleep. That coupled with the growing excitement they both were feeling towards the other person. That led to prolonged periods of thought which lead to arousal and then need. The need to satisfy and be satisfied by the other like only they could. Like no one else would ever fill.

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    1. So, you bring back a favourite Character of mine and then leave me hanging over a cliff :-) !

      Thanks for a great post, thoroughly enjoyed it and, as usual, looking forward to the next.

      Stay well and safe my friend

      • Hi SG,

        Glad I was able to give you some joy!! I love Holland Taylor too & thought she should have been in OG much more. Gee, I remember her all the way back to Bosom Buddies with Tom Hanks!!!!

        Peggy gets her say – & Tina receives it well & offers how this time will be different.

        Take care & be safe in your world my friend!!!


    2. Hi Collins,

      So good to read a new chapter of you!

      I certainly want to know what Peggy has to say! She is very protective of Bette and i am sure she has some things on her mind to point out to Tina. I love how Peggy “adopted” Bette and Angie and see them as her family. And Tina is very direct towards Peggy and is ready for their talk.

      Time, that is what both Bette and Tina need. It is so easy to fall in bed together and give in to their acctraction to each other. Both have scars and wounds that need to heal, but Bette’s wounds are so deep after the divorce, it hurt her to the core and soul and her trust in Tina has been destroyed. That trust will take time to restore.

      It is still weird that Shane is going to be a mother and to a boy, but she will be a excellent mother!

      Collins, this was a fantastic chapter, beautiful written and pictures!!!

      I am looking forward to the talk between Tina and Peggy.

      Stay save and healthy my friend ????❤️????????

      • Hey my friend,

        So glad you liked the update.

        So I brought back Peggy & all her opinions & arrogance!!! But she’s a fun character & in the end wants what’s best for the people she loves. She’s very protective of Bette & Angie & Tina before Tina left.

        Yes, Tibette needs time, but that time is coming to an end & soon. Sexual tension is getting more heated!!!!

        Shane & a baby – now a baby boy – will be fun to write & read. She’s actually turn out to be a great mom despite her fears.

        Glad you liked the pixs & I will continue to use them.

        Have a great weekend & stay safe.

        Thanks so much.


    3. Not so much a fan of this Peggy with her snippy comments especially in front of Angie. I am positive Peggy has stepped on plenty of people herself, and has never apologized for it. The only apologies and forgiveness Tina needs is from Bette and Angie. I hope Bette walks in on Peggy’s comments to Tina. I hope Tina puts her in her place.

      • Just my opinion but I love Peggy. Always. I think she is actually the perfect person to tell Tina what she needs to hear. Bette is her adopted daughter. Angie is her adopted grand daughter. Two years without Tina around. That is a lot of time. Now Tina is willing to commit for six months. I’m sure Peggy is not looking for any apologies or forgiveness from Tina. Why would she? Perhaps a carefully worded warning that Peabody eyes will be on her.

      • Hi Cathy,

        Thanks so much for commenting. I agree that Peggy can be hard to take at times, but she can also be very kind & is a huge philanthropist.

        She’s being protective of Bette & Angie here. But Tina and then Bette will hold their ground with her. I think you will like how it all turns out.

        Thanks again & stay safe & well.


    4. Everyone has a different take on stories and that’s how it should be. What struck me in this chapter is a sense of sadness for Bette. She feels like such a secondary character. Breakfast in bed and a massage are thoughtful but it is the last weekend before the election. Tina is hosting a family barbecue rather than knocking on doors, rallying the troops and manning the phones and social media. Doing everything possible down the final stretch to get out the vote and support Bette and to help her win. Especially as the poll numbers are so close. I would imagine Bette is feeling very nervous yet we are not privy to her feelings as the election feels like an afterthought to the barbecue. I hope that the upcoming war of words between Tina and Peggy will not be more about Tina herself than what Tina did to Bette. Peggy is one tough cookie to be sure and she loves Bette with an absolute ferocity of spirit that cannot be questioned or denied. If anyone deserves to have a few choice words with Tina regarding Bette it is Peggy. Tina destroyed Bette. Peggy knows this. I hope Peggy will get to deliver the home truths Tina needs to hear. It is time.

      • We do have different opinions. I don’t like Peggy’s comments in front of Tina’s daughter. It is disrespectful. She could have asked Tina to meet with her somewhere private instead of baiting Tina. Be an adult. Tina already knows she screwed up and I think she has been doing a lot for Bette with her election. In the end, it is up to Bette on whether she can take that big step. Enjoying Bette’s thoughts on whether she can take that leap.

