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    Chapter 21 – What Happened


    Wait – the phone call– Tina?

    True, they had talked to each other several times today. Chatting about the campaign with some quick observations and comments. Tina had asked a few questions on Bette’s policy stance on a particular topic just to make sure she had the right answers for voters. They’d said some silly little things too, laughing and teasing one another. As often these last few days, Tina was trying to relieve some of Bette’s stress with some lighthearted teasing. She wanted to put a smile on that beautiful face she loved so much. And many, many ‘I love you’s’ and ‘I miss you’s’ were exchanged.

    But later this afternoon when Bette had a quick break, the last call to Tina had gone unanswered. Tina hadn’t picked up and the call went directly to voicemail. Bette had left a short message, but Tina hadn’t returned her call.

    Hadn’t called her back.

    Bette hadn’t thought much of it at the time. A bit disappointed for sure, but she just thought Tina must have been busy. Must have not had an opportunity to call back.

    But now?

    Fuck.  It had been a few hours since she had actually spoken with her once again partner.

    Where the hell was she?

    But more importantly, why hadn’t Tina called her back?

    Had something. . .

    Oh no, no.

    Dani’s words echoing in her mind – she was sorry – kill someone – someone was dead.

    Don’t think that Bette told herself.  God no.

    She looked at her team again and saw the clear dread on their faces. Her head started to spin. The blood rushing from her temples. Her face suddenly paled to a sheer white color. Her legs felt like water, not able to support the weight of her body. She reached for her desk chair and was barely able to collapse into it before her legs buckled underneath her.

    Now her head was pounding in sync with her heart. A searing white rod of pain shooting through both, heightening every second.  Every nerve in her body on fire. Her ears were ringing from the pressure in her head. Her mouth was dry and tasteless. Her hands were shaking. Her eyes were blurry from the tears that were starting to pool in them.

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      • Hiya SG,

        Happy Friday!!

        When i was planning this story, I had to decide how many & who from GQ would I include. I thought that Pierce leaving like he did in GQ was unrealistic (later found out the actor that played him was offered another role) so I wanted to keep him & then I thought Dani would play a good support role. Didn’t want to drive too deep into her story like on GQ, but she’s come around in the story.

        Glad you liked the chapter. Next update soon!!!

        Stay safe too.


    1. I like Dani now. She reassured Tina. I bet the fury from Dani is epic. Glad to see Bette and Tina work together again for a common goal….win the election. Poor Maya “Hit the road Jack. Never come back no more.”

    2. Hi Collins,

      Wow, i am speechless, this chapter was incredible, the way you wrote it, it read so well, really great written!!! Before i knew it i was already at the end.

      It was quite funny how Bette totally overreacted, but understandable, Tina is everything for her. Glad she came to the office quickly so Bette saw she was allright and didn’t shout to long at Pierce. Poor man, he is almost like a James. I miss James.

      So glad that Tina could Bette calm down asap, she knows how to do that after all those years together. And good that Dani and Pierce left the room to give them a few minutes alone.

      I must say all this could have been avoided if Dani just had taken a few deep breaths before she tried to explain that her asshole of her father is supporting Milner. But then you couldn’t have let us readers leave with a cliff hanger in the last chapter.

      Poor Maya, trying so hard to get Bette’s attention and left standing with her mouth hanging when Tina showed up and took Bette home. Very funny scene!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

      • Hey Bibi,

        Thanks for checking in.

        Lots happened in this chapter – lots of emotions which you like. So many times in OG Bette would not ask the questions or get all the information about a situation & then go on attack mode before she had all the facts or thought her actions through first. Some habits are hard to break!!

        So Tina to the rescue!!! She’s always has the magic touch or words to calm Bette down.

        You’re right about Dani – but then where’s the drama in that!!!!!! Ha

        So I think Tina made it plenty know to any wanna be comers that Bette is off limits now & forever. Like Deanna said – ‘Hit the Road Jack’

        Thanks so much for all your support & encouragement.

        Be safe my friend.


      • Hey Izzie,

        Can’t have anything serious happen to our Fav Couple!!! Lots more to come in the story for that to happen.

        We’ll see a little bit of Maya in the next chapter – it’ll be fun.

        Thanks a bunch & be on the lookout for the next chapter!!


