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    Chapter 23 – The Final Count


    As for the election, Bette and Milner traded leads the rest of the evening. Dani and Pierce shuffling back and forth with updates and data information. Bette and Dani’s heads frequently bent over the PR manager’s tablet scanning numbers and percentages. Dani’s assistant, Riley, keeping track of districts won or lost on a large LA district map on one wall of the ballroom.

    Then Jason came looking for Bette to join Dani in the side room again. Bette caught Tina’s eye and mouthed for her to follow. Tina nodded she would and suggested to Angie to stay with Shane and Quiara while she went to meet with Bette. It was getting late in the evening and Tina had a feeling that this could be the time for the final numbers to be reported. Tina met Bette in the doorway to the room and they entered together, hand in hand.

    “They just said that district 7 will announce their results in a few minutes.” Pierce informs the couple as they enter the room.

    Dani was already in front of the large TV scene. Riley standing to her left. Pierce and Jason huddled together and standing close by. Bette and Tina still holding hands. Both taking deep breathes and then Tina squeezed Bette’s hand in support.



    Praying . . .

    Porter Campaign Central

    Bette and Tina now moved closer to the large television screen, but still standing behind the other 4 people in the room. Tina wrapped her left arm around Bette’s waist and pulled her close. She wanted to offer both her physical and emotional support to the candidate. She gave Bette a quick kiss on the cheek for encouragement. Bette too wrapped her right arm around Tina and held on tight awaiting the final count.

    The election coverage television program came back on to live coverage. The network anchor appearing on the TV screen with campaign graphics and numbers posted behind him. His laptop open on the anchor desk and papers scattered around him.

    The assembled team tried carefully to listen to what the anchor was reporting. Pierce turned the volume up on the television.

    All districts by this time in the evening had reported their results. All votes counted fairly and equally, even the mail in and absentee ballots. Analysis of the numbers already done. Then the anchor looked into the camera and made the announcement.

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    1. Collins,
      Really held my breath vacillating between “will she win, or will she lose”??

      And with the loss, I really like how Tina helped Bette navigate through the disappointment and sense of feeling like she let Kit down. She hadn’t, but so much emotional and spiritual energy goes into wanting to honor a loved ones’ memory.

      Love that Tina, Bette & Angie really drew near to each other shutting themselves inside the cacoon of their home and let laughter work its majic.

      I like that there is a plan B waiting to spring forth! Looking 4ward to how you’ll weave your masterpiece !!

      • Hey Dumplin,

        I think you’ll really like what’s in store for Tibette as this story continues to develop. They will be very busy the next few months.

        Family time is always good for them. Even when their relationship was rocky or non existent, they still were devoted to their daughter & providing the very best for her.

        So Plan B will be revealed in the next few chapters – so stay tuned in!!!

        Thanks pal!!!


    2. Hi,

      You had me gripped wondering whether she would win or loose but I will admit that I am really pleased with the result.

      Love the family interaction and am looking forward to where you take us on this journey.

      Thanks for continuing to post you lighten the rather dismal world we find ourselves in tremendously! Please post more soon!

      Stay safe and well

      • Hi SG,

        Sorry for the suspense – but it was good for the story!!!

        I couldn’t see Bette as the mayor – besides it’s a love story – not a political statement.

        I really think you’ll like the new path for both Bette & Tina. It will help them in their relationship and be equals.

        I’m so glad I can bring some light into your days. That was very sweet of you to say. Thank you for that.

        Well, you take care in the UK & say a pray for the USA !!!

        Best regards my friend.


    3. Thank you for being a writer and entertaining us in this stresfull world,

      Your note was nice but in the end it’s your story, you’re the one in charge so ultimately you’re the one to decide one way or the other !

      As for the story, thank God Tina was there to pamper her two girls.

      Can’t wait to read what you have in store for us.

      • Hiya Izzie,

        I wanted to recognize the readers that wrote in or contacted me about the story & their thoughts. I correspond with 3 other writers & we all value the feedback we receive in our chapters & definitely listen to your views & ideas. So thanks again to all the comments.

        One of Tina’s strong character traits that was expressed in OG was her nurturing nature. She was great taking care of Bette & being the rock for Bette when she needed her. She was the best Mom & Angie’s welfare always was her priority. So I took that view as well & it’s worked out really well.

        The next few chapters will set the course for the rest of the story.

        Thanks for commenting – you’re the best!!


    4. Hi Collins,

      First i want to say i agree 100% with izzie: “Your note was nice but in the end it’s your story, you’re the one in charge so ultimately you’re the one to decide one way or the other !”

