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    Chapter 22 – DISCUSSION

    Author’s Comment –

    Hey folks. Hope you are all surviving all this heat.

    In this chapter I wished to provide Bette with an opportunity to speak her fears & worries to someone that understands her. Bette’s relationship with Tina started as a college romance & has grown into much more. It’s complicated and has many layers in its makeup.

    Bette also hears some ’facts’ she wasn’t aware of or even contemplated. Stuff for deep thought.

    Let me know what you think & as always, thanks for reading.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Previously from Doctor of Hope Chapter 21 –


    Gina’s illness and worsening health, put an additional strain on Bette and Tina’s relationship. Tina was frequently distracted with worry and concern. She loved her mother and wished and prayed for her recovery, but she also loved Bette and missed the brunette terribly. So much so that she began to wonder if they would remain together.

    This long-distance relationship was proving more difficult and taxing than either woman had anticipated. Tina was thrust into being the head of the family and household and garnered all the responsibilities that came with that. And all she secretly wanted was just her girlfriend by her side for support.

    Phone and video calls, texts and emails, had worn thin. Their stolen weekends and long nights together every few months wasn’t enough. Tina wanted more. She wanted every day with Bette.

    Bette understood, she wanted the same. She wasn’t happy with the overall situation either. She realized the strain and stress of a long-distance relationship was having on them both. So, she was at a crossroads. What should she do? How could she make the situation better? How could she solve the distance issue once and for all for both of them? . . .

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    London – Winter 2006

    Bette knew she had to do something about this very situation and quick. She sought out her dear friend, Helena to do just that. She trusted Helena and often spoke with her about personal issues when she couldn’t seem to solve a problem herself. The two friends had always done that throughout their entire friendship. So, Bette explained that she loved her job, but she loved Tina more and with all her heart. But the young doctor acknowledged she had two forces that controlled her life, her work and Tina. But they were on opposite sides of the vast Atlantic Ocean . . .

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    1. One of My Favorite story…. I saw you upload it.. and read it right away…
      I could feel the struggle in Bette and tina’s relationship… it is bad that you had found your soulmate but not in the right time… they had their individual priorities that need to be put first….

      and oohh I hate it how you end this chapter in a cliffhanger…lol
      please post soon… can’t wait to see how Bette would react seeing her one and true love again in such time….

      anyway.. thanks your sharing your work… ^_^

      • Hi,

        It touches my heart that this is one of your fav stories!! So cool!!

        I had hoped that readers would view this novel as an epic love story of soulmates. They have unique challenges, but their love for one another will eventually bring them together for eternity.

        Next chapter coming soon, please enjoy.

    2. Hey Collins,

      Hope it’s isn’t that hot in your hometown?

      Crossroads, is Bette truly able to make the right choice to found a way to support Tina, to be together at the same place?

      Glad she has a good friend in Helena, who makes sense and is able to let see Bette the opportunities instead of Bette only thinking about the impossibilities.
      But with how this story is going, it seems that either Bette or Tina called of their relationship.
      They are both so young, have a busy life with their career, with family and the long distance relationship is just not that simple.
      I truly believe Bette thinks she is doing everything she can but Helena let her see she isn’t doing that good in being available for Tina, in emotional and financial support. Tina needs more than Bette can give at the moment, her time and being there for her, not being available for days or weeks because she is away for research in countries far away.

      And now they will meet again after many years.

      Great update!

      • Hey Friend,

        Yes, it’s HOT here in Texas!!! It’s just been awful this summer – but it’s nationwide, not just here in the south. Ugh!!

        Yes, it seems like the crossroads in the Tibette relationship has arrived. How will Bette & Tina solve this? That’s still to come. They’ll both have to make sacrifices to be together. Let’s see where they go.

        Thanks for your support.

    3. It appears to me that Bette is so overwhelmed with work and travel that she has not taken the time to take stock in what is happening with her relationship with Tina. And the biggest problem is that until this conversation with Helena, there is no plan on the drawing board to meet their goals of becoming a couple who live together. And with no plan, there is certainly no schedule and therefore this long distance relationship is truly drifting toward the rocks. Helena is presenting her with options to achieve their goals of being together. However, we the readers know that window will close in short order with the death of Jeremy and Robert. And the death of Tina’s mother will probably have its impact as well. The success of this relationship never had good odds. So let’s see if things have changed some 15 years later with the present.

      Thanks for the update…

      • Hi Martha,

        Thanks for your thoughts.

        Agree about Helena & options being presented to Bette for viable solutions to her relationship with Tina.

        Yes, family issues will bring them to the brink.

        15 years is a long time. Will they still have the same feelings for each other???

    4. Good for Helena in pointing out possible routes to take and offering support to Bette at the same time.

      But I can see that this Bette is still very stubborn and doesn’t always talk about her feelings.

