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    Chapter 19 – MAJOR EVENTS

    Author’s Comment –

    Gotta be honest, I took a bit of literary liberty in advancing Bette’s career path so that at her graduation, she’s now a doctor & involved in clinical research at her family’s corporation. So, please forgive me if the career path is a bit rushed. I just wanted to move the story along more quickly.

    There’s lots of filling in more of the blanks of their relationship & how it all played out over time.

    As always – thanks for reading & I hope you enjoy.

    Special thanks to Jacky & all the wonderful updates to this site & its continuation!!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Previously from Doctor of Hope Chapter 18 . . .

    For the remainder of the academic year, each woman was focused on completing their final year’s classes, obligations, commitments and opportunities.

    Tina’s spare time was filled with working shifts at the restaurant she had previously worked at, earning money to help her mother with family expenses and saving as much as she could for her trips with Bette.

    As her classes started to wind down, Tina sent transcripts, resumes and a short advertising demo she had made of work she had already done to prospective employers in her field. She received several favorable inquires back and scheduled as many job interviews as possible. She was determined to land a job in her field as quickly as she could. 

    Across the Atlantic, Bette was occupied with intense research into how deviations in the blood system could be altered for improving overall health with new and experimental drugs. Since Bette was nearing the end of her academic life, her father insisted that she spend at least one afternoon a week at the Porter Corporate office. He instructed that Bette learn the workings of the business office and vast research projects the company was invested and dedicated to.

    That left little time for socializing. But the brunette didn’t care. All her spare time was spent thinking of Tina.

    Always Tina . . . 

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


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    1. I share your sentiments about a Tibette Mother’s Day. They are marvelous moms despite some strange things we saw in GQ.
      And JB/LuH too.
      We are so blessed to have had them in our lives all these years.

      So, Bette could buy me a sports car at time she wants – I’ll take any color!!
      I see a beach house in their future. Another thing Bette could buy me!!

      Loved this little exchange – so natural & honest –

      “You are so bad.” Bette gently pushed Tina onto the length of the blanket and hoovered over her.
      “And you love it.”
      “I do.”
      “I adore you.” Tina reached for the brunette.
      “You’re pretty special too.” Bracing herself on her elbows. Bette’s legs were inside of Tina’s. “You ready for more?”
      “Mm, always.” Tina ran her index finger over Bette’s lower lip. “You make me that way.”
      “Like I’m the only one in this relationship.” Bette leaned forward and nibbled on Tina’s neck. “You act so innocent . . . but you’re far from it.”
      “Who, me?” Tina chuckled and raked her hands through Bette’s long, curly tresses.

      Bette’s jealousy is instantaneous – poor Tina, but she challenges Bette and won’t stand for it. Good for her.

      And of course – what did Bette see??? Do we have shades of GQS3E2 here??

      Great chapter – loved the banter between Tina and Ashley.

      Thanks so much.

      • Thanks so much for checking this update out.

        Lots to unpack & dissect.

        Even though Bette is super rich in this novel, I do try not to make her obnoxious about her wealth & privileges – she does good with her money, inheritance & directs that wealth towards helping others, puts it to good use.

        Yet, we have jealous Bette too – who’s preoccupied with her work & career & sometimes forgets about her relationship with Tina in the moment.

        The surprise will be smack in the beginning of the next chapter – no waiting on your part.

        Thanks a bunch.

    2. Well, this is an interesting chain of events. Bette is being most generous with her gifts. And it is nice that she is able to see Tina as often as she is. Ashley getting the gift of a trip to England from Tina is very generous. And having a place to stay cost free is a great advantage… so for Ashley this is a win win situation with very little cost.

      I do not understand why Bette would not remember a conversation with Tina on their plans while in South America? I do understand Bette being the jealous type. I do not understand Tina not knowing that about her? Why would she ask Paula to join them for dinner? Particularly when she has not been seeing Bette as much as she had hoped. Was this some kind of setup on Tina’s part to press all of Bette’s buttons so that they would have some kind of “make up sex”. Is this Tina manipulating a situation? This certainly gives me pause and question just what is going on with Tina. A manipulating personality is a negative in my book. I prefer someone who just ask to what she wants and accepts the response or at least follows with a straight forward discussion on the matter.

      Thanks for the chapter…

      • Hi Martha,

        Thanks for reading this update. Happy to know you are still following along.

        I like to spread the wealth around – so this way everyone had a little vacation & a good time.