    3. Hey Collins,
      Collective sigh of relief heard around the site as we all realize Tina is ok, thank goodness. Not sure Bette’s heart – or mine for that matter – could handle an injured Tina. Love this couple, their interactions are so playful and sweet and fun to read. We are inching closer to a full reconciliation, Tina now in Bette’s bed all the time and the election just around the corner.
      I actually liked the Maya from the show. Not that I want her to end up with Bette but I didn’t see her as clingy or pushy. She clearly has good taste, lol
      Looking forward to more of this lovely story, thanks!

      • Hey BK,

        Still doin the baby steps with their relationship, but Bette definitely found out she can’t function correctly without Tina. We’ll see a bit of Tina’s thoughts soon.

        We’ve got the impending separation coming with Tina traveling back to Toronto for a few weeks, so that will be interesting to see how they handle that.

        You know my thoughts on Maya. Will see if she can make a more favorable appearance somewhere down the line.

        Get busy yourself lady, you’ve got an update to post soon!!!!!!

        Thanks for much for your continued support.


    4. I really liked this chapter very much. You gave the readers a great sense of the campaign that GQ never did. I am so very glad it is not the throwaway plot device that goes nowhere as it was in GQ. Bette took this on to give some meaning to Kit’s death. GQ just stomped on it. Pierce simply walking out in the GQ story (yes the actor got a different job), is but one example. The crazy husband yet another. Also upsetting that GQ allowed a gay woman to be the subject of homophobic attacks and then lose to the perpetrator. Not a positive message to send to the LGBTQ community. Your chapter has shown the reader that this is a very serious Bette Porter endeavor – taking on big pharma – and a thoroughly organized and well run effort at that. Good job Dani! And even Peggy is working behind the scenes.

      This chapter also shows the sheer magnitude of Bette’s love for Tina and family. But especially for Tina. It further depicts the impact of the divorce. Bette appears so powerful but is also so fragile. And Tina sees it!! Bette has been hanging by a thread since the divorce and Kit’s death. A major double whammy. The election is her attempt to regain some control in her life after the divorce and make some sense of losing her sister. Not exactly the career choice I would have expected from Bette but much better than resorting to random sex and alcohol. Her reaction at not knowing where Tina was and if she was okay shows not only the depth of her love for Tina but the fact that she cannot even begin to bear the thought that Tina’s return might not be permanent. Is Tina a mirage? Could she actually disappear? Bette seems surprisingly unfocused. That she talks about Tina all of the time is endearing and also rather heartbreaking. What does Tina make of this? On one level Bette believes Tina means what she says but her subconscious is still in peril and raw from all of the loss she has endured. She is getting there but has more healing to do. This is going to be very tricky as Tina does have to leave her for a while.

      Having Bette win the election would be another major deviation from GQ. No writer has done that yet that I know of. But it would be so seriously sweet. Bette deserves this win as does the LGBTQ community. Totally understand that it might create a complication from a writing perspective moving forward in that it is a time consuming, powerful and all encompassing position. Probably why GQ dumped it. Easier to show the broken Bette than deal with Bette as Mayor. Maybe Bette would have hated the job but why go there at all if not prepared to see it through? For GQ it was just more bad writing to further Bette’s bottoming out. But this Bette in your story is different. Yes Bette and Tina are divorced but clearly headed for reconciliation. Bette never had to suffer learning that the love of her life was with someone else and then planned to get remarried. In fact – there is no Carrie. Yes Bette is definitely mourning Kit’s death. Winning the election would help. Collins – you have already cleaned up two GQ blunders by eliminating Carrie and having Tina attend Kit’s funeral. Bette has total respect for Tina’s career so winning the election and making Bette and Tina the true LA power couple would be the trifecta. In this story I think it would be pretty great. And you made short order of Maya. I do not envy you this writing conundrum.

      Tina is impressive in this chapter. A strong, commanding, in control, caring woman who is definitely there for her woman. And a clear asset to the campaign. Bette relies on her. One more reason Bette should win. Bette and Tina together are unstoppable! I was really mad at Tina for divorcing Bette and still do not understand why she needed to take that step so I was prepared to not like her. But I do and they make a beautiful team. And I think Tina finally sees how much she hurt Bette. This campaign is so extremely personal for Bette. It began as a lifeline to help heal her broken heart. Granted Tina is entering at the end of the campaign but she knows this is not folly and clearly she is all in. She is moving back to LA and would not have to give up her career or anything she does not want to give up for Bette. This would be a wonderful victory they could celebrate together.

