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    Chapter 23 (Final Chapter)

    Chapter 23

    Two years later

    Los Angeles, evening, Tina is driving and pulls up at Bette’s house. She exits the car and walks to the front door, knocking and waiting on the door step. After a short while Bette answers and looks at her quizzically. Bette leans on the door frame and looks at her for a moment before speaking to her coldly.

    (Bette) Was there something you needed? I thought we agreed to email?

    Tina narrows her eyes and examines her for a moment and Bette looks back at her.

    (Tina) Well, I want to discuss a schedule change

    Bette sighs and looks at her with her head leaned to one side.

    (Bette) I’m not just at your beck and call Tina

    Tina looks away and shakes her head and sighs. She looks back to Bette and fails to suppress a smile.

    (Tina) For fuck’s sake

    They smile at each other.

    Bette steps towards her, wrapping her arms around her waist as she pulls Tina’s body into hers and kisses her. They talk to each other through the kiss.

    (Bette) Did you forget your key?

    (Tina smiles) I did. I forgot Angie lost hers and borrowed mine

    They eventually draw back and Tina looks at her for a moment as she runs her hands down Bette’s arms.

    (Tina) Hi

    (Bette smiles) Hi

    (Tina) Let’s not play that game again baby, I didn’t like it

    (Bette laughs) OK

    Bette steps backwards into the house and reaches for Tina’s hand, guiding her inside and pushing the door closed behind them.

    Bette immediately hoists her up and Tina wraps her legs around Bette’s waist. Tina glances around the room as Bette kisses her neck.

    (Tina) Where is Angie?

    (Bette smiles) Not here

    They smile into a kiss as Bette carries her towards the stairs.


    Later in the evening, they have made their way back downstairs and are in the kitchen preparing dinner together. Bette chops vegetables at the bench while Tina rinses dishes at the sink.

    (Bette) You’ve met that new friend of hers?

    (Tina) You mean Carla?

    Bette nods.

    (Bette) She’s a fucking menace

    Tina stops what she is doing and throws the dish cloth she is holding to one side, placing her hand on her hip and frowning at Bette.

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    1. Thanks for the chapter… I am glad to see that Bette and Tina are considering cutting back on professional lives. They must consider their priorities. If they are financially secure, then cutting back inorder to work on their family relationship is always a good idea. Angie will not be around forever and at some point they may retire and have more time with each other or possibly grandchildren.. For most people, one’s relationships last longer than their profession. These two have gone through years without each other. They have both had different experiences and have made changes in their life. Its a good idea to get to know the person they each are today and that takes time.

      Thankyou for this story. Its a wonderful contribution to the readership.

    2. Great last chapter! My favorite line was Alice getting a kick out of Bette & Tina being together.

      I loved this story. I love the way you write, I enjoy all your stories and look forward to reading more from you.

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