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    Chapter 24 – FINALLY

    Author’s Note –

    Jeepers, we’re getting close. The good stuff is happening & as the saying kinda goes – the meat & potatoes are on the platter. So, dig in & enjoy. There’s a LOT going on in this chapter, so you might want to read carefully & pay attention to all the details.  Hold on to your seats!! Emotions run the gamut from low to super high!

    In this chapter, I wanted to provide some background as to what happened just prior to their breakup & the short period of time after that. And of course, still explore their reunion meeting. There are several shifts in the time frame – so, be aware & on the lookout.

    They’re finally ready to make the steps to live together & then, well other unseen forces enter into the picture & they . . . just can’t.

    Bette isn’t able to ‘Hurry Home Honey’ as Tina wants.

    An event beyond either of their comprehension or control stops that from happening with life altering consequences.

    Some of you may not be pleased with what happens & how it happens, but it’s the way the novel will play out & it’s the set up for what comes later in the story. Just remember that when Tibette seems to be at their lowest, that’s when they fight the hardest for each other & to be together. Never lose hope.

    Let’s start the process of finding out why.

    Hope you enjoy – let me know.

    Thanks a ton!!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    Previously from Doctor of Hope Chapter 23 –

    Back at the airport that May Saturday morning, Bette was still waiting. The weather, unfortunately, hadn’t improved yet. 

    “Hey, T.” Bette moved up one in line with her passport in hand. “The line’s finally moving.”

    “Good.” Tina smiled into the phone, anxious for Bette to get through customs and board the plane. “I’m so excited babe.”

    “Yeah, me too T.” Bette grinned. Then she heard a buzz indicating an incoming call and looked at her phone and noticed another call was waiting. “Honey, I’ve got a call from Nancy trying to break in. It’s probably the kids wanting to say goodbye one last time.”

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        • Hi,

          Tienes razón. Bette no engañó a Tina. No quería que eso sucediera. Muchas otras historias de Tibette han utilizado ese método para dividirlas o mantenerlas separadas. Elegí este método para separarlos.
          Gracias por entend

      • Hey Martha,

        Thanks for checking in.

        This was a hard chapter & the lead up was pretty obvious.

        Of course, you have your opinion, but I don’t view it as ghosting. But I do understand that is the definition of what Bette did, but Bette also did so much more for Tina over the years that we’ll learn about later.

        I hope you found something entertaining about the chapter.

        Take care.

    1. Wow, OMG!!
      You were right – the details are so important.

      TBH, I gotta read it again before I write a proper comment.

      This was sooooooo, soooooo good.

      I’m going to make myself a tall, lovely, ice cold drink, put the overhead fan on on the back porch and savour this update some more.

      Be back soon.

    2. De verdad no puedo creer que Bette para que Tina no cargará con sus preocupaciones no le hablo más y no le dijo de la tragedia con su hermano y su papá me encanto este capitulo pero a la vez me entristeció porque han estado separadas dos décadas por culpa de bette que mujer tan terca pero las amo y siempre lo haré gracias y espero el próximo capitulo con más páginas mientras más mejor porque pasan muchas cosas y esta historia siempre me deja con ganas de leer más me encantaría los capítulos más seguidos pero eso depende de tu tiempo y se que estas muy ocupada (o).

      • Hi Escorpion,

        Este fue un capítulo difícil de escribir y leer. Mucha angustia y angustia.

        Sí, Bette es muy testaruda, pero la amamos de todos modos.

        Por supuesto que hay mucho, mucho más que contar.

        No puedo garantizar que habrá otro gran capítulo como este a continuación, pero tendré muchos más capítulos por venir.

        Escribir como lo hago lleva bastante tiempo, ya que edito el capítulo varias veces.

        Gracias por comentar y me alegra mucho que te haya gustado este capítulo.

    3. I feel bad for Tina. She deserved much better than to be cut off without any explanation. Bette was a coward and still is a coward, no matter what was going on in her life at that time.

