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    Chapter 20 – RINGS

    Author’s Comment –

    I want to once again give my heartfelt thanks for all the research I found online & the details that I referred to here in this chapter. I’m gonna credit Bette & Tina for all the insight!!!

    Anyway, Tina & Bette are moving forward with their relationship & taking another step into the future. But what will that future actually hold for them.

    Let’s find out . . .

    As always – thank you for taking the time to read and follow along.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Previously from Doctor of Hope Chapter 19 –

    “You don’t do stuff like that at your home?” Tina took hold of the brunette’s hands.

    “Uh, no.  My father couldn’t be bothered by doing anything personally as a family like that. He just dictates what he wants done, but never participates. Our household staff decorates the house and the house manager plans all holiday activities.” Bette sighed. “Although the trimmings are beautiful, it just gives off a cold feeling. My father isn’t one to get sentimental as you know. He’s all for show and what looks proper from the outside.”

    ‘I’m sorry babe.” Tina twisted her brow, her heart went out to her girlfriend. “My family always does things together for the big holidays.”

    “That’s good.” Bette smiled at the blonde, her heartwarming at Tina’s sincerity. “I like that.”

    “We’ll do the same thing honey.” Tina squeezed the brunette’s hands. “Everything together. I promise.”

    “I love you.” Bette leaned forward and brought her lips to meet Tina’s in a soft, loving manner. Their foreheads meeting once they pulled away.

    “I love you too babe.” Tina brushed Bette’s cheek with the back of her hand.

    “Perfect.” Bette whispered.

    “So, you up for that snowball contest tomorrow?” Tina leaned back and looked across at Bette with a twinkle in her eyes. “I’ll go easy on you.”

    “Ha.” Bette grinned back. “Pretty confident there Kennard.”

    “Of course.” Tina looked at Bette with no doubt on her face. “I grew up with snow most of the time. I’ve had lots of practice.”

    “Mm. “Bette nodded. Tina probably did have lots of experience over the years living in this area of the country.

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    1. Wow, that was a surprise…. Bette and Tina are now committed. They are also going through the most demanding parts of their work life and home life with family problems and issues to be dealt with. Put on top of that the fact that they are in other countries and are unable to communicate as they wish, well the stress just keeps mounting.
      I can also see the miscommunications and misunderstanding becoming more meaningful. And there is no plan as to how to handle this and what they want the future to look like. They are just dealing with the day to day issues of their life. And this long distance relationship does not appear to be temporary. And that too will be a sticking point in their relationship. Such is the problems with long-distance romances.

      I am glad to see that Robert Porter is softening a little. He would be in a hell of a pickle if he actually tried to fire Bette. It would mean he had no successor. He would have to assume Bette’s responsibilities and start anew with a new potential successor. And that could only be James…. and it would be a decade before James is ready to assume the responsibilities Bette has now. Robert appears not to be as intelligent as he would like for the world to see. His best option is to accept Bette for who she is and since she has shown a willingness and a talent for the position, is to work with her and not against her. For Bette will be happier and more productive if Tina were by her side. And if this is what Bette wants? Well, Robert could assure his own legacy if he assisted Bette with Tina rather than fight against her. Otherwise, with Bette’s talents, she will be swoped up by a competitor and then Robert would be in deep pooh-pooh.

      Thanks for the chapter…

      • Hi Martha,

        Thanks so much for your thoughts & comment, it was very thoughtful.

        All the issues that face long term relationships will soon be faced by both Tina and Bette. This will lead to their eventual break.

        But still more to tell before that actually happens.

        Agree that Robert is short sighted & ignorant to the power & leadership that Bette will offer & willingly give to the company.

        See ya next chapter.

    2. Collins,

      I got a ping yesterday that you have posted a new chapter.
      But I worked all weekend for a friend who really waanted the holiday weekend off.

      Good news is I’m off today and can relax and read what you have shared with us.

      So excited, let me savor this!!

      Chat soon.

    3. This was such a GREAT chapter – so loving & filled with all their lovin’ too.
      They seemed so much more mature & ready to remain committed to each other.
      But still lots of questions about the future remain.