      • Hiya Billy,

        Thanks for all you comments today – lots to discuss.

        Yes, the confrontation between Peggy & Tina will be tense & truthful. Lots to discuss there & how will this time be different.

        Some tender moments between Tibette & Tina trying her best to relieve some of Bette’s stress.

        Thanks as always for your insight.


    5. Collins

      A family BBQ and Peggy, what a surprise. Up until now, it seems Tina really has not had anyone confront her seriously about what she had done. Peggy is a good one for putting it all on the table.

      Peggy will put a voice to all of Bette’s insecurities.

      Good read my friend.


    6. Another wonderfully written chapter. Tina seems to be trying to care for Bette during these last few days of campaigning. The breakfast tray with the loving banter between our couple followed by a stress relieving massage was sweet! I think the family bbq might just be another way to relax Bette during the last days of the election. I love Peggy and she isfiercely protective of Bette so I imagine Tina is going to feel her fire over Tina’s behavior the last 2 yrs. I would expect no less of Peggy. But kudos to Tina for taking the bait Peggy has been throwing. I feel that is a sign of her commitment to make this chance for a reconciliation to be sincere. If Tibette is going to make it this time Peggy is someone who needs to be supportive of the duo. So, bring on Peggy and Tina’s interaction…honest, intense, insightful and hopefully forgiving! It should be powerful!

      • Hi Finn,

        Thanks for taking the time to comment. I means so much to us writers when you the readers comment.

        Yes, thank you for mentioning that Tina has been trying her very very best to show Bette that she has her best interests at heart & will do anything to make her happy & provide her support. She’s trying to do all the little things to relieve some of Bette’s stress & also demonstrate how very much she still loves Bette.

        Peggy is a hand full & it will be a good fight!!! Tina gets called out on her behaviors & she offers solutions to prevent them from happening again.

        So glad to liked the chapter. The next will post sooner than this one.

        Thanks my new friend!!!

        Take care & stay well.


    7. Ouch! What a cold reception from Peggy. It’s best for Tina and Peggy to have a conversation. Tina has grown in confidence to go toe to toe with Peggy. I get being protective but no one knows all the details within a relationship as evidence by Tina’s failure to acknowledge her depression or behavior.

      I love how Bette and Tina are focusing on building their relationship and not jumping into a physical relationship.

      Love Angie. She’s so perceptive. As, Shane as a daddy of a boy. Can’t wait for that saga.

      • Hiya Deanna,

        Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

        Yes, Peggy is being protective & now sees Tina as the enemy. We’ll see if Tina can change her mind.!!!
        And yes, you are right, although we have always seen in OG that all the friends lived in each other’s pockets, they don’t now all that happened in the Tibette relationship.

        I understand that a lot of the readers may want them to being a physical relationship ASAP, but trust takes time & can’t be rushed. Step by step they are building it back.

        Yes, Angie is a chip off both T & B’ shoulders!!! Very protective of her moms.

        Yes, Shane as a mama/daddy!!!!! Should be a lot of fun. Her friends will tease her unmercifully!!! But all in good fun.

        Thanks again & stay safe!!!!


    8. Collins
      Was that fireworks I saw as the chapter closed or was it just Peggy and Tina squaring off like two gunslingers in the wild wild west. My money is on Peggy. No, wait… Tina. No, Peggy. Oh Hell. I can’t decide.
      What I do know is that Peggy has every right to hold Tina accountable for her actions and for divorcing Bette only to come striding in like the Lone Ranger to save the day (keeping up with my wild west theme).
      Not so fast. Tina has every right to be given the opportunity to tell Peggy that she is all in, committed to change and doing the hard work of figuring out why she runs when things get hard.
      Peggy saw the devastation Tina left behind. She will be quick to draw. Tina knows the conversations she has had with Bette and where they stand. She will be quick to draw.
      Lets just hope two of them ride off into the sunset. By two of them, I mean Bette and Tina, natch.
      Looking forward to the next chapter, which I hope you post quickly.
      BK (this would be on my belt buckle should you need me to enter stage left,,,,,)

      • Hi BK,

        Gunslingers, uh??? Sounds like fun!!!!

        Yes, Peggy & Tina will square off with each other & put it all out there. Will be interesting to see how it all works out. They both have their strong points & many things to share.

        Bette will appear and will have some thoughts to share as well.

        We all know the endgame wish, let’s see if we can make it happen.

        Next chapter will close up this part of the story on forgiveness and allow Tibette to move forward.

        Thanks for all your support & chats along the way.

        Stay safe & post soon yourself!!!!