      That being said, despite the election, Tina really is back and is doing everything to prove to Bette that she is here to stay. And Bette’s heart is slowly and perhaps finally beginning to heal. But if Bette does not win the election and Tina leaves for her job what will that do to her psyche? To their progress? Will Bette feel like a failure? She needs to feel like Tina’s equal. That is a given. Can Bette truly accept Tina leaving for her successful job even for a short time on top of an election loss? Doubt it very much. Looking forward to the rest of this story.

      • Hi Billy,

        Wow thanks for all the feedback – lots to think through.

        Let me get back to the election part in a bit.

        We saw so much in OG of Bette & her deep love for her family, Tina, Angie & friends. Yet there were things that we didn’t see & get to explore because of other storylines that IC wanted to push forward.
        There are so many things on Bette’s mind that keep spinning around & at times she feels out of control. She’s got the hills & valley of the election, Angie’s becoming a young woman & starting to date, the juggernaut of Tina & all that goes with that relationship, her still deep grief about losing her sister. So sure, she overreacts & her mind flies off into a dark direction of all kinds of imaginings.

        Tina is trying her very best to demonstrate to Bette that she means what she says & will be by her side for the long haul – the rest of their lives. But Bette still needs to accept that in her heart – its making progress but still needs the proof from Tina.

        There’s all types of ways to prove to Bette when Tina leaves in a few short days to go back to Toronto – in this day & age with technical devices – they can still be in visual contact with each other at a moments notice. Bette will have plenty to keep her busy while Tina’s gone & some things that she needs to work on for herself. Think therapy.

        I am glad that you have come to like this Tina. Sure GQ & this ridiculous divorce was difficult to write by any of the 4 other writers that tackled this subject. Trying to make sense out of sometime that didn’t make sense hasn’t been easy. So thank you for supporting that. As I’ve said before, I think Tina was unrepresented in OG & left to twist in the wind many times considering that she was the other half of the power couple of the show. So I wanted to showcase her as the strong person she is and a true equal to Bette. Of course she has issues & things she needs to improve on just like Bette. She knows she made a colossal mistake in that divorce & she & Bette have paid the high price for that. But she’s committed to correcting that mistake & like everything in life, takes time to improve.

        So to get back to the election. I agree that GQ did a horrendous job with that storyline. And they derailed it by Bette’s affair – typical & so limited in imagination. I am still so surprised that JB agreed to it.

        Anyway, I hear what you are saying about wishing Bette would win & how is she going to deal with that if she loses & then Tina leaving a day later. I do agree that that story line would be great to write & make a lot of fans happy. I will give it some consideration.

        I hope you like the next chapter as it will deal with Election Night & the results.

        There is still a few chapters left in this story & more to come after that.

        Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts.

        Best Regards.


    5. Oh, Collins, you did intrigue me last chapter. It’s a good thing Tina’s okay and not hurt. Bette’s reaction is understandable – she’s under stress right now. Her campaign and re-establishing a relationship with Tina make her worry. Tina was very understanding and kind, and it’s good that she knows how to calm Bette down. I liked Maya in s1 GQ, but now she was so annoying and negative. Tina was very possessive when another woman tried to attract her woman. Damn, I liked Tina’s reaction! Thank you for this chapter.

      • Hey Ada,

        Thanks so much for following the story. I know it’s not easy when you’re writing your own story as well.

        Tina’s not going to let ANYONE near Bette any time soon. Not happening – no can do!!!

        I think you’ll like the next few chapters also. Stay tuned – coming soon!!!!

        Looking forward to your next post too!


    6. I agree with everyone that we all wanted Tina to be safe. Poor Bette, she does it to herself far too many times. Awesome chapter Collins. So much emotion and so many really good lines. Especially like quite a few –
      ‘She looked like a slice of heaven’
      “Tina this and Tina that”
      “Look elsewhere Bitch”
      They were all great.
      Hope Dani gives it to her Daddo after the election – right between the eyes.
      And who doesn’t remember the SheBar kiss to end all kisses. God, that seemed like it went on for hours.
      And poor Maya, she didn’t stand a chance with Tina on the lookout, I liked her in GQ, but like Jodi, she just doesn’t compare to Tina. And then Tina kept telling her “For Now” “For Now” Take the hint Maya and back off.
      Thanks for a great chapter and waiting for the next one. PPS

      • Hiya K,

        I truly enjoy adding little lines that reach into your heart & give it a little tug!!!