      So sad that Bette lost but there is a plan B where she can honor Kit way more than as a mayor.

      Bette has put so much effort into this campaign and it is not surprising that she feels emotionally drained. Over the past two years, she has put all her energy into this campaign, pushing her divorce from Tina and Kit’s death into the background.

      Fortunately, she has spoken to Tina about this and they are working to rebuild their relationship, but it does have an impact on her state of mind. What Bette needs is time to relax and enjoy the family time as Tina provided after the election results evening.

      It was nice to see that you wrote again about the nicknames that Bette and Tina gave each other and that all three could laugh about it. Nice memories to share with Angie.

      I am very curious about Plan B, something Bette can fully devote herself to so that Kit is remembered in a different way and other people are also helped.

      Collins, thank you for sharing this incredible story and i am glad that there are more chapters to come, a epilogue and a sequel!

      Take care my friend!

      • Dearest Bibi,

        Hey my friend.

        Thanks so very much for your thoughts on this chapter.

        So I’ll explore over the next chapter or 2 what Bette’s layered reaction to the loss & her thoughts on what comes next for her.

        I will get into Plan B & Tina’s career change very soon.

        As they continue to build on their relationship, there will be more family time & even a family date as Angie takes part in rebuilding her trust in Tina too.

        Kit may not be in the story in the flesh, she will certainly be there in spirit.

        Thanks & take care of yourself & your family.

        Best regards my pal.


    5. Collins
      This is where Bette and Tina really shine – when things don’t work out, when the news is not what they hoped, they circle the wagons and regroup, together. Each knowing what the other needs, what comfort to provide. Whether that be laughter or games or (Angie’s favorite as a hungry teen) FOOD. The best comforts on any level, Bette gave 100% to the campaign, attaching winning to memorizing Kit and the loss will be tough to swallow. But she will get through it, because Tina is by her side. Love it. Thank you for leading us along on this story. You chose to answer the whys of the deplorable GenQ and have handled it masterfully. Can’t wait for more!

      • Hey buddy,

        Regrouping & reassessing was something that Tibette didn’t get the chance to do very often in OG & not at ALL in GQ. But these are 2 very smart women & can figure it out pretty quickly.

        I think we all felt Bette’s despair in GQ when Angie found her on that couch in their house. But this time around, she does indeed have Tina by her side. Makes all the difference & Bette will land on her feet because of Tina. They are a powerful force together.

        Angie & her food addition – it’s those raging teenage hormones. I remember my one brother eating everything in sight everyday when he was a teenager. So Angie’s the same.

        Tina needs to win back that trust with Angie too, so Mama & daughter will be doing some activities together.

        Let’s just pray that GQ has a much better season 2 than 1. Tibette Forever!!!!!!!!!

        Thanks for your thoughts buddy.


    6. C

      Love any scenes depicting Tibette parenting. We did not get much of that in GQ. A happy couple parenting looks so much different than a separated couple.

      Bette losing in my eyes was a good thing. I never saw her as a politician. Looking forward to seeing what you have Bette do next.


      • Hi SK,

        Tina & Bette are super parents & just love spending time with Angie. Bette’s still having a bit of a hard time realizing her little girl is growing up & becoming a young woman, but Tina’s there to soften the blow.

        It’s important in this story to restore the family bond after the 2 year break & that doesn’t happen overnight, so these little scenes of togetherness ease them back into that tight knit bond.

        I agree with you, couldn’t see Bette as a mayor either. Not that she’s wouldn’t be capable – but just not her element. I think she would find it too restricting.

        Anyway, we won’t have that problem here as there are other plans.

        I know you’ve got a lot going on, but we miss your talent too – get writing woman!!!

        All my best.


    7. Thank you for the chapter!

      I always like more Bette in art than in politic – and what to be clear i think with Bette’s private history – cheating, accusation about sleeping with her student and subordinates (we all remember the story about Nadya and Jodie and why Bette was fired from CU) – i don’t think people should choose candidate like her
      But i curios where you lead her and Tina and will read the sequel also.

      • Hey Z,

        Yes, Bette has had a colorful life & maybe not the best example for a politician. But hey, this is fanfiction, anything can happen.

        Thanks for staying the course & that you are willing to hop on for the rest of the ride.

        Stay healthy & best regards.


    8. Collins,
      Is it just me chuckling a bit at Angie, or is she now starting to make haste to call it a night and quickly go to her room to “leave her Mothers alone”??? She already knows that their starting to hook up once again and I think she rather likes their full relationship starting to return.