      I have faith that you will reunite them in the present in some way and that they can finally find happiness together.

      Excited for what’s to come!

      • Hey Erin,

        Helena’s a lifelong friend & someone that Bette trusts without question. Even though Bette’s is stubborn as you state, she’ll take Helena’s suggestions seriously because she wants to be with Tina and build that proper relationship and long-term commitment.

        Stay tuned for much more.

    5. Hola me encantó el capítulo pero no puedo creer que lo dejes en el suspenso la verdad quiero más páginas 14 no son suficientes tu historia me gusta tanto me encantaría ver otro capítulo de seguido pero me toca que esperar por esta historia espero lo que sea gracias.

      • Gracias por comentar Me alegra que hayas disfrutado este capítulo. Perdón por la brevedad, pero solo quería que la conversación con Helena y Bette fuera el tema central del capítulo.
        Publicaré la próxima actualización del capítulo muy pronto.
        Todavía quedan muchos más por venir, así que disfrútenlo!!

    6. So stubborn and selfish! She looks so much like the Bette from the first season of the L word OG.

      She’s in love with Tina but is afraid of commitment and doesn’t want to disrupt her life… sorry Bette, that’s not how relationships work.

      I can’t wait to see how these two will handle their reunion. I have a strong feeling that they won’t be alone in this ballroom…an actress can’t miss an opportunity like this.

    7. Glad Helena was able to talk frankly with Bette and bring several issues to her that she needs to consider about her relationship with Tina.
      Thus was a great chapter. I loved it.
      Now Bette just needs to act and communicate with Tina on what they can do to resolve their issues and be together.

      Anxious for more!

      • Hi Watson,

        I thought this was a significant chapter for Bette. She was able to express her concerns to someone else besides Tina & get a different prospective on the issues.

        Yes, Bette needs to act, but so does Tina & TK needs to express her concerns & wants as well. It takes 2 to make a relationship work.

        Thanks for your continued support!

    8. This was a great conversation between Bette and Helena. Revealed some issues for Bette to consider and also brought to light what it takes to be in a long-term, committed relationship for her. She needed the wake-up call and Helena was the perfect person to provide that for her.

      Gotta feel bad for Tina’s mom as it doesn’t appear that she’ll improve anytime soon.

      Oh, and so looking forward to Bette and Tina meeting up again! Can’t wait for it!

    9. This chapter got down and lots of honest talk by Helena that Bette needed to hear and acknowledge.

      This isn’t an easy situation by any means for either Bette and Tina, but they have to face reality and develop a plan to be together for their future.

      I’m looking forward to the road trip we’ll be on with you as you unfold the rest of the story.

      Lovin’ this.

      • Hey Kira,

        It’s great to hear from you. Honest talk in this chapter came in buckets. But we’re getting closer to having answers & moving forward with the story. So, thanks for sticking with it.

        It will be a bumpy road trip, but one that will prove rewarding & worth the wait in the end.


    10. Hey Collins,
      This is a great chapter. Helena telling Bette some hard truths she needs to hear. And I love how Helena has grown so fond of Tina.
      Does Bette have the courage and conviction to move? Should she? I would love her to, but it’s not an easy decision to make. And even if it is doable, it’s still not an easy thing to do, for either of them.
      My favorite part was the ending!! What great writing, my friend.
      Can’t wait for the next chapter!!

      • Hey Westy,

        Hope you’re a bit cooler where you are than here in Texas.

        Thanks for the praise & compliment – it means so much!

        Well, that’s going to be the big decision – Will she or wouldn’t she? And if she does, how will it happen & when & for how long???

        Those questions will be answered in the next 3 chapters & then we move on to deal with Ashley & her health. Lots more to tell & explore.

        Tibette will ALWAYS be each other’s destiny. No matter what story or what writer it seems.

        Tina’s ready – just hope Bette is too!!

        More sister stuff coming up, so stay tuned.

        Thanks again & enjoy the rest of your summer.

    11. Hey Collins,

      So sorry for this late comment, but I’ve been down and out for the past few weeks. I hate being sick in the summer when I could be out doing things. But I’m just glad I’m finally on the mend.

      I think by this time, everyone else has pretty much noted what I would have.

      I promise to give your next update the proper attention it deserves.

      Stay healthy yourself & cool down there in TX. It’s been hellishly hot up this way too.

      Get our gals back together ASAP!

      • Hey Leigh,

        Sorry to hear that you’ve been ill. Hopefully, you’re feeling much better & will have some more time to enjoy your summer.

        It’s never too late to leave a comment or share a thought. Thank you for doing just that.

        New chapter coming soon. Hopefully this weekend.

        Take care & stay well.

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