        The She Bar kiss is legend & served as the base for their reconciliation all those years ago.

        Tina wanted to get the point across to Maya & it worked – BIG time!!!!

        Thanks for your comment & staying on for the ride.

        All the best,


          • Hey K,

            The very next chapter is the election & its results.

            I’ve got some good plans for Bette and Angie while Tina is away for a few weeks. Lots of activities to keep them busy & Bette’s mind off missing Tina too much.

            Remember, we have 2020 technology, so its much easier today to keep in touch with people.

            Glad you’re thinking of them missing Tina.

            Thanks for reaching out.


    7. Collins

      OMG I love how you unfold Bette’s anxiety about losing Tina. Sitting and ruminating provided just enough angst to tip her over when Dani came in upstate about her father.

      Had to read it twice. Love how you had Tina come in to see what her bad decision did to Bette and then had to settle her down by listening to what Bette’s feelings of lose did to her ability to evaluate a situation.


      • Hey SK,

        Where have you been??? Plotting a new story I hope!!!!!!

        Tibette sure knows how to put the drama out there – lots of angst & worry at times. But very good drama all the same.

        Glad to know you are still on the road with this story.

        Don’t be gone too long – we miss your chapters!!!

        Thanks friend.


    8. I can rest easier tonight knowing nothing bad happened to Tina!! Thought Bette was going to lose her mind there for a minute.
      They are so in love with each other and have really grown so much these last two weeks. You have made me believe that Tina will stay around this time and they will finally make it work out for good.
      Love how Tina supports Bette and know just what to do to comfort her woman. Poor Maya – not happening – time to move on.
      Thanks for a marvelous chapter and it’s all go for the election.

      • Hey JW,

        Thanks so much for continuing to comment on this story. I appreciate the feedback.

        It will be a challenge for Bette & Tina when Tina goes back to Toronto, but one that will test their commitment to their reconciliation.

        Tina will take care of any challengers for Bette’s attention – have no fear.

        The election chapter is coming next – will post soon.

        Thanks again & stay safe – wear that mask!!!


      • Hi JW,

        Think we are all glad that Tina is actually okay, especially our gal Bette!

        Trust that Tina will be back & soon. We’ll have lots of convos between Bette & Tina & Angie.

        Maya is a thing of the past & a want-ta-be. Not happening!!!

        See you at the election poll!!!!

        Thanks so much.

    9. Enjoying catching up on this, Collins. I’d like to add my voice to the others who are intrigued by the possibilities afforded by you deciding to make Bette the Mayor of Los Angeles!! I always liked that story “The L Wing”. Great fun. It could be a bit like that? Up to you, though, of course.

      The bond between B&T here is very strong, almost supernaturally perfect ….. so I hope you’re gonna test it a bit? Lol

      Maya is destined to fail but I liked her in GenQ. She was warm and down to earth and a totally different type for Bette to be involved with. I wonder if S2 is going to pursue that???

      Pierce is great. Glad you amped him up in your story. And I totally agree with Billy that it’s good to see your story giving so much space and detail to the mayoral campaign. I remember MLR saying that the reason Bette couldn’t win was that the L Word isn’t Scandal – i.e. the show couldn’t become a show *about* politics with a side order of soapy sex. It had to be soapy sex with a side order of politics. Fair enough, I guess. But that’s why we have LesFan!

      Great work, Collins. Thank you for all the time and talent you put into this. Looking forward to the next bit. Take care, Largo x

    10. Hi Largo,

      Glad you had some time to relax & get some reading done.

      Remember – I know it’s hard to recall, but it’s only been 2 weeks since the start of the story timeline. Yes, they are in still in the ‘glow’ stage of their reconciled relationship. There will be some bumps along the way & it won’t be smooth sailing forever. We need to get through the election & then have Tina leave so the next stage can happen.

      So for Maya, as I’ve said before, I couldn’t let her get into a relationship with Bette as BP is back with Tina. Not sure if Maya will be back as Bette’s love interest. The actress – Tamara Taylor has her own TV show & she’s the lead. So it could go either way if perhaps her show is still shut down.

      Still torn about the election. All the other writers that took on this story line, had her lose as well. Maybe I’ll ask JB & see if she would like to win this time!!!!!!!! Ha!!

      Thanks again & be well.


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