      I hope Tina gets it together and focuses on what she is really there for, her sister. Not a Bette fan in this story, she has some groveling to do.

      Thank you for the story, Tibette always seems to be a bumpy ride.

      • Hey Cathy,

        Pretty intense chapter.

        Yeah, Tina got a shitty deal at that time. Bette’s super stubborn & has emotional issues. She’s had not one, but several emotional shocks & is left holding the bag in a very HUGE way.

        Don’t hate on Bette too much, she’ll redeem herself in a bit. I promise she’ll eventually do some groveling. But there are more things to find out about what Bette’s been doing all these years for Tina.

        As far as Tibette always having a bumpy ride – most stories have them in some sort of angst situation or having conflicts that challenge their relationship. Writers use that for story effect & storylines.

        Thanks for sticking with me on this.

        • Hey Collins, I have not been commenting but have been following your story as it goes through the twists and turns. I am going to chime in on the side of Bette here – from what I understand she had her reasons for the decisions she made (two deaths from a car accident?) and now to have to “grovel” to get back in Tina’s good graces does not sound like a loving, forgiving relationship to me. Down here in the south we call it giving someone grace and if you love someone…. then you listen first then make a decision. Anyhoo you spend a lot of time writing these and YES stories need angst and drama but I’m feeling Bette Porter love right now so I wanted to advocate for her. LOL

          Carry on!

          • Hey Pal,

            Good to hear from you & know that you’ve been following along.

            From some of the comments I’ve read, folks seem to think that I’m not a Bette fan. That’s not accurate. I didn’t intentionally try to make Bette the ‘baddie’ in this story.

            Cutting all visible ties to Tina was Bette’s decision, right or wrong. Of course, there were consequences because of it.

            I will say that not all has been revealed yet – there have been hints given throughout the chapters. However, I’m not sure that people have picked up on them.

            My intention was not to make people choose between Bette & Tina in this story. Yet, I’ve stated from the beginning that I would portray Tina equally and not just as the second in the Tibette relationship that she is often presented in other stories.

            As I wrote in my first novel, FMF, Tina made many mistakes & asked for forgiveness from Bette. And Bette wasn’t a saint either in that story. People make mistakes & still love wins in the end because the love is so deep not to.

            So, yes, I will carry on & there will be lots of love for Bette in a bit.

            Thanks for reaching out & your support.

            Hope all is well.

      • Some of Bette’s analytical reasonings were reasonable in that she was INDEED fixin’ to take on an exponential upturn of responsibilities.

        There were already many she cared for and all she knew was to just “do it”. Every cell in her body was nourished in that way.

        She doesnt know how to trust. . . . In another person

        • Hey,

          In my mind, Bette retreated to her comfort zone – what she finds familiar – trusting only herself.

          She’s had the shock of a lifetime & throws up the barriers immediately.

          She sacrifices the love of her life for her remaining family & responsibilities. Could she have reacted differently, yes, but she didn’t.

    4. Wow, Finally is right! They finally see each other and talk again, and we finally find out what happened all those years ago. As I was reading I knew Tina would have to touch Bette, but then that bitch Nicole interrupted.

      I feel for both of them. Bette lost her family, and had to make the children her priority.. And Tina – not being able to get through to Bette and concluding Bette didn’t love her anymore,,,heartbreaking. And when Bette took off her ring…I need them to wear their rings again

      I have to say Bette’s last moments with her father were so well-written.

      This story gets better and better. I am so looking forward to seeing if Tina can restrain herself.

      • Hi Westy,

        I chose to place Nicole there for distraction & angst. But. she’ll be history very soon.

        Rings – maybe, some day. They have a long way to go to get to that point once again.

        Thanks for the kind words. They go right to my heart.

        You’ll find out the answer to your Tina question in another chapter.

        Thanks as always for your kindness.

