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    Chapter 23 – ALMOST

    Author’s Comment –

    Hi. It’s finally here – the NYC meeting. Well, sorta!!! What a ride this has been. Can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years since I started this novel.

    Thank you once again for all your patience as this novel has unfolded.

    So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

    Enjoy & let me know what you think.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Previously from Doctor of Hope Chapter 22 –

    Tina arrived to a busy, crowded, boisterous assemble of doctors, medical directors and a wide variety of staff in the ballroom. This was an important international meeting for the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies and anyone who was anyone was there. Hotel employees buzzed around attending to the assembly as best they could. There were hundreds of people milling around, but Tina was looking for just one person. One woman.

    She felt it and knew.

    It was unmistakable.

    She knew what that change in room atmosphere meant.

    What it had always signaled.

    The truth that was still within every fiber of her being.

    She could deny it all she wanted to the end of time.

    But her body knew.

    Her heart too.

    She knew.

    White heat soared through her lithe body like a wildfire out of control.

    Her skin shivered with enough electricity to light the room, if not the entire city.

    The hairs on the back of her neck stood at attention.

    Her palms grew clammy.

    Her heart hammered so hard in her chest she thought she might be having a heart attack.

    Her breath caught and her eyes shut on their own accord anticipating what was to come.

    She took a deep breath.

    Then . . .

    She swallowed, clinched her jaw, opened her eyes, held her head high and slowly turned around to once again meet the woman that held the key to her destiny . . .


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Present Day – New York City – May 2020 International Medical Conference – The Park Hyatt Ballroom

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      • Hi laileng,

        Please that you are continuing to follow along & are dedicated to this novel.

        Lots of work has gone into it to make it as authentic as possible & give the reader a detailed grand novel.

        Thanks for commenting.

        Will post soon.

    1. “Her mind raced back in time to the last conversation she had with the beautiful blonde before her all those years ago . . .”

      Well, in this conversation, Bette and Tina never break their relationship off. So how did they end their relationship? I cannot imagine a catastrophic incident happening to one or the other with no communication between the two them. We know from the early chapters that Jeremy is going to die from a drug overdose and the children will be raised by Bette. We also know that Tina has no knowledge of Bette’s two children when she looks up her bio on the internet. Since Tina knew that Bette has a relationship with Jeremy’s children and that he has had addiction problems, why would she not realize these two children of Bette’s are possibly her brother’s children? And why would Tina just decide to cut off all communication with some she loves as much as she loves Bette? Even if they both concluded that their lives were not going to allow them to be together, why would they maintain some kind of contact? A Christmas card… dinner when Bette was in America on business? Something? Why would they maintain photos in prominent places in their homes and never make an effort to contact the other and find out what happened and make a decision as to what their future relationship would be. I am going to be really upset if this story ends up that Bette simply ghosted Tina. That is not who this Bette is. And that is not who Tina is either. But this being the last conversation leads me to believe that is where you are going. And that is a very immature way to face situations no matter how painful they may be.

      Thanks for the chapter… I hope for more clarity in the future chapters.

      • Hi Martha,

        Thanks as always for your insight.

        I see your point about the lack of any communication for all those years.

        But people aren’t always rational or sensible in matters of the heart. Deep personal tragedy can make some people behave in unusual ways. People can only absorb so much heartache at a time before they totally break.

        I’m not sure that ‘ghosting’ is the correct term. You will find out some truths about what Bette has been doing for Tina as the story moves on. It’s not done yet.

        There are some sad things that will happen in the next few chapters, so be aware.

        You probably won’t like the direction it goes or what actions happen, but then we’ll turn that corner & hope comes back into the picture – just like in real life.
        True love never dies – the eternal flame burns bright.

        Thanks again for your comments & stay well.

    2. it’s about time they meet again… couldn’t wait for the next chapter…please don’t wait too long to post it.. I’m so curious what happened with their original plan to live together in Phily? why at the end they went separate way? what would happened next?
      so many questions need to seek the answers..

      anyway.. thank you for your stories… it’s one of my favorites ….

      • Hey silentreader,

        That original plan was a great one & worthy of them & their relationship.

        You’ll learn in the next few chapters what happened to that plan & why they separated.

        So stayed tuned & be on the lookout for the next update.

        Thanks for reading & staying the course.

    3. Ah, another chapter of my favorite story. This is getting so good, and we are so close to them meeting back up again. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for it. I know you’re going make it good.

      I have all these ideas running through my head as to what happens to separate them and how they both must feel about that.

      At this point in time, Tina still has her mom to lean on and I guess Bette will have Helena to help her. But, geez, this is going to be tough.

      But I’m still loving it.

      Thanks for another awesome chapter.

      • Hey Escorpion,
        La preparación es parte de la historia y la emoción por lo que viene después!

        Emocionado también de que te esté encantando esta historia. Tenía la esperanza de que mi Bette y Tina tocaran la cuerda en el lector de que están comprometidas la una con la otra y merecen estar juntas.

        Tendrán dos reuniones en los próximos capítulos.

        Publicaré muy pronto!!

        Muchas gracias.

    4. Hey Collins,

      Good to see a new chapter.

      Wow, two years already that you started with this story.

      It’s a great story with a lot of background information and you don’t rush the story although some of your readers wish you don’t let them hanging and let them finally meet, I’m maybe the most impatient one

      Hope you will post the next chapter soon!