        No set- up for Bette on Tina’s part – just being nice to someone. I’m not attempting to write Tina as a manipulative person, so you can just toss that idea right out the preverbal window.
        All relationships have little squabbles, disagreements, different points of view.
        I included Bette’s forgetting about the site visit as a way to demonstrate her obsession with work & how she can get herself wrapped up in that work to distract from other parts of her life.

        I think I’m being pretty forward about what Tina wants from Bette – a good, loving relationship that is exclusive to each other and long term.

        Hope you’ll stay tuned for the next update.


    3. Nice touch about the Tibette moms. Angie has always been the center of their universe.

      I liked this chapter, we moved forward, had lots of relationship happenings and cute little conversations along the way. Perfect.

      I’ll probably reread sometime later today once more just to let it all soak in.

      Naturally, anxious for finding out what Bette sees Tina do!!

      • Hey Staci,

        Thanks for commenting – seems like it’s been a while.

        I was really happy with how this chapter finally evolved & how it all turned out in the end.

        Gotta be honest here – at the end, I originally had Tina look back at Bette for the surprise. But then thought, no, TK needs to be the one this time with the big surprise for her girlfriend.
        So, I hope you’ll enjoy the surprise just as much as Bette will!!!

        Take care.

    4. Thanks for the chapter, amazing as always !

      We are probably approaching the time when their lives will separate (momentarily I dare to hope) and I already know that some of us will be heartbroken but stories usually end well in our little world so, I can’t wait to know the following chapters.

      Post soon please.

      • Hey Izzie,

        You are too kind with your praise – thank you!

        Yes, how true your statement is. Time is fast approaching that critical timeframe & I am currently working on just those scenes now.

        Yes, there will be some heartache but love usually wins out in the end. Every story needs a little angst to help the end to be sweet.

        Thanks for hanging in with this & the surprise will be here very soon.

    5. Bette and Tina clearly have a loving, yet complicated relationship that’s compounded by being away from each other for large periods of time. So, I can certainly understand that they may have some miscommunication, frustration and misunderstanding sometimes. No relationship is perfect, especially one thousands of miles from each other.

      I’m loving all the details and little scenes that enrich the fabric of their lives and their love for one another. Don’t stop on that.

      This is a story I know I’ll reread several times and cherish each chapter.

      Thanks so much.

      • Watson,

        When have we not read or scene a story about Tibette that isn’t complicated??

        As you said so rightly, no relationship is perfect & this one with Tibette isn’t either. But they do try, usually talk things out in the end & will sacrifice most anything for one another.

        I know lots of folks just want me to get to the ‘good stuff’ about the story & all the drama & action, but life is a combination of all of those things as well as the everyday big & little moments together or shared. And I wanted to include many of those moments in this story.

        I hope you’ll always enjoy this story & find pleasure in it in the future as well.

      • Hey Erin,

        Hope you soring is going well.

        You are so welcome for the update & still much more to come.

        I will post very soon – so, the wait won’t be quite so long this time.

        Thanks again.

    6. Sweet chapter. Love all their little moments.

      Good to know that the Kennard’s survived Bette’s cooking skills.

      Love the dynamics between Bette and Tina – so natural and loving, even when they argue.

      But you know the BIG question is -what’s the surprise????? !!!

      Thank you for this gift, it was really a great read.

      • Hiya Leigh,

        Gotta say that my sister-in-law is almost as bad at cooking as Bette is & that’s saying somethin’!!

        The surprise will be revealed the beginning of the next chapter – hopefully all will be pleased with it.

    7. Can’t wait to find out the surprise, LOL.

      Great chapter, Collins. I have to say again I love your use of the photos to help tell the story.

      Are we seeing what may lead to trouble for Bette & Tina? How on their trip to Brazil Bette was busy with work and they didn’t spend as much time together. And Bette being jealous of Paula? Hmmm, we will see.

      Loved this part – “Okay, let’s go. Now.” Bette grabbed Tina’s left hand and almost pulled her off of the bench they were sitting on. Bette stood and threw some cash on the table and turned to head out. Tina scrambled to follow the brunette.
      “God, I love when you get all bossy.” Same Tina…

      And I loved all the Ashley and Tina interaction. My favorite line – “Big sis here is taking me to England with her when she goes to see Bette next month.” Ashley beamed as she threw her arm around her sister’s shoulder.”

      I love the way you write. I love this story. Thanks for another great chapter!

      • Hey Westy,

        I was definitely channeling you & your sister when I wrote that scene with Tina & Ashley. Glad you liked it.

        Yeah, Bette’s a bit dense at times, preoccupied – but so loveable & Tina loves her needlessly.

        Makes my heart sing that love this story as much as I do.

        Wishing you the best!!

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