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    Chapter 22 – Meet the Interior Designer

    Ten Years After – Volume 2 – The Move

    Chapter 22 – Meet the Interior Designer

    The next morning Tina was waking Bette. She quickly got into the shower and was dressing for the day before Bette decided to get out of the bed. Bette was dragging.  She walked to the bathroom and began her morning routine. Tina was already dressing.  Tina stuck her head in the bathroom and announced that she was going downstairs to prepare breakfast.  Before Bette could respond, Tina was gone.

    Bette came downstairs to find breakfast was ready and both Angie and Daniel were at the table eating.

    Bette:  Am I that late?

    Angie:  No, we have an early tee time so we can finish early this afternoon. We should be home around 1 or 2. We will have lunch at the club so don’t worry about us.

    Tina:  Okay sweetie.  We have appointments today so we are all going to have a busy day.  Vivian is going to meet us at the house at 9:00.  I hope I can talk her into loaning me a key to the house. It will keep her from making so many trips.

    Bette:  She is going to have a nice pay day out of this sale.  She is earning it by making these trips to let us in.  But if you can get a key out of her, then we wouldn’t have to make an appointment to see the house which is going to be ours in less than a week.

    Tina:  What’s wrong Sweetheart?  You seem a bit irritated?

    Bette (putting on her pouty face):  I didn’t get my good morning kiss.

    Tina went over and kiss her with intent and seriousness that Bette knew was both a greeting and an apology.

    Tina:  Is that better?

    Bette: One more time to be sure.

    Bette kissed her and then smiled: Good morning, T.

    Tina:  Good morning, Bette, now sit and have some breakfast.

    Angie and Daniel were smiling at their mother who still looked half asleep.

    Angie:  Rough night Mom?

    Bette:  No! What do you mean?

    Daniel:  Looks like you didn’t sleep well.

    Bette (smiling):  Oh, I slept just fine. We went to bed at a normal hour. And I don’t remember waking up. I just need some coffee.

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