      • Hey friend,

        I couldn’t believe that this has taken that long & has had a life of its own. But I’ve enjoyed ride & continuing with the novel.

        I KNOW you’re one of those impatient ones, but I love ya anyway!!

        The next chapter should be along in another week. I wanna give folks the opportunity to catch up with this one.

        Take care.

    5. Like JWatson said, we’re so close for them to meet again. You’ve got me on the edge of my seat!

      You are doing an excellent job at building the suspense and setting up for the action to come.

      Can’t wait for what comes next!

    6. Wow, you just FEEL that something bad is going to happen to keep them apart. And I HATE that!

      Great job on the suspense and leaving us hanging. But I still love the story and am so ready for the next few chapters of this little great novel.

      And another wow that Tina could still bring Bette to her knees after all this time. I would pay big bucks to see Jennifer and Laurel act out that scene!! Their chemistry alone would knock it out of the park and your description was terrific.

      And Bette talking to herself – thought that was amusing. The buttoned up and proper Dr. Porter has that dry humor going on.

      I get the feeling you’re going to take us to a ‘dark place’ the next few chapters, so I’ll get ready now.

      I just want to know if Bette will ever make it home to her honey?????

      Please post the next update real soon.

      • Hey Kira,

        Others tell me that I’m pretty good at leaving folks hanging. I don’t know if that’s good – but . . . Ha!!

        Is this a case of art imitating life???

        Tibette are soulmates – of course Tina’s gonna bring Bette to her knees – silly woman!

        As serious as some of the stories that get posted are – I try to insert a bit of humor when I can – thanks for catching it.

        Oh, yes, dark places coming your way. Gotta be if they break up.

        But I think the fun will be how they react to one another, how that relationship grows and what they find out about the other. Many things will surprise them both.

        What odds do you give Bette to someday make it home to Tina???
        And where is home???

        Thanks for posting – it means so much.

        • I think Jennifer and Laurel conduct art imitating life very well. They a powerful team. Just as your Bette and Tina are. I can’t wait to see them in present time taking on the world.

          I’m building up my courage for the dark times coming soon. And I know you’ll lead the way to better time for them.

          Odds – 1,000,000 % that Bette will make it home soon. Tina will help her on that path.

          Can’t wait!

          • Wow – 1 million % !! You are optimistic – good for you.

            The dark will go quickly as the chapters will flow better & be based in present time. So, don’t worry too much. Their meeting is just the first step on their way back to each other.

            Agree about JB/LuH – perfect couple all around.

    7. Collins,

      This chapter! I read it twice already it was so good. Don’t think it could be any better. I LOVE the buildup throughout the chapter. Some of my favorite parts –

      There was the only woman she had ever loved.
      The only woman she would ever love .

      The woman she had loved beyond measure. And in the deep recesses of her heart, the only woman she would ever love.

      Says it all.

      Good decision they made for Bette to move, even if it scared the bejesus out of her – I get it , Bette, a move like that is scary. Looks like something will happen to Jeremy to keep Bette in the UK. But they belong together so I have faith. I am loving this epic story and can’t wait till the next chapter!!

      • Hey my friend,

        Hope all is well in your neck of the planet. This heat is wayyyyyyy too much!!

        So, the update – Can’t tell you how many times I review & review & tweak the chapters to make them the best I can.

        I poured over that reunion scene for ages & then the rest will be in another chapter – so I think I have it memorized by now!! So happy you enjoyed it.

        Thanks for your kind words – they mean a lot & I take them to heart.

        Keep that faith – it won’t be misplaced.

        Til next time – take care.

    8. Hey,

      How in the world could you stop there, come ooon woman !

      I’m guessing all their plans failed because of Jeremy … so sad.
      I wouldn’t want to be in Bette’s shoes if indeed she has to take care of her nephews, what a dilemma for her, on the one hand the children and on the other the love of her life, what a cruel choice for someone so young whose professional career is just beginning. In addition she will have to overcome the grief of the loss of her brother.

      But let’s not put the cart before the horse and wait for our dear author to give us the great pleasure of posting a new chapter in a MORE or less near future.

      • Hey back,

        The suspense will definitely bring ya back!!

        Yeah, there’s a few big heartaches coming up for our gals in the next few chapters. Just like in RL, stuff happens that we don’t foresee & can’t avoid no matter what we might do or our best laid plans. But that eternal hope is always just under the surface & will be sparked back to life & set aflame again.

        I promise, promise, PROMISE to post SOON!!

        Take care & a big thanks coming your way.

    9. Hey, I’m so excited about this chapter & what’s to come. I feel like you’ve left us a lot of clues –

      • That phone call from Nancy isn’t about the kids wanting to say goodbye one last time is it?
      • Does Jeremy die??
      * Does Bette have an accident?
      * Does the plane crash somehow?

      This has gotten quite exciting and suspenseful all at the same time.

      Can’t wait for what comes next!!

      • Hi Leigh,

        Thanks for posting this.

        Yes, many more questions to be answered – but that’s still to come. But I can tell you that there’s isn’t a plane crash – I’m not going reaching for Bette over the vast Atlantic Ocean – not in this story!

        I’m hoping you’ll like what comes next.

        Thanks as always for reaching out.

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