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    Chapter 2 – The Brains Behind This Operation

    Hendryx Studios

    “What is it Bette?” Shane asked.

    Inhaling another deep breath, Bette looked at the seven pairs of eyes that studied her in an attempt to read her expression.

    “You’re never going to believe who I just got off the phone with.” Bette shook her head and looked down at the floor.

    “Well, come on Baby Sis, don’t keep us in suspense or nuthin’,” Kit said over the mic.

    “That fucking booking bitch over at the Roxy just told me that they’re pulling out of hosting the CD release party.”

    “You’re fucking kidding?” are the disappointed words uttered simultaneously from each and every mouth in the studio.

    “I guess some big time label has booked a well-known band and un-booked us since their cut of ticket sales will be higher with them. Sorry guys. I’m going to have to book you another venue for next Friday, I just don’t know where we’ll be able to find one at the last minute.”  Bette looked defeated.

    “Don’t sweat it Bette. Whatever you can get for us will be cool. Even if we gotta play in someone’s garage.” Angus said trying to cheer Bette up.

    “Bette, you know we totally trust your decisions. That’s why we made you our business manager,” Alice said matter-of-factly. “Right, guys?”


    “Well, I appreciate your guys’ confidence. I’ll make some calls this afternoon and see what it will take to relocate the show.” Bette picked up her purse from the couch that Tayo was sitting on with her beloved bass. “Oh, fuck!” Bette stopped in her tracks. “I just remembered I gotta call the printers off. Dammit!”

    “Printers? What for, Baby Sis?”

    With a furrowed brow, Bette admitted, “I was going to surprise you guys on Friday with some flyers Max and I put together promoting the show next week.”

    “See there? You think of everything, Little Porter. That’s why you are the brains behind this operation.” Angus declared with a warm smile.

    Bette regarded Angus with a smile of her own. He’s the only straight guy I can honestly say I love to death. Why won’t Kit just be with him? Bette thought.

    “Well, the brains must get back to work before her boss cans her for taking an extra long lunch again. Call me once all the tracks are laid and we’ve got ourselves a demo, got it?”

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    1. So the whole goal of the first chapter was to make the reader believe that at first, Bette and Tina were on the phone with one another. Hopefully the first time readers (or perhaps your first time reading it way back when) fell for that device. Or at least thought that was what may be happening.

      In the last 9 years since I began this story, I actually worked for a marketing company for a little while and got some insight as to the type of work Bette did as a marketing executive and the types of personalities she may have worked with.

      You will notice that I have updated the type of phone Bette’s using in this story. When I started writing, I had a Blackberry Storm. Jeez, that seems like an ancient device now. This is just one of many technology updates that I incorporated into the new version.

      Expect a few more chapters to be posted before the end of Sunday. The first few are relatively short, so I anticipate that you will be satisfied with the number of chapters I end up posting each week. I am also working on a another short story that I hope to be finished in time to be posted this Friday. No promises, but it’s been an unfinished file in my documents folder since December 2015.

      See you soon!

    2. Thanks for another update!

      I must say – you changed phone, but you didn’t chaged a car. You must love Cadillac, don’t you?)

      And continue conversation about how often you posting this story – of course, it’s up to you, but maybe you can post all story at once, like kins with “Voyagers”?

      • A number of years ago, my car was an unreliable piece of crap and I was saving up for a new one. My generous and well-to-do boss let me drive his sweet, maroon CTS-V with a Corvette engine for a few weeks. He offered to sell it to me, but even the used price was a bit too rich for my blood. But I fell in love with that car. I’ve wanted one ever since. It’s so damn sexy.

    3. Hi MeLL,
      I like the subtle changes/updates to your story. It’s real fun to read it again.

      Looking forward to your new story as well, I guess, I’ll block some hour on Sundays for the next weeks to keep up with your next postings :-)

      Love it!

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