        All my best.


    9. Excellent update. Brilliant idea to bring Peggy in. She’s just the person to say what the others may not have said outright. However, Tina will stand firm, I believe. Peggy’s testing her to see if she’s truly committed this time and Tina took the bait. Tina can also see Bette is feeling overwhelmed as we are going into the home stretch of the campaign. She’s doing what she should do, which is take care of the little things to ease Bette’s mind.

      Can’t wait to see what fireworks ensue between Peggy and Tina. My bet is that Bette will arrive in the middle of the conversation, but will overhear it all.

      • Hi Trecelovinit,

        Thanks so much for commenting.

        Peggy is such a force & won’t hold back from speaking her mind. Tina will do the same. Yes, it will be a good test, but one that will have a lasting outcome.

        Tina is doing her very best to take some pressure off Bette & be at her side as much as she can. She’s done a lot in less than 2 weeks & will continue to keep her family together. No holding back this time.

        Fireworks coming soon!!!!!!

        Thanks again.

        Keep yourself & family safe.


    10. Peggy? Pretty sure it’s absolutely not her business, and if i be in Tina’s shoes i’ll just tell her to get fuck from the house. And i’m pretty sure that Tina absolutely don’t need even try and talk with that old cow.

      Really tired from Bette always victim and Tina always in blame. Tina who seems to need to justify her actin to everyone in LA. To Bette and Angie – yes, i understand, but to everyone else – nope, it’s not their business.
      And Bette – stop be so melodramatic queen. Tina left you – well it happen. Stop acting as you the one person in the world with situation like that. You was hurt – yes. But as always you always thinking about only your hurt. Or when you slept with married woman – if you thinking about her husband hurt?
      Where was this Peggy in that time when Bette fucking Felicity? Or it’s also Tina’s fault?

      • Hi Z,

        Thanks for catching up.

        Peggy is a very unique character & serves as Bette’s adopted mother figure in her life. She wants to protect Bette & Angie & doesn’t want to see them get hurt again.

        She & Tina will have a good conversation, forceful at times & understanding also.

        This will sum up the divorce issue, the forgiveness for & to both of Tibette & provide them the opportunity to finally move forward once & for all.

        Thanks for reaching out.

        Stay healthy & continue to support Lesfan!!!


        • Peggy serves as adopted mother to Bette???? Maybe in your story, but definitely not in TLW, where their always had only professional relationship, not personal.

          And protect Angie from her birth mother – really? She don’t have any right for that – not moral, not official. Angie only have two parents, not three or more. And all decision about her it’s only between Bette and Tina. All others – they no one to her officially, because her only real aunt – Kit – already dead.

      • Hey Cathy,

        Thanks ever so much for taking the time to comment.

        So glad that you are liking this story & continuing to follow along. It seems like forever ago that I started this back in April!!

        Happy to hear that you are liking the emotions I am trying to portray & get a really good feel for both Bette & Tina. They’ve been through so much and deserve some happiness.

        Take care & as always, stay safe & healthy.


    11. Very well set up! To me, it’s entirely credible that Peggy would act this way. There was always a warmth to her and Bette’s relationship that exceeded the professional element. Remember when she strode into the boardroom at the CAC and told Franklin and the others to stop dicking about with Bette? So yes, this is a relationship I recognise.

      Tina is very clear about what she has to do to win back Bette’s trust and I think Bette’s devotion to her will see that she gets every chance to do so. Did you listen to JB on the Pants podcast with KM and LH? She spoke about how Tina is the whole story, alpha and omega, for Bette. But does Tina deserve another chance? I think she does, but this is where it’s clever to use Peggy to cross-examine her. Peggy – confident, smart as a whip and loved by Bette – who better? A master stroke of exposition, Collins. Brava. *applauds*

    12. Peggy is the perfect person to do this. Remember in TLW when she rode to Bette’s rescue by striding into the boardroom and tearing Franklin a new one for not backing Bette’s vision for the CAC? She has always championed Bette and always will, in my book. It’s clever, too, to engineer a showdown that gives Tina the chance to make her case explicitly. As a reader, that’s what I want to hear from her to make me believe she’s changed. Bravo!

      • Hey Largo,

        Sorry for the very late reply, but just actually saw this comment.

        I agree that Peggy has always supported Bette & her career.

        Like your idea of the OK carrel showdown!!!

        I went back & forth on this subject & although Tina doesn’t ‘owe’ Peggy and explanation, but thought that to prove herself, she needed to have that conversation with Peggy.

        Thanks so much & hope you are doing well.


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