      Loved these lines –
      Tina’s voice was smooth and honey sweet. If Bette wasn’t already madly in love with her, she would have fallen
      hard at the captivating sound.

      My fav line – “I bless the day you walked into my life and brought the sun with you to light our path.

      Bette’s father is an ass and I am so glad she stood up to him about her commitment to Tina. He’s so short-sighted & selfish.

      So, what does the future hold for them?

      I’m looking forward to finding out.

      • This was a bit of a fun chapter to write, especially the first scene with their commitment & exchange of rings. It filled my heart with joy!!

        I know it’s a lot of mush & fluff, but it’s for fun.

        The future will come for them very soon.

        Thanks for reading.

      • Hey, thanks for reading. I translated your comment & am so pleased that you are happy with this story. –

        You wrote –
        Hello I have recently started reading this story and I love it I want to know what separated bette and tina when they were young and continue with the current story when they meet again

        Gracias por tu comentario, me alegro mucho de que te guste esta novela.
        Vas a descubrir en unos pocos capítulos la razón por la que Bette y Tina se separaron.
        Se volverán a conectar en Nueva York y la historia continuará en la actualidad.

        Gracias de nuevo. ¡¡Espero saber de ti en el próximo capítulo también!!

    4. Lovely chapter, they’re adorable !

      Long-distance relationships are always complicated, add a busy schedule, a father who will certainly be the last nail in the coffin and you have a more than foreseeable disaster. Such a waste !

      • Hey Izzie,

        Marvelous that you enjoyed the chapter.

        Yes, they are officially committed – but will it last???

        Yes, Robert is a piece of work, but better than Melvin in OG. I know that’s not saying much.

        Take care & see ya next chapter!!

    5. Sweet lord- they’re this super sweet couple that I just can’t get enough of. Please tell me you have dozens of more chapters planned for this story!

      Awesome storytelling.

      Thank you.

      • Hey JW,

        I know it seems like this story has been going on forever – thanks for sticking with it.

        More big moments to come in the following chapters, so, stick around!


    6. I so love this story – so romantic and they are just the best for each other.

      But I know dark days are coming soon. And I’m sure you will torture us with lots of angst!! Until they reunite.

      Loving every chapter and as always, waiting for the next update.

      • Hey Erin,

        You are so sweet yourself for your praise.

        You are so right about very dark days ahead for both of these ladies. Family issues, personal crisis, career pressures & that big body of water between them will all come to a head very soon.

        But I’m a true romantic, so keep that in mind.

        See ya next chapter & thanks so much for reading.

    7. I was so happy for Tina and Bette – they deserve some happiness, especially with everything starting to present challenges for them with their families, let alone their distance from one another.

      Waiting patiently for that chapter when they meet up again. But loving all the rest too!!

      • Hey Staci,

        So happy you have stuck around for this chapter & the rest of the novel. It will all start to happen more quickly now & the pace will quicken. We’ll see if Bette can help Ashley & how Tina and Bette treat each other when they meet back up.

        Best regards!

    8. A well-done chapter update. It was awesome. Would have loved to have seen that ring scene played by Jennifer and Laurel.

      Damn, but did Bette just curse them by saying they would never break up? UGH!

      I chuckled at Ashley’s observation of Bette about Tina –

      “Oh, please sis.” The younger Kennard said. “She looks at you like you hung the sun, the moon and the stars in the sky. She couldn’t stop grinning last night.”
      “Well, yeah.” Ashley whooped. “Like her face was gonna freeze with that big ole wide, shit eating grin.”

      Happy that Tina did the ring giving – shows how strong she is, how determined to be happy with Bette and their love. She’s truly Bette’s equal.

      Looks like Tina’s mom is getting worse with her health issues. Is she going to die?

      PPS as this is getting very interesting.

      • Hi Leigh,

        What a sweet comment – thank you.

        About JB & LuH – me too!! They would have rocked that scene on screen!!

        Let’s not get ahead of ourselves with the guess about Bette & cursing her chances with TK.

        Yeah, TK”s mom isn’t improving – that could be a big issue in the future with their relationship. We’ll see.

        Editing the next chapter now – so should post soon.

        Thanks as always.

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