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    Chapter 27 – Finale

    Tina got to the office early on Friday morning. She was focused on getting organized so they could get started on laying the groundwork for several major projects that would be initiated in the coming weeks. She sent emails to Francesca, Hilma and Pat as well as other key personnel to arrange a staff meeting for the following week.

    Francesca would continue to head the arts project but with added responsibility due Bette had to limit her volunteer hours. With the pregnancy, preparing for the Allyn Barnes Retrospective, finishing up her term at the CAC and eventually taking her position as the head of the Peabody Corporation Bette had a lot to deal with. Francesca was more than happy to carry the additional load. Hilma would spearhead the education project and Pat and her team would get started on scouting out space for the day care center. They had a lot of work ahead of them but everyone was excited and enthusiastic to get going.

    It was almost noon by the time Tina was ready to take a break. She went to the ladies room and grabbed a cup of coffee on her way back as she contemplated what she should do for lunch. When she got back to her office she found Helena waiting for her in the reception area.

    After the way things ended with them the night before she hardly expected that she would see Helena again but not surprisingly Helena greeted her with a hug and chaste kiss on the cheek as if everything was fine between them. She’d even brought Tina flowers. It never seized to amaze Tina how Helena could switch personalities so drastically from being an utterly cold blooded bitch one moment to a sweet caring person the next, but what was even more inexplicable was the pull she felt towards Helena. She had only to smile her dazzling smile or say something sweet in her sexy British accent and Tina’s anger would dissipate.

    “Helena this is an unexpected surprise.”

    “I hope that you don’t mind that I just dropped by. Do you have a minute?”

    “Sure come on in.”

    Tina ushered Helena into the office and closed the door behind them. They moved to the seating area.

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        • I would never not stick with one of your stories to the end even when you injure my Tibette heart!

          Glad to see that you will be finishing your other stories and look forward to reading.

          Thanks as always and PPS :-)

      • dunnthat

        I know it’s hard to end a Bette and Tina story without any hope of reconciling but these two just drifted too far apart and sadly the relationship was built on a foundation of fear and uncertainty and it came to pass. Thanks for reading and giving it a chance. I appreciate your insightful comments.

    1. Know that i am in concert with all three comments above. And a whole epilogue would have been wonderful and you actually gave us a small one in you response to wkm. If that was fleshed out a bit, it would make a good epilogue. Just wanted a bit more information regarding their lives, including Tina and Alyson. Thanks for posting. Have a great weekend.

      • Dainty. Thank you for reading and commenting. I don’t have enough inspiration to flesh out their lives with different partners. You know I’m a Tibetter at heart and it would be too tempting …

        Instead I will work on finishing my other stories. Thank you as always for being so loyal and for telling it like it is. I loved your comments about Helena.

    2. Hi Bat, I’m sorry I couldn’t write any comment in the former chapters, I was in the other side of the galaxy (job stuff), and you have been posting pretty quickly. I’m reading the chapters I missed and of course this story doesn’t have the tibette ending that many of us like; but you made it very clear from the beginning that this is not a tibette story; Bat, it is nice to read something so very well written. I really like your story because “makes me think” and open my horizons; however I still have some doubts, I’m no bisexual but I have a deep respect and appreciation for bisexual women; but at the end I don’t know if “this Tina” was definitely bisexual or if she ended confused or worse than at the beginning of the story, when she was living with a strong alpha as “this Bette”, later she has a relationship with another strong alpha (who was a real bitch) as Helena, a relationship that she, similarly than with “this Bette”, ended because she, in some way, rejected the dominance but couldn’t confront it; apparently “this Tina” prefers relationships with her “equals” (understandable), why does she chose a men like Henry? probably because her feeling for the breaking of her relationship with “this Bette” was very painful and she thought that no other women could fill the empty space, or probably because she really didn’t care who it was, she just needed someone to fill that emptiness, to feel protected from another heartbreaking relationship, and that she was trying to forget women as a way to forget “this Bette”, or maybe she was really bisexual; which lead me to think what could we expect from her possible relationship with Alyson, and this girl has all the reason to doubt how her interaction with “this Tina” would result. At the other side of the story we have “this Bette” the superhero of the story (I like superheroes), the one who has everything, the beauty, the goodness, the friends, the money the protection, she has only one defect, she wanted to have a child and probably as the alpha she was, she wanted her partner to carry the baby, but her partner “this Tina” wasn’t feeling sure that she wanted to do that, on the contrary, she was very insecure and this situation, unleashed more “hidden issues” on her; fortunately a psychologist helped “this Bette” to realize she could do everything keeping herself as alpha and getting pregnant, the psychologist becomes her partner. Though the relationship between “this Tina” and “this Bette” is very “civil” and apparently they both become part of the same “gang”, however I feel the story could be a little more completed if you could give us a perspective about how “this Tina” face her future, if she solve her problems and a little more about “this Bette” and Emma and her family and of course if there is anything else about the “bad guys” Helena, Kelly and Jodie. In other words I’m asking if an epilogue of this story is possible; I’m sorry again to write too much and keep bugging you, but this is really exciting for me. Thanks again for this nice but hard story and I hope you may have time to finish the other wonderful ones.

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