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    Chapter 21 – Thanksgiving Holidays Begin

    Daniel:  Yeah, sure. There may be some new things which I have yet to see myself.

    Tina:  We have hung some art in the formal dining room. And there is a painting in the study on an easel.  I would appreciate it if you guys would not touch that. It’s a gift for someone and I will leave it up to them to show to others if she wishes.

    Margaret: Is this another one of your nude paintings? You work is so beautiful… so expressive.

    Tina:  No, this one is a portrait. I just want its new owner to determine when it gets viewed and who views it.

    Mary: Well, that’s fair. Portraits are rather personal. And if the recipient decides it should not be viewed, that should be their right.

    Bette: Margaret and Mary, what are your plans for this morning?

    Margaret: Well, this is our garden morning. Tina, will you be joining us this morning?

    Tina:  I may for an hour or so. But I want to do some cooking for today and tomorrow. I also want to check the food stock for next week. If we are short on anything I want to order it and have it delivered by Monday.  The food stores will be overwhelmed by the first of the week.

    Bette:  Okay, for the benefit of Angie and Suzanne, let me lay out the schedule for the coming week.

    Angie:  Okay.

    Bette:  Today is what I will deem a free day. We will have lunch for those who are here, and we are planning a big dinner tonight. I am assuming everyone will be present for dinner?

    Mary:  Margaret and I would love to meet Angie and Suzanne somewhere for lunch today?

    Margaret:  Yes, why don’t we go to that seafood restaurant on the beach here in Santa Monica? Suzanne, you cannot go back to the school without having some good seafood.

    Angie:  Oh, that sounds good to me too. Oh, do you have the keys to my car?

    Mary: Yes, I do. I’ll get those for you right after breakfast. I’ll just ride with Margaret if we need to go anywhere.

    Bette:  Okay, tomorrow morning is open. Tomorrow afternoon is a golf outing for Angie and Daniel. You two have a tee time of 2:42 at City View Golf Course. It’s a public course owned by the city, so it may not be as plush as the courses you have been playing on. Suzanne, do you play?


    1. Maybe Bette & Tina could think of a way to assist Suzanne in her education. Maybe loans to cover whatever isn’t covered by the scholarships Suzanne can get. Loans due (or forgiven) after getting her degree(s) and finally earning a full-time professional salary.

      It might be helpful to run any ideas past Angie before talking with Suzanne. To make sure it won’t damage their relationship with Angie. Or, damage Angie’s friendship with Suzanne.

      Just a thought!

      I’m really loving this ongoing story line about life. Or, at least the life of my favorite couple who happen to have a lot, a lot of $$$$$. Thanks

    2. Annie,

      Stay tuned. You are somewhat clairvoyant. Bette and Tina will have a conversation about this very thing. How can we (Bette and Tina) help Suzanne out without interfering with her life. You see, money is a powerful influencer of people and the last thing they want to do is influence Suzanne’s life. Their objective is to help her without her feeling some kind of debt of gratitude for this help. Its a fine line to walk. They have learned a lot of lessons from Helena… do people like me for who I am or for what I can do for them or have done for them or could do for them? You see, friends who are bound by favors are not friends at all… or if they are, they are only temporary friends.

      Thanks for reading….

    3. I have been so fascinated with this fic that I have not commented on it. I just love this family, and how they interact. I must say I was a little shocked when Margaret and Mary came out as a couple. I knew something was going on with them, but never guessed that it was that. I really am enjoying it all please continue.

      • It is not my plan to ever go into the details of the relationship with Margaret and Mary… I can say that there are all kinds of relationships. The fact is, that they want to be with each other as much as they can and want to share living space and a bed. They are affectionate with each other but that may as far as it goes. They are not going to disclose the intimate details of their relationships if there are any to disclose. The fact is that they are enjoying being companions. I just wanted to demonstrate that Bette worry about the two getting along was just totally uncalled for. And I wanted another opportunity for Bette and Tina to talk to Angie about relationships. And I also wanted to talk a little about labels…

        Thank you for reading and commenting…. I am pleased you are enjoying this story. This Volume comes to an end soon – only 4 more chapters. I am not sure if I will continue this story beyond that. Oh there are lot more that will happen in this family’s life. Its a lot of work… I guess I just need a little encouragement to keep writing. Thanks you.

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