    5. OMG what a chapter !

      I had tears in my eyes the whole time! you wrote these emotions so well, I felt them at the same time as they lived them.

      I can understand Bette’s pain and shock at having to take on these responsibilities all at once and I can even understand the fact that it would be impossible for her to live in the US, just as it would be impossible for Tina to live in London, but the cruelty with which Bette handled her relationship with Tina is unforgivable, it’s disrespectful… Skipping someone from your life, ignoring them, being unreachable in any way, no explanation, it’s distressing, we can understand her pain but it’s almost sadistic..

      I have a question though, how could Tina not know about Robert’s death? He was someone important, world famous, the news must have talked about him and his accident, strange…

      BTW I knew Nicole would show up in the ballroom, of course she did, what a jerk !

      • Hey Izzie,

        Yeah, tough chapter to read & disgust. Lots of heart wrenching emotions with long term consequences.

        I wouldn’t label Bette as sadistic. I view her as overwhelmed by circumstances beyond her control, someone who is emotionally challenged by building walls around her heart & hardening herself against the world. She feels responsible for these kids, her family company & can’t see through the pain to do otherwise.

        So, about Tina & not knowing about Robert. Obviously, I myself need to go back & reread by own words because others have told me I wrote something else earlier in the story.
        But here, I had decided that Tina wouldn’t check online for news & that Robert’s death wouldn’t be on the local news in Philly.
        But it’s been written & now I have to live with it.

        Thanks for your support.

        Take care.

    6. Fantastic chapter – so real and emotional. I felt so bad for Bette with her father dying, even though hge was a jerk about Bette’s lifestyle and her relationship with Tina. Its never good when someone loses a parent.

      There was so much in this chapter that explains so much of what happened and why.

      Although it does seem strange that they didn’t talk in all this time, I can understand why.,

      Looking forward to their meeting and what will transpire. Wonder how they will fight their still obvious attraction to each other.

      Greatly written chapter – lots of kudos to you.

      • Hey Watson,

        I know this was a rough chapter for lots of readers. Bette and Tina aren’t perfect people & they make mistakes.

        Funny that you see the explanations as beneficial while others have seen it as proof of Bette’s cowardice.

        Okay, thanks for your honors & kudos!!

    7. A conundrum . . . .

      Bette’s so use to “gettin’ on with it” as the Brits so often say. She’s use to suppressing emotion and turning to the logical, analytical mindset. It never occurred to her that the ONE reason Tina would be perfect to help her navigate the sorrowful life events is bc Tina’s nature is to NURTURE. Tina isn’t afraid of hard work. Even “work” of the soul.

      Besides, we’re already privy to the fact that Tina NEEDS a medical/research scientist such as Bette. Tina’s Mom and Sister haven’t had the sudden passing like Bette’s Dad & Bro, but she IS experiencing the agony of loved ones ailing.

      And poor Helena caught in the middle and seeing the anguish of two friends. Friends who desperately NEED to include one another.

      I Hollared at Tina wanting to deal swiftly with Nichole and any other Nikki that are sure to pop up from Bette’s past. HeHeHe

      • Hi Dumplin,

        Thanks for checking back in. It’s been a while.

        Your take on Bette is interesting & gets to the point of where Bette’s head was back when this all transpired. Logical Bette moved to the forefront & all else took a backseat.

        As you can see, Nicole was just a vehicle to use for some anxious moments.

        Helena will help Bette in this & be a guide for her. ‘

        Thanks for your comment & you’ve been missed.

          • Dumplin,

            Glad to know that you’ve still been following along.

            I don’t expect folks to comment every chapter – life happens & there are more important things sometimes that need to be addressed.
            No worries.

            We could use a COOL BREEZE down here in TX – hot as hell .

            Thanks for your support!!

    8. Oh my, what a mind blowing chapter. So complex and detailed. I loved every word of it.

      And what heartache for both of them. Pity all around.

