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    Chapter 1 – I’ve Got Bad News, Guys

    Nona Hendryx’s Recording Studio

    “Okay Kit, we’re ready to take it from the top.” Bette Porter announced into the microphone from behind the glass window separating the sound mixing room from the recording room.

    The music intro faded in before Kit Porter began to lay down the vocals on the track.

    “Rust to dust.
    Us to them.
    Change your mind,
    Change your skin
    Life to death.
    Weak to strength.
    Cash your checks.
    Change your sex.”

    “She sounds fantastic,” Angus Partridge observed as Carmen de la Pica Morales expertly tweaked the mixing knobs.

    “She really does,” Carmen agreed. “We should be able to finalize this demo by Friday no problem.”

    “Good,” said Bette. She stood behind Carmen, her arms crossed while Alice Pieszecki and Shane McCutcheon were on either side of her. Shane drummed her fingers on the back of Angus’s chair in time with the music.

    Nona sat beside Carmen as she bobbed her head to the music. Tayo quietly sat on the couch in the back of the mixing room spanking her bass in tune with Kit. Alice looked back at her and smiled shyly.

    Just then, Bette’s cell phone vibrated in her pocket. She double tapped the Air Pod plugged into her left ear and headed for the door. “Hello?” she answered without checking the caller ID screen.

    Closing the studio door behind her, Bette listened intently to the caller’s voice on the other line.


    Alphaville Records Office

    “Look, I don’t care how good you think your band is, stop sending me fucking demos! We don’t listen to them if they are unsolicited so you are wasting your time and money by leaving them on our doorstep alright?” Tina Kennard was fired up.

    She listened to the response as the voice on the other line hurled some of their own vulgar insults.

    “Oh yeah? Just see if your band gets signed to any U.S. label, you fucking moron! I know half the venue owners in this town and if you think that you’re gonna get to book so much as a karaoke contest you are sadly mistaken. Hope your shitty band likes playing weddings and proms because that’s all the play they’re gonna be getting, douchebag!”

    And with that, she slammed her office phone down.

    “Fuck!” she exclaimed, leaning back into her comfy desk chair. Sometimes this job just isn’t worth what I have to put up with, Tina thought.

    After 3 years as the A&R rep for Alphaville Records, she should be used to dealing with pushy managers and agents trying to get their bands or singers signed on to the label. Time after time, she had to break it to them that they just didn’t have what it took to be a star on the Alphaville label.

    And this morning after arriving at the office, she found her desk covered in unsolicited demo CDs from the same band that had been sending her the same demo since last week. After getting fed up with her lack of desk space, she finally called their manager to give them a piece of her mind.


    Hendryx Studios

    “What the fuck? That fucking bitch hung up on me! Unfuckingbelievable!” Bette exclaimed to nobody in particular.

    She walked back into the studio. Kit was no longer singing as Nona spoke with her through the microphone about the last verse.

    A deep sigh escaped Bette as she looked at the other band members.

    “Hey, who was on the phone, Bette?” Alice asked. The rest of the band and Nona looked up at Bette.

    Nona kept the mic switch on so Kit could hear.

    “I’m afraid I’ve got bad news, guys,” Bette replied shaking her head.


    1. meloveslu says

      Okay folks, I’m here to tell you that I have an ending completed for this little story of mine. It has taken me well over two years to revise this book, but I’ve finally done it and you will notice some changes from its original form that I have left published on this site.

      I started this story and originally published it on another site back in December of 2009. Well, since that time, technology has changed and so has the music business. I have incorporated many of those changes into this story so it will be quite different from its original form in those areas.

      I will take the opportunity to post a chapter or two each week and give a brief author’s note about the particular chapter posted and any anecdotes that may be relevant.

      Before I commit to the number of chapters to post each week, I suppose I should take a poll of the readership. How many chapters would you like me to post each week? (Here’s a hint, there are 91 altogether). Ideally, I will be posting once a week on Sundays. I’m on vacation this week for the holiday so you may get four or five chapters by this coming Sunday.

      I can’t begin to tell you how bittersweet it is knowing that I have finally finished this monstrosity. But I’ve been paying attention to your nudges for me to complete it, and am answering the call. Now I am free to really write more stuff (especially long-form stuff) that I have been reluctant to start since this one has been hanging over my head for so long.

      I appreciate your readership and all of your comments (you will determine how many chapters I post, so make your voice heard!). And I look forward to hearing from you all very soon!



    2. Zhenya says

      Wau!! Hi! Your story always was one of my favorite and always sad when great story left unfinished. So i’m very happy that you decided to give us proper end.
      And i’m fine with chapter in every week.

    3. Bibi28 says

      Hi MeLl,

      Wow, i am so happy to see you back!!!

      So glad that you finished this story.

      I am looking forward to read it all over again.

      Please post as much as you can, but at least one or two chapters a week.

    4. SassyGran says

      Hi MeLL
      Delighted to have you back writing.
      How many Chapters per week? Depends for me how many pages!
      If the Chapter is 10 Pages 1 would be fine but not on a 1 page Chapter!

      Look forward to reading more
      MeLuvsU MeLL!

      • meloveslu says

        Hey Sassypants!

        I like your suggestion of posting based on the number of pages. I can’t really tell when I am posting in the window how many pages it is going to be, but I could probably eyeball it based on the number of words each chapter is.

        Thanks for sticking with me after all these years!

    5. proteonomics says

      Hi MeLL:

      So happy to have your writing back, and this time with the whole thing finished (some of us should learn from you).

      Yes, I agree with the former comments, if chapters are very short (less than 5 or six pages), 2 per week could be excellent, but if they are longer than 10, 1 per week would be fine, in between of these numbers I think it would be your choice.

      But honestly, I think is up to you; do as you think is better for you because I could read 3 or more times per week if your posts are very short (1 or 2 pages).

      Thank you so much for coming back with this wonderful story.


      • meloveslu says


        You’re so sweet. I love that you are leaving it up to me to decide how many chapters to post each week. I was expecting some of you to tell me I should post 10 chapters a week. LOL

        Glad you’re going to read this stuff again!

    6. kiwipit says

      MeLL, welcome back to writing fanfic! Your words made a (fanfic) dream come true for me. Christmas comes early this year :-) Thank you, thank you, thank you.
      Your story is one of my favourites. I can’t wait to read it again and discover all the changes you’ll make to it. As long as you don’t change this beautiful scene with drunken Tina ;-)

      How many chapter would I like per week? Well, as I remember your chapters were quite long in average, so I’d be happy with one chapter per week with the occasional bonus chapters for Christmas or New Year and other holidays.

      Thanks MeLL,


      (now I’m off to do a little happy dance)

      • meloveslu says

        Thanks for the warm welcome back Kiwi!

        You got some solid dance moves, I’m sure lol. There are a couple of drunken Tina scenes. Which one were you referring to?

        But again, if I only post one chapter a week, then this thing will take about 2 years to get it all posted. I think I can be a little more generous than that. After all, it is the season for giving =)

        • kiwipit says

          If you put it like that! Haven’t thought about it that way. Two years is too much of a tease.
          Maybe you should decide for how many weeks (months) you yourself want to have the the “task” of posting, devide the numbers of weeks with your 91 chapters and that’s the answer ;-)

          I like CellaNox’ idea with posting by file size. Or ten chapters in average with some bonus holiday/ special occasion-postings. That way you could be done in two months. and we would have plenty of opportunity to leave our comments.

          Oh and I was thinking of drunken Tina after the first gig of the band at the Planet which eventually leads to her talk with Shane. Too cute! :-)

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