      • Angie’s no dummy. Smart girl.

        She wants her parents to reconcile- she loves them & wants them happy.

        She’s seen up close how miserable they have been without the other. So helping in any way she can is what she wants.

    9. Dear Collins first I would like to say that Eileen gave a wonderful blueprint in creating these characters. You as a writer have expanded These people who we have such a love for in such a way that I personally feel their essence through your words. It is such a pleasure to read about known characters and even though you’ve expanded them, they are still so recognizable! I for one am enjoying this journey you are taking us on and am anxious to see where we go from here!

      • Hi Sharon,

        I agree that IC provided the blueprint, but JB & LH made these 2 characters legendary. They made them come alive with passion & a sense of reality that we don’t often get in cinema. They truly took on superhuman qualities for us fans & writers.

        Thanks for the compliment about my writing. Gal, I try every chapter to make it real.

        Glad to hear that you are enjoying the ride. This chapter arc of their story with the election & results is almost over. Time to move on to other areas & what lies ahead for both of them. Much more to come as this story isn’t over yet.

        Take care & stay healthy in your world.

        Best Regards.


    10. Hello Collins,
      Wow, what a chapter. I felt bad for Bette with all the work she put into the campaign and all the blanks you filled in for us in this story. But I understand that you wanted to do something different. She’s got Tina now to comfort her and be by her side. They can now rely on each other.
      Love how they interact as a family. Wish we would have seen more of this in OG even when Angie was younger.
      Can’t wait for Plan B and what Bette is going to do.
      I will absolutely follow you with this story. Good to know that there is still more about this story you want to tell. Looking forward to everything.
      Thanks for the update and please post again soon.

      • Hey K,

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the chapter & the story in general.

        Yes, definitely wanted a different path for Bette & her future. I had no desire to write a long term political story. Going thru the 2 weeks of the lead up to the election was difficult enough.

        Tina & Bette are growing closer & will be planning their future very soon. Lots to fill in the blanks with that.

        Thanks & see ya soon in the next chapter.

        All the best.


    11. Sorry to be a little late in my comment, but I had to work all weekend. Oh well, now a few days off.
      Okay, so the Final Count – kind of thought you were going to go down that route with Bette not winning. I really didn’t want her to win either cause I can’t really see her as a politician. Think she would want to hurt these dump ass people in office.
      So totally up for whatever you have planned for Bette and Tina. I just love these two in your story. They are so loving to each other, but aware of what they have to do to keep this level of their relationship to keep going.
      I have a little sister like Angie who just loves being with our parents. She’s a definite sweetie just like Angie. Love them both so much.
      Looking forward to where you take us and I am on the train with you.
      Thanks for another great chapter.


      • JW – thanks so much for commenting. Means a lot to know you’re following the story.

        So believe it or not, but it’s only been 2 weeks since the story actually started. We’ll soon move ahead in the time line by the time the epilogue starts.

        My thoughts exactly about Bette’s role as a politician – didn’t want to walk that walk.

        Awesome insight into your family dynamics – thanks for sharing. Sounds like you have a great family!!

        Next up is what comes next & the whole Plan B & beyond.

        See you at the next juncture

        Best regards.


    12. Hiya pal,

      Glad I got caught up with this great story! I want to echo what others have said and say how much I enjoyed your revision of what the aftermath of losing the election was like for Bette. To see her gathered into the bosom of a loving family was just perfect. She will learn from her mistakes and go on to honour Kit in some wonderful way, with you in charge, I’m sure of that.

      As the whole world awaits the US election result next week, too, I want to just add my appreciation for the power of storytelling to get us through tough times. A great story is a powerful medicine. Thank you, Collins, and everyone who gives these tremendous characters enduring life and new possibilities. It cheers me up!

      So please take care and keep writing and keep dreaming! Stay safe x

      • Hey Largo,

        Many new lanes to travel for Bette & Tina on the path ahead. I thought the election for mayor was just too limited for Bette & not thoroughly thought out in GQ. Poorly plotted & not very well explained.

        Bette has a fantastic plan mapped out & we will learn more about it in the next few chapters.

        Two days to go until this election in the USA. I just hope that people will make the honest & sensible choice & vote. Exercise our constitutional right to vote.

        Jacky has created this great forum to connect fans & writers over the years & I think it is more meaningful today as we are so isolated from one another but can easily connect on the site.

        Take care yourself & am looking forward to your next story!!!

        Be safe my friend.


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