      Bette’s had the shock of a lifetime and is numb with the pain. Tina’s trapped in the USA because of her mother and can’t just fly over to the UK. Terrible situation for them both.

      Yet, I see hope in the present day Bette and Tina. Their love is eternal and has survived all these years. I’m going to enjoy their journey back to each other.

      Thanks so much for this wonderful chapter. You are one of the best Tibette writers out there.

      • Hey Erin,

        Heartache equally felt by Bette & Tina. As I said, they are both a victim of circumstance.

        The darkness is coming to a close & Tibette will start communicating again. The road will still be bumpy & feelings will surface.

        Let’s see what other surprises come along.

        Thanks for your support!

    9. I love this story, but at the same time I find it very confusing and contradicts what was written in the previous chapters.

      I do not understand why Bette thought that Tina is there to talk about something personal means talking about girlfriend, after all, Bette knows from the first chapters that Tina’s sister is sick. She knows that Tina is looking for treatment for her sister in laboratories around the world. Tina even sent a letter to Bette’s family corporation. Bette knows all this and how can she think Tina is there for anything but her sister?

      • I think this chapter was to reveal what caused the sudden break in the ‘ship.

        Then we see an ovrwhelmed Bette turn to her way of coping by shutting out friend and working to “control” things.

        She under estimates Tina’s value. Later, Tina starts to pre-judge Bette’s “motives” and sever the emotional bond that she faithfully maintained belevig that Bette still loved her.

        Looking 4ward to seeing whether Tina will meet for lunch and share about the meds that Bette’s Labs have developed that could save Tina’s family . . .hmmmmm . . . and perhaps Tina too????

      • Hey Lenie,

        So sorry if I’ve confused you.

        Yes, Bette assumes why Tina is there, but she doesn’t want to Tina to know that. She doesn’t want Tina to know that she’s followed her all this time. I suspect I didn’t make that clear enough.

        I will attempt to tie in event in a better manner moving forward.

        Thanks for reading & your interest.

    10. Woah – so much to unpack here. The scene when they meet up was great – the emotions from each woman touching. How they still yearn for each other. They still have feelings for each other.

      Horrible accident. Bette’s emotional fortitude was unbelievable – she’s so strong and determined to do her utmost for those two children and her other responsibilities. And she’s sacrificing her own happiness to do it.

      You have crafted a complex, compelling story that provides depth of character for both Tina and Bette. Stay on your course – your story is honest and believable. People make bad decisions or ones that they may regret later. I’m sure this is the case with Bette. Maybe Tina should have tried harder too to get in touch with Bette or even fly over for a quick few days. Hindsight’s great but doesn’t change the facts.

      I’m looking forward to what comes next and how Tibette will rebuild their relationship.

      Keep going!

      • Hey,

        Sorry for the delay.

        Sister-in-law had some serious shoulder surgery & I’ve been doing the nursing duties & all else.

        Yes, this chapter was packed with stuff as will the remaining chapters as well. Lots more to happen & the action will go quickly. Would like to wrap up this story soon.

        Thanks for your kind words & encouragement. It means a lot to us writers, especially when the action takes a course that may not be popular.

        You are so right about hindsight – just one of the many mysteries of life that we would all like to change if we could.

        I’ll be reviewing the posted chapters & making sure I don’t make any more mistakes from what has been mentioned previously.

        Thanks again & stay well.

    11. Stay the course Collins.

      Your story is terrific and multi-layered.

      Not everyone is perfect all the time. It’s great to see Bette and Tina portrayed as loving, flawed women that love each other beyond measure even after all these years.

      Of course, they yearn for each other and will find a way to be together. Love wins.

      Thanks for a fantastic chapter.

      • Hi Stacy,

        Such kind words & awesome support. Thank you.

        Tibette isn’t perfect, but they are perfect for each other & that’s the whole point!!

        Yes, as JB states – Love wins.

        See ya next chapter!

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