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    Chapter 21 – Orientation at Whittington Elementary

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 21 – Orientation at Whittington Elementary

    Bette heard the alarm at 6:00 am. She held Tina in her arms for a couple of minutes and then began to stir and get up. She went to the bathroom and started her morning routine. Tina got up and began to make the bed and lay out her clothes for the day. She decided to wear a blue business suit with a pink shirt and some low heels for easier walking. She heard the shower start to run and decided to join Bette in the shower.

    Bette heard her get into the shower and felt her hands snake around her waist and this time they moved up to Bette’s breast.  Bette gasp as Tina started to massage her nipples into hardness and erection. Tina was kissing Bette’s back and shoulders. Bette leaned back into Tina’s neck and chest.

    Bette: T…. should you be doing this to me?

    Tina:  I don’t see why not. You’re my wife and I love touching your breast.

    Bette:  T… T?  Oh god that feels good.

    Tina:  Yeah, I like. Feels good to me too.

    Tina’s hand went down to Bette’s bush and began to dip down into the folds and massage Bette’s clit. Bette was now moaning and moving her hips to maximize Tina’s touch of her clit. Tina pushed Bette against the wall and stepped over her leg so that Bette’s thigh was in direct contact to her own clit. She then took her left hand and ran it down Bette’s backbone and down the crack of her sumptuous ass and on to the hot wet center as she kept her right-hand making circles around the clit and massaging it in a random pattern. With her left hand she found that Bette was wet and getting wetter. Bette was moaning lightly and so she entered her vagina.  Bette moan loudly and Tina began to thrust her two fingers in and out of Bette while rubbing her own clit on Bette’s thigh. Bette was highly aroused and came quickly and Tina followed inspired by the response of Bette’s body. Bette was hanging on the wall to stay upright and Tina was leaning on her. Tina pulled out and turned around and leaned her back on the wall. Bette moved over and pulled her into a full body press and kissed her passionately. Tina responded by kissing her lips and licking her mouth and kissing her moderately all indication that there